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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

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Love Soup
Cupid made a little batch of "Love Soup" just for you.
He blew a kiss & threw it in in fact, he blew YOU two!
He added white & fluffy hugs and a little stirring stick
So add hot water, sip it slow it's sure to do the trick.

Birthday Soup
Anyone can have layer cake,
Or ice cream you can scoop,
But because you are a special friend,
I'm sending instant Birthday Soup.
Take the packet of chocolate "broth",
Add hot water and marshmallows, too,
Then stir it all up with the peppermint stick
It's a birthday treat just for you!
Written by Les.

Witches' Brew
Take a cauldron (tho' a cup will do)
And fill it with this witches' brew.
The ground up goodies cast a Halloween spell.
The old skeleton bone should mix it well.
Drink it warm or cold, it will taste just right
On a dark and spooky October night! (real soup!)

To let you know that someone cares,
I've made this for you
To help you through that nasty cold
And even a case of flu.
Hard candy to soothe sore throat and cough.
And soup to warm the soul.
Warm wishes from a friend for life
Will help to you whole.
So snuggle up and take a rest.
This too,shall pass.
You'll soon be up and on your feet
To face another day.

Santa Soup
Dear Santa, here's a little gift
That's just from me to you.
It's my favorite warm me up.
I hope it works for you!
It surely must be cold tonight.
Well all you have to do,
Is add hot water, stir and sip.
It's sure to warm you through.
Add a few marshmallows,
A candy cane, a kiss or two.
Once you taste it, you'll agree
This Santa's soup is good for you
or use snowman soup but change to jolly santa soup

Leprechaun Soup
I'm going to use Hot Chocolate mix, Hershey's Cookies & Cream Mint, Green Sugar Stick from See's Candy, To Chocolate Coins from See's, and some Marshmallows. The Saying Goes....
There's the luck of the Irish,
the wear'in of the green
Kiss'in the blarney stone,
and lots of legends in between
I got you something special,
to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
It's called Leprechaun Soup,
made the wee people way
Into a cup, put hot chocolate mix,
Add hot water, and stir with wee people stick.
Now add the gold coins, the leprichaun dropped,
They fell out of his stash, when he ran with his pot.
Add to the top, some marshmallow treats,
Drop in the mint, or keep it to eat

Jellybean Soup
To make this jellybean soup you need:
tootsie rolls
chocolate marshmallow egg or bunnny
Into sometime of container place the above candies. You can decide on how much depending on the size of your container.
Attach the following poem:
It's Easter time,
What a lucky group.
We're going to dine,
On Jellybean soup.
We'll cook those beans,
Till they're red hot.
Add M&M's--
To fill up the pot.
We'll eat that soup.
And when we're through,
We'll have our tasty
Marshmallow stew.
For dessert we'll have a Tootsie Roll
And tomorrow it will be Chocolate casserole!
Submitted by Nancy

Witches Brew
Here's a bag of Witches brew
To ward off the cold of night.
A little warmth and comfort
For a scary Halloween fright!
Mix it with some hot water
Then have a sip or two
Soon the only goblins you see
Will be just me and you!
ęBirdiekity- 2000

Snowman Soup
1 pkg. hot choclate mix
3 Hershey Kisses
15 (or so) marshmallows
1 candy cane (I use the straight ones from See's Candy)
Put these in a clear baby bottle liner.
Attach bag topper
ęPaulette, 1998, TLC Creations

Christmas Cocoa Gift/Poem
To put with the gifts of hot cocoa.....
A little cup of cocoa
I'm sending your way
For you to sip and enjoy
On some cold lonely day
As you sip this cocoa
It's warmth will warm your heart
Just like our friendship warmed mine
Right from the very start.
ęPaulette, 1999~~TLC Creations


For student
A little cup of cocoa
goes a long way
It brings a small delight
And makes stresses go away.
When pouring over homework
And you start to feel fatique
Get out this little sachet
A sweet treat is all you need.
Written by ęBirdiekity


A cup of coffee a cup of tea-no,
A cup of cocoa is what you need.
If Homework keeps you
Til the wee hours of the morn
This quick pick me up
Will keep you goin!
Written by ęBirdiekity

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