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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

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Angel Dust
Tuck away and save this little bag of angel dust
Until you're feeling blue and life seems unjust
Then take it out and sprinkle without further ado,
To remind you that there's an angel watching over you!
Submitted by Rhonda

Cowboy Bubble Bath
The Cowboy bubble bath is a bag of dried beans with a topper that says Cowboy Bubble bath on one side with a pot of beans cooking over a camp fire and on the other side the directions saw Cook and eat one hour before bathing!!.
Submitted by Rhonda

Fish Bait
The Fish Bait is a bag of split peas that says Fish bait on one side with a fish looking at a fish hook and the other side it has Instructions to Sprinkle bait over the water. When the fish comes up to take a "PEA" Grab it!!
Submitted by Rhonda

Teacher Hugs
You are a wonderful teacher
I think you're very neat
That's why I put together
This special little treat
A little bag with Teacher Hugs
To get you through your day
And to let you know I am glad
That you are here to stay!

Teacher Hugs
you are a special teacher
Always giving and sharing.
Thoughtful too, and funny..
Teaching us and caring.
Thats why I put together
You are the best there is
That's why I come to school!
©Birdiekity - 2000

Glass Candy
Glass Candy treats
Made by hand
Just my way of saying
I think you're grand
Ribbons of light
shining through
The little glass candies
My gift to you!

I have a topper for this someplace. I put glitter and baby powder in the baggie.
Do you believe in magic, miracles and angels, too? If your answer is yes, then this bingo dust is just right for you.
The secret to winning isn't just takes some concentration, Positive attitude and a touch of magic is the winning combination.
So get out your daubers, get out your chips too, untie the magic dust bow. Think like a winner, sprinkle a little bit of dust, and get ready to shout BINGO.
Written by ©Paulette, 1998

Old Age Pills
Use the jelly beans and make a bag topper
Black JB Senility
Geen JB constipation
Orange JB Deafness
Pink JB Wrinkles
Purple JB Arthritis
Red JB sex
White JB Baldness
Yellow JB gas
Submitted by Rhonda

Hugs & Kisses Bag Topper
- Put 10 each of Hugs and Kisses in Baggie
Bag Tag has a border around it, and front just says Hugs & Kisses. Back says:
A hug is two arms wrapped around you tight
A hug is a sign of affection and love
A hug is a sign from the heavens above
A Hug is MOM (or Dad, Grandma, Grandpa etc.)
( Adapted from one of the verses from Patsy's Angeldust )
Submitted by Rhonda

bag tag or sticker
2x3 or 3x4 bag
Get Well soon
Blow your troubles away
tiny bottle of bubbles.
Look for those small wedding size bottles of bubbles
Submitted by Rhonda

Angel Dust
Put large iridescent glitter (also called buffalo snow at Michael's) in a small zip lock bag with the poem below and use a small angel rubber stamp for an accent with the poem.
Within this little bag
Placed with loving care,
Is special angel dust
My Guardian placed there.
It is to share with special friends
When they're down or feeling blue,
To lift their heart and share a smile
As special friends should do.
Submitted by Rhonda

Losing Your Marbles
Small plastic clear bag with three marbles inside it.
Stapled to the top of the bag is a small piece of paper that has typed these words:
They said you lost your marbles.
I hope that it's not true.
But if you feel you have,
Here's a few for you!!!!
Submitted by Rhonda

Losing your Marbles
Sometimes it seems we lose our way and life becomes so blue.
You think you've lost your "marbles" and others suspect it's true.
But in spite of all the odds my friend, life can be wonderful too.
Just remember, that no matter what, I'm always here for you.
So when you think you've lost them all; pull out my gift to you.
It may be small, and only one...but you haven't lost them all!!!

Donut Seeds
No garden can be complete without a Donut Bush or two.
Where to Plant:
Any sunny location, preferably close to a coffee shop.
When to Plant:
Any time is good, but iced donuts grow best in Winter.
Plant in rows 5 feet apart, at least 10 feet deep.
If you prefer glazed donuts, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar on each donut blossom.
Many people use manure on their donuts, however, whipping cream is much better.
Submitted by Victoria

Topper for Neighbors Who Move
I just printed this off as bag toppers for ziplock bags of Hot Chocolate Mix. Cool-glued a bow to each, placed into stryo cups with plastic spoons and ran over to our neighbors who are packing now and moving about 22 miles north of us this week.
Cup of Wishes-n-Hugs for Your Packing
Thinking "good packing thoughts".
Know that we'll miss you lots!
If you need help with packing or anything,
Just give us a ring!
Stirred up a yummy treat,
For your breaks, when you're beat!
While we'll miss you so much,
So hope you'll keep in touch!
Submitted by Dori

You Have "Mint" So Much To Me! (to be sent)
Our special friendship
has "MINT" so much.
This MINT is sent
to keep-in-touch.
Thru thick-n-THIN you're always there.
You give so much with heart-filled care.
Our time shared together,
the memories, so SWEET.
Please know that I treasure you
as you enjoy this TREAT !
©DAB 7-24-00

Friendship Rainbow
I don't need a pot of gold
From every rainbows end;
For I found the greatest wealth
Is having you for my friend.
Here is a little treat for you
Just a way that I can say
Thank you for being the color
In a world that often seems grey!
or change the last two lines to say:
Thank you for your friendship
Please have a colorful day!

Poem for Green M&M's
Just a little something
To give to you my sweetie
Little Green M & M's
Eat one and you'll "need" me!
Take one from the bottle (bag)
If you want to hug and kiss
When I see the little green candy
Your message I wont miss.
For little green M & M's
Known for their special charms
Will have me very soon
Wrapped up in your arms!
©Birdiekity 2000

A Special Angel
This is a special Angel
As you can plainly see,
The reason it's special is
It just for you, from me.
Whenever you are lonely
Or ever feeling blue
You only have to wear it
(or change to 'see it' if not attaching a pin)
To know I think of you.
So keep this Angel with you
As a reminder of joys we've shared
And remember it's a symbol
Of a loving heart that cares !

Homework Angel
She's a precious "Homework Angel,"
sent from Heaven just for YOU,
To lovingly stay right by your side
and help all school year through
While you do your studies,
or are preparing for a test,
She'll help you to "remember"
so you'll do your very best!
Angels have a "knack" for facts,
so put yourself at ease!
With her guidance and encouragement,
your school year will "be a breeze

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