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You can present the candy grams in various ways. I usually make a label that will fit around a quart sized paint can, attach the label, then put Styrofoam in the bottom of the can. I use the wooden skewers and clear packing tape. Tape a skewer to each candy bar/item. Then insert them at varying heights into the can. This becomes a bouquet. I usually add curly ribbon, or balloons or decorations depending on the occasion.
        You can also decorate a large terra cotta pot....insert the Styrofoam and set the candy on the skewers into the pot....making an arrangement. Then you will need to print the "gram" out on your computer. I usually tape that to a skewer too, and insert that into the pot along with the bars.
        You can also get foam core board, and handprint out the gram. (in large lettering) Gluing the actual candy bar to the place in the sentence instead of the name of the candy bar.
        These are really unusual gifts, and generally cause quite a conversation piece.
Submitted by Paulette

Candy Gram Packaging Ideas
You can do them alot of different ways.
1. Stuff the mentioned candy bars in an empty 2 liter pop bottle, and make a new lable for it with the "gram" on it. (Label covers the slit you make to put the stuff inside) Add some ribbon at the top on the lid.
2. Use an empty clean new paint can (from home improvement centers). And make a label with the "Gram" on it, and put the contents inside sticking out with tissue also sticking out...or put all the contents inside and close the lid on them..with another graphic on the lid.
3. Glue them all on a piece of thin foamcore board, or poster board, with the candy glue gunned down where the words would be. It is sort of a giant "Gram"
4. Put everything in any kind of containter, that has a card or tag attached with the "gram" on it...This could be a basket, a pail, an empty large jar...anything. Decorate the container appropriately fo the occasion. Examples would be for a little boy--a childs toy truck with the candies in the back could even bundle them all up in tulle and set them in the back of the dump truck, or cover the back of the dump truck with syran wrap and add a bow, and the gram card. OR a nice basket with the candies, and perhaps even a little potted flower tucked in the middle of the candies for Mother..Wrap the whole basket in netting and add a big colorful bow and the card with the gram. OR a BABY gram could be a little doll get the idea.
Submitted by Birdiekity

Candy Gram
The RIESEN for this greeting, is to wish you a CAREFREE holiday season.
        Don't go NUTS while you are fighting the MOUNDS of people all shopping at the last minute. Take some time to enjoy the SYMPHONY of voices from the carolers, or enjoy a SWEET ESCAPE on me.
        Don't worry about getting CHUNKY on all those holiday treats either. There will be GOOD and PLENTY time to worry about that after the holidays.
        Even though the road leading to Christmas may be a ROCKY ROAD.....just think of all the ALMOND JOY you will receive when your friends/family see how well they SKORed with all those gifts. Don't be a BUTTERFINGER unwrapping all of them.
        And get that BIG HUNK of yours to be a LIFESAVER and make you a cup of TEA. Sit back, relax and may your PEANUT BUTTER CUP overflow with SPECIAL TREASURES of holiday memories.
©Paulette, 1998, TLC Creations

Candy Gram
Shepherds used their {Staffs} to guide the sheep, As a tiny newborn {Baby} lay fast asleep. A bright shiny {Star} led the wise men to his humble abode, With them they carried gifts, one of which was {Gold}. This baby became our {Savior}, to lead us on our way, Remember this great miracle, as you celebrate Christmas Day.
Paulette, 1999~~Tlc Creations
        To put in the bag.....
        Staff.........Candy Cane
    Baby .......Baby Ruth Bar
    Star...........Starburst Candy
    Gold...........Wrapped Gold Coins
    Savior........Life Saver Candy
Submitted by Paulette

Candy gram for teachers:
Dear Mrs. Smith (teacher's name):
I have to admit, Gina (student's name) did not exactly shake her (POM POMS) when she found out she had you for a teacher. Rumor had it that your gave out (MOUNDS) of homework. But when she actually saw how much you did give, she thought her eyes were playing (TWIX) on her! It was (GOOD & PLENTY) and she thought you were (NUTRAGEOUS)!!
It turns out that you were a (LIFESAVER), because her (SKOR)'s were so high, I thought I had (DOTS) in front of my eyes!!
So, as our thanks to you, we are going to go to Mr. (WHATCHAMACALLIT) (the principal) and ask him to give you a bonus of, let's say (100 GRAND), on (PAYDAY) for being such a Great Teacher!
Have a (CAREFREE) Summer, and here's a few (NIPS) for you to enjoy either (NOW OR LATER), (HUGS & KISSES)
Your Name
Submitted by Rhonda

ANNIVERSARY candy gram
by Paulette
Happy Anniversary, you SWEETARTS!
Fifty years gone by, and you are still each others RIESEN for living. You've been each others ALMOND JOY as you travel the ROCKY ROADs and MILKY WAYs together.
The GOOD & PLENTY CAREFREE days outweigh the NUTRAGEOUS times and you have shared plenty of SNICKERS. You'll always be each others BIT O HONEY, and SUGAR BABIES. You are each others SPECIAL TREASURE in life.
Here's to another 50 years of SYMPHONYs and STARBURSTs. And that you continue to ROLO-ver next to each other each morning with CAREFREE smiles.
Submitted by Rhonda

Getting Married
I put this together last year for a good friend that was getting married....I arranged everything in a big planter, and attached the following letter...
Dear (_____):
I wish you and (groom) the Best of Luck and much fortune in the years to come. However....before you "Pledge" your eternal love, there are a few things you should know about the man you are soon to marry.
First of all, the "Son of a Gun" will always be looking for a "Bit o Honey" and a bit of "Almond Joy". He will not be content to just "Snuggle" and "Carress". He will expect you to "Shout" with "Joy" each time you make Whoopee. But make sure you never shout out "Oh Henry." Believe me, sometimes it will take "Sheer Endurance" and maybe a few "Nips" to hold back the "Snickers" when he offers to show you his "Babe Ruth."
Secondly, you are absolutely, positively NOT allowed to get "Chunky" or he will be sure to "Vanish" in a "Jif"!
And Thirdly, probably the most important of all...If you want to "Stayfree" from all that "Baby Magic" for a little while, it will be up to YOU to "Safeguard" yourself. DO NOT leave it up to old "Butterfinger", because he'll just "Squirt (&Mop)" on his way to the "Milky Way".
Don't let this scare you though, because (groom) is really a "Fantastic" guy and not a "Nerd" who will always make your life a "Symphony." Even if he isn't "Mr. Clean."
Here's wishing you a life that is a "Breeze" with nothing but "Joy." That your love never goes out with the "Tide," and you make "Fab"ulous money, so you can afford a maid so your hands stay "Chiffon" soft.
"Sunlight" and "Cheer"
Paulette, TLC Creations, 1998

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