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It's in the bag
Going with the basic idea in "It's In The Bag" (one in the series of Gifts of Good Tastes books), we are making bags of Yankee Doodle Dandy Candies for Jackie's swimming teacher (she had her very first ever swimming lesson this morning ), for the "Dandy" neighbors my Mom has who take such good care of her, to the "Dandiest" Grandma my Wee 3 have, etc. This easily be made for "Grandpa/ma's Dandiest Grandkids, etc! or as treat bags for July 4th gatherings.
Start with the small brown lunch bags. Using a sheet of newspaper, fold a "Yankee Doodle hat" (a pointed hat with a 1 inch brim) by folding the paper in half so it measures 5 1/2 x 8. Bring the corner of one side of the fold to the middle to create a "triangle", leaving the one inch at the bottom. Do the same to the other, so that your two folded triangles are together on one side of the hat (tack down with dots of glue. Then, fold out each of the 1 inch brims. These you will slip over the top of the bags. A feather (Now I know why crafters DON'T clean house so that we have clean feathers to use!!!) and a patriotic tied ribbon bow at the base of the feather which is glue-tacked onto the hat gives you a most festive patriotic treat!
Some of the bags we are filling with the pretzel sparklers that were posted. Some bags will be the mini Crackles, Musketeers, Baby Ruth, York Patties as they each have a bunch of r-w-b on their labels. There are many items with r-w-b to use for diabetics or, wrap a bag of microwave popcorn in r-w-b instead of candy treats. There are so many food/non food possibilities!
Submitted by Dori
Possible poem for bags:
Yankee Doodle Dandy Candy
For a Yankee Doodle Dandy
Here's a little bag of candy
Our holiday surprise for you,
Treats in RED, WHITE, and BLUE!
With a feather in your cap
We will know where you are at.
So munch your little treat
We think you can't be beat!
(Or we think you're really sweet!)
Birdiekity 2000

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