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Egg man
Gently break off the top of a hard boiled egg, scoop out the egg. Wash the shell, and plant with some potting soil. Draw a face on the outside of the shell, and sprinkle some grass seed on the potting soil. From a small piece of plastercine or play dough make a "snake" about 5 cms. long, form it into a circle to be the base for the egg. Keep soil moist, and after a few days the grass seed will sprout, and your egg man will have green hair. You can even give him a hair cut
Submitted by Linda

What you will need:
Large Plastic Easter Egg
Ribbons, stickers, erasers, candy, etc. (optional)
Fill the egg with green shredded paper, message confetti, candy, Decorate the egg with sticker and insert a Easter message. Tape the egg shut. Place an address label and stamps on the outside and take to your local post office. This "greeting in an egg" can be mailed or given as a gift. You can mail anything as long as:
1) It is not glass. If it is, it has to be wrapped so it cannot break.
2) It does not cause damage to other's mail (leaks, etc).
3) You have to have a place to put the address and the stamps.
From KidsCrafts
Submitted by Rhonda

Eggshell Art
Save washed and dried egg shells from a number of eggs. Break the shells into small pieces. Dye the pieces in a mixture of half cup hot water, 1 teaspoon vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. You can dry the egg shells on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven, or let dry overnight. Cut out egg shapes, let the children draw designs on the paper eggs, then using tacky glue fill in the shapes with the egg shells
Submitted by Linda

Easter Bonnets
Paper Plate
Styrofoam Plates
Crayons or Markers
Misc Supplies
Make Easter bonnets from styrofoam soup bowls staped to paper plates that have the center cut out of them. Let the children decorate them as desired. Supply them with cut out flowers, ribbon, and anything else you like
Submitted by Shelley

Candle Eggs
•Eggs (not hard boiled)
•Sharp Nail
•Old Candles or Paraffin Wax
Hollow out several eggs by gently poking a small hole in one end of each egg. Rinse clean and set the eggshell in the egg carton. Melt some old candles or paraffin wax and wax coloring in a double boiler over low heat. Place a funnel over the opening of the egg and carefully pour wax into the hollow eggshell in the carton. When the eggshell is full, insert a wired wick into the egg, centering it with a piece of tape for support. Allow the wax to cool and harden, then break off the shell and buff the candle with a soft rag. Heat the bottom end of the candle to soften, then press on a flat surface to make it stand up. or use a candle holder.
You can use several different colors of wax, layering them. Let them cool between colors. Add glitter or metallic confetti to make the egg sparkle. Color the wax with old color crayons instead of buying wax coloring.
Submitted by Paulette

I have a variation on the Boo Boo bunny. I just tried it today and it is soo cute I am giving a couple away as an Easter present to some families we are friends with.
You use 2 kitchen towels. Hot glue one long edge of 1 towel to the long edge and put the whole thing on a diagonal just like the boo boo bunny. Roll and then put around an old 16 oz plastic dish like a cool whip one to size where the rubber band goes. Then do the bunny head and ears just like the little one. I then had some light blue buttons that I hot glued for eyes, cotton ball for tail, raffia for whiskers with a little brown button on top for nose and tied raffia in a bow around rubber bands.
You can use it for gift giving, as an easter basket, or to serve food in for easter, or for a plant - many possibilities. It was a lot of fun, quick, and turns out really cute
Submitted by Rhonda

Jelly Bean Bunnies
If you can make the boo-boo bunnies then you can make my bunnies.
Take a roll of colored cellophane ( like you buy to do up a Easter basket) roll it all out on the table. Roll the long side into a tube (roll like you would your hair. Take your tube and find the middle. Pour jelly beans into each side (about i/3 of the way up). Take a ribbon and tie - This is the body. Pour more jelly beans in each side to make the face then take another ribbon and tie the face back and down at the first ribbon. Now you have the left over to pull up and trim for ears. I glue two wiggle eyes and two white pom poms, pink pom pom nose, two gray pipe cleaners folded in half for whiskers and a white pom pom tail. I hope you can understand this. They are too cute.
Submitted by bhf

Eggshell Glitter Eggs
Place broken eggs shells in a zip lock baggie and lay flat. Take a rolling pin (or drinking glass) and roll over the bag until you have small, pretty uniform pieces. To this baggie add about equal amounts of glitter (single color or varigated). Take a paper mache egg, holding by the string and coat with craft glue all the way around. Drop the WET egg into the egg/glitter baggie and shake around until it is covered. Remove the egg and hang (closepin on a hanger works) until dry. Add two coats of water soluable varnish, allow to dry again. Top with a pretty lace bow and you have a lovely ornament
Submitted by Shelley

Panoramic Sugar Eggs
•1 beaten egg white
•1/2 c. confectioners sugar
•3 1/2 c. granulated sugar
Beat egg white, add confectioners sugar, then add granulated sugar. Use food coloring if desired. Put in mold; let dry for about 1/2 hour; scoop out mold to the right thickness. I fasten the two halves of the eggs together with Royal Icing and decorate inside with scene and outside with the icing. These can be stored for the following year.
Submitted by Paulette

Tootsie Roll Pops-Bunny & Chick
Cut a 6" square of tissue, pink, lavender, whatever colors you are going to poke a hole in the center...then put the tootsie roll pop stick thru the hole so the tissue is at the top of the stick under the sucker part, pull the rest of the tissue up to the top and tie it tightly with some curling ribbon in a coordinating color...Sort of make sure you have one area that is somewhat flat to draw a bunny face...Then take the extra tissue that is at the top and flatten it. Cut a v in the center so that you have actually formed two bunny ears. Draw a cute bunny face on the sucker part of the tissue...these are cute displayed in a basket or stuck into Styrofoam....if you are selling them.
        Another idea along the same lines is to make just the opposite. Cut a 6" square of yellow tissue.and place it over the top of the sucker part of the tootsie roll pop. Pull the tissue down and secure under the sucker part. Tie it with some aqua curling ribbon. Then trim the excess tissue in a circle so it looks like a ruffled collar all the way around ... perhaps 3/4" wide. Glue a little tuft of yellow hair at the top, or a little piece of yellow curled ribbon. Make a little beak out of yellow felt, by cutting an elongated small diamond shape, and folding it in half. Glue the fold to the face leaving an open beak. Draw on eyes. You can make these in white and yellow, or goldenrod, and the bunnies in blue, pink, and lavender...they sell well too!
        I used a very fine marker to draw the faces on. I may have used two pieces of tissue for each I cant remember now (its been two years since I last made them. You might try one both ways to see if you need more than one.   If you draw out some sample faces ahead of time on paper, the kids could probably copy them pretty easily.
        Another cute idea is to buy the yellow cellophane. Cut into 3/4 of a circle. This will be rolled into a cone, that is then filled with candy corn.
  Tie the top with green curling ribbon and trim the cellophane down so just the green curly top shows--it looks like a carrot. The size of the circle will depend on how large you want your carrot to be.
Submitted by Birdiekity
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