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Here are some examples of candy bar cards I have written in the past which you can feel free to share. I put these on big trifold posters with hot glue. Enjoy....Helen

Thank you Helen for sending these!

#1 As you begin the next decade in your life, consider these important questions: Are you active? Can you walk down (5th Avenue) with (Mr. Goodbar) or do you prefer to play (tic-tac) toe or with your (Kit Kat)? Do your friends (Snicker) as your bones (Krackel) and (Crunch) ? Do your (BUN) sag? Does your hair fall out in (Mounds)? Are you getting a little (Chunky) in the middle? Are you clumsy, things fall through your (Butterfinger)? Does your (Whatchamacallit) still work? Can you still (Skor)? Is it (good and plenty) and do you need (S’more)? Or do you (rolo) over and go to sleep? As you ponder your life, do you stare out into the (Milky Way) looking for (Mars)? Do you want the heavens to throw you a (Lifesaver)? Does your checking account have a (Big Red) (Zero)? Do you wish for another (Payday)? Would (100 Grand) help? Love and (Kisses) (Three Musketeers)

#2 All (eyes) are on you as you celebrate your birthday on October 13th. The ____ family knows that we can always count on you to provide (Good and Plenty) of rock and (Rolo) music from both (Now and Later), including songs from the (Turtles). But if you think this card is going to stay (Sweet), you’re not too (Smarties). Instead, ask yourself these important questions: When you go out on a date, do you (Skor), get a (Bit-O-Honey), or get (Zero)? Do you prefer your (Chiclets) to be (Nerds), (Airheads), have (Chunky) (Buns), or look like (Barbie)? Do you want your (Baby Ruth) with huge (Mounds) or just be a (Crème Savers)? Can you put a woman into (Orbit) or do they just (Snickers)? Does your (Tootsie Roll) go (Big Red) or is it (Tiny Size)? Does your (Reisen) (Tootsie Roll) and (Wonder Balls) shoot (Milk Duds) or does it drive her (Bonkers)? Does her (Starburst) and does she hear a (Symphony)? Do women on the street refer to you as a (Sugar Daddy) with (Gold Rocks)! or as (Mr. GoodBar) with (Hot Tamales)? Our two pieces of advice to you are: First, if you put your (Nutrageous) (Twix) her (Crackle), you’ll end up with (Sugar Babies). Second, use a (Reese Cup) to protect your (Ding Dong) or it will go (Crunch). As your birthday present, we’d like to send you to a nudist beach where your (Whatchamacalit) can get (Sunkissed). Love and (Kisses)

#3 All (eyes) are on the volunteers at _____ as we pay special tribute to you during the month of April. It is so awesome to see your (Smiley Faces) as you walk down the (Halls) of _____. We all know you have worked until your (Body Smarts) and that some days there wasn’t even time for a (Fast Break). Whether you were delivering mail, selling (Mounds) of (Beanie Babies) or baked goods right after (Pay Day), stuffing envelopes with (Whatchamacallits), crocheting lap robes or counting (Change) in the cafeteria, your (Extra) effort was obvious. You never once (Krackel) under the pressure or called any of us (Nerds), or (Smarties). To many of us you have been (Lifesavers) and you (Skor) a perfect ”10”. We can’t even begin to list all of the (Improvements) we have made over the years as a result of all the ($$) you have so generously donated. We would like to give each of you ($100 grand) for a shopping (Spree) or tickets to the (Symphony), but our checking accounts have ! a (Big Red) (Zero)! They could search the universe including (Mars) and the (Milky Way) and they could never find any volunteers better than you (Sweet Tarts). You should be proud of all of your (Accomplishments) and know that you have made a big difference in many people’s lives!

#4 Dear (Baby Ruthie), The (Riesen) for this card is to acknowledge your many (Accomplishments). You start your day by driving down “31(5th Avenue) to see what (Treasures) await you in the (Halls) of the _____. Some days you must think you work in the (Sour Patch) with a bunch of (Nerds), (Runts), and (Crazy Dips). Our hats are off to you for not getting out your (Bazooka) and shooting us into (Orbit) or the (Milky Way). We know you are (Good and Plenty) busy with (Mounds) of paperwork. Both (Now and Later) you are a (Lifesaver) as you (Dove) in to help people get out of a (Crunch) with their (Whopper) projects and their unexpected (Postponements). When Linda calls with one of her (Airhead) computer questions cause she can’t get her (Whatchamacallit) to work or type with her (Butterfingers), you never once give her (Snickers) or funny (Squintz). Day after day you work your (Buns) off and get a (Fast Break) or a (Tiny Size) lunch. With all of the (Improvements) you make here, you (Skor) a ! perfect “10” for Secretary’s Day. We’d like to give you an (Extra) (Payday) or (100 Grand), but our checking accounts have a (Big Red) (Zero). You’ll have to settle for this spare (Change). Happy Secretary’s Day. (Hugs) and (Kisses), the (Three Musketeers)

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