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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

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Bunny Seeds
Spring brings flowers,
Kissed by the sun.
That pop their heads out,
one by one.
Spring brings Easter,
and bunnies and lots of fun.
These Bunny Seeds will help you
share in the fun,
Just pop them in your mouth
one by one.
Make your Easter wish,
think about it long and hard.
Soon that OLE Easter Bunny
will be hopping into your yard.
ęPaulette, 2000~~TLC Creations

Bunny Kisses
Easter's here again
with candy and other stuff.
But Easter wouldn't be Easter
Without some funny stuff.
So Bunny made a special trip
For something he won't miss.
He left you the bestest gift...
Special Bunny Kisses!
Written by Marie

Easter Bag Topper
Bag size 3"x4"
Inside:pastel colored M&M's and a Mini Hershey with a bunny on the wrapper. Graphic: Easter bunny
It's time for chicks and Easter eggs
And nice surprises,too.
So here's a little bag of treats,
Especially for you!!
Happy Easter (name here)
author unknown
Submitted by Rhonda

Bunny Hugs and or Kisses
That cute little bunny has
hopped and hopped all day,
Busy delivering baskets for the holiday,
his paws are so tired and his nose how it itches,
He left you something special
something to fulfill all your wishes
these cute little bunny hugs and kisses

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