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Di's Delightful Creations
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Round Tuit
The faucet that leaks, The hinge that squeaks. The crack in the door, The hole in the floor. You said you'd do it, Just as soon as you could get around to it. Now the round tuit is here, So my friend never fear, You'll have all the time to do it, Since from this day you can't get away with the excuse, WHEN I GET A ROUND TUIT.

Another Round TUIT
This is a TUIT Everybody needs this It is indispensable It is not a triangular TUIT It is not a rectangular TUIT It is not an oblong TUIT It is a round TUIT For years people have been saying "I'll do it as soon as I get a round TUIT " now you will have no more troubles getting all those extras done: You have finally got "a round TUIT"

Another Round TUIT
This is a round tuit. It is very rare and valuable. Owning one can change your life. You now can do all of those things You said you would do when you got: A round tuit.

Park your gum
-not on the bedpost -not on the table -not on the chair -not in your hair Put it right here! Thank you my dear!

Year of birth Penny
I am just a little penny
From the year of your birth
And I proudly hang here on the tree
To tell you of your worth
It's just a small reminder
From your good friend's caring heart
That this shiny little penny
Signifies your life's great start!

Coffee lover
Sandwich bag
Fill with coffee beans
Coffee graphics and border
"Some of my favorite beans for one of my favorite friends"
On the back:
You know you're drinking too much coffee when: Juan Valdez named his donkey after you.

Weather Rock
Attach this poem to a rock..or place rock in baggie
If the rock is's raining
If the rock is's windy
If the rock is's sunny
If the rock is's overcast
If the rock is's snowing
If the rock is's cold
If the rock is shaking...earthquake
If the rock is gone...TORNADO...
Up to the minute weather report!!!!!!

For My Special Mother(sister, aunt, grandmother, etc.)
Because you are my mother
I know you'll always care
Whenever I have needed you
You've always been right there
Please keep this tiny angel
And when we're apart
This little gift will tell you
You're always in my heart

Candy Kisses
Candy Kisses, and
great big smooches
sent your way
To lighten your heart
and brighten your day

Bus Driver's Guardian Angel
A bus driver's Guardian Angel,
Has twice the job to do.
She watches over the driver,
And all the riders, too!
Whenever you are working,
Taking students everywhere,
Remember this Angel's promise,
When you need her, she'll be there.
carol gabrielsen

Golf Ball Seeds
Grow your own golf balls!!!
A vine or two will provide you with enough golf balls so you may never need to hunt for one in the rough again and that is a pretty good "fairway" to save time and money...
On the back...Planting Instructions:
Chose a smooth section of lawn The closer it resembles a green, the higher the quality of the balls produced
Remove a divot of sod using either a 5 or a 7 iron
Use your putter to dig a hole about six inches deep
This gives new meaning to "puttering around the yard"
Put the seed into the hole
Place a tall, thin pole in the hole on top of the seed to be used as a trellis for the vine
Use a small triangular flag to number each hole
If you try to grow more than 18 plants at a time, they may not perform up to "par"
If plants are over-watered, the balls will be forever attracted to water
Harvesting: Your first crop should be ready for harvest in "roughly" 18 days
When balls are mature, the flag will fall over
Carefully pull the vine out of the ground
Under it you will find a matched set of high quality golf balls
After running them through a ball washer, they should suit you to a "tee"...

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