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Easter Grass
•1 large Easter basket
•1 lb wheat seed
•1 lb vermiculite
•plastic wrap or clear plastic bag
        Grow a miniature meadow in an Easter basket it's real simple.
        A week before Easter line a large Easter basket with plastic wrap and fill with vermiculite (about 2-inches deep). Sprinkle wheat seed on top of the vermiculite. Put the basket in the sink and add water until the seed bed is damp. You shouldn't have to water it again before Easter.
Submitted by Paulette

Transparent Easter eggs
Make transparent Easter grating old crayons onto a piece of waxed paper. cover with another piece of waxed paper, and very carefully iron using a thin press cloth..Iron evenly until the crayons are all melted..set aside to harden. cut into an egg shape and punch a hole..hang witha ribbon. You can do them all one solid color, or arrange your shavings so that there are color stripes, or even just let the colors scatter all over for a speckled egg look.
Submitted by Rosellen

Shiny Easter Eggs
Cut giant Easter eggs from 12x18 sheets of construction paper or tagboard. Mix sweetened condensed milk (like Eagle Brand) with food coloring to create several colors of "paint". Paint this mixture onto the eggs and let dry thoroughly. This will take awhile! When dry, these eggs just glisten!!
Submitted by Rosellen

Dyed Easter Eggs
To make an egg, trace an egg pattern onto white construction paper, and cut out the outline. Using crayons, draw and color an Easter scene on the cutout. Add decorative lines with crayon. Brush on a water-and-food-coloring wash (1 cup water to 4-5 drops of food coloring) to cover the entire egg cutout.
Submitted by Rosellen

Rabbit Paperweights
You will need a fist-size rock. Paint it white. When dry, use craft glue to attach two small aquarium rocks for eyes. Draw a nose, mouth, and whiskers using markers. Glue on construction paper ears to complete the rabbit. Put the rabbit into a plastic strawberry basket filled with Easter grass.
Submitted by Rosellen

Scratch Egg Tree
Take a 9x6 sheet of white construction paper and paint stripes over entire sheet, using different pastel watercolors. Let dry. With a purple crayon, draw a large egg shape on the painted paper. Now color over the painted egg with the purple crayon. Press has hard as you can, coveering the egg completely. With a bobby pin or paper clip, scatch out a design on the eggs, exposing the pastel colors underneath the crayon.
To make the egg tree, mix and pour plaster of paris into a 2-lb. coffee can. Then insert a tree branch into the can, and let the plaster dry. Cut out the eggs. With a hole puncher, punch a hole near the top of each egg. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through each hole and hang the eggs on the tree branch.
Submitted by Rosellen

Bunny-Ears Headband
Measure and cut out a 2" x 24" strip of white construction paper. Staple the ends of the strip together to form a child-sized headband. Draw and cut out two white ovals, about 9" high and 3 1/2" wide. Cut out two slightly smaller pink ovals and glue each one onto a white oval to make bunny ears. Staple the ears onto either side of the headband.
Submitted by Rosellen

Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Materials and ingredients:
Saucepan (enamel pan works best)
red cabbage for blue
orange peels for pale yellow
carrot tops for yellow-green
celery tops for yellow-green
onion skins for yellow
Put eggs in a single layer in pan and cover with water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar. Add whatever you are using for your dye. (The more eggs and water, the more tops and peelings you will need.) Bring just to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove whatever you used for the natural dyes. Put eggs in a dish. Cover with liquid dye and let them stand overnight. This is the way to get a darker color. What a surprise you will have the next morning!!
Submitted by Rosellen

Sugar Eggs
    The magical scenes created in each egg will represent the artist. These are very special creations and can be given as gifts.
These are a lot of fun to make so you might want to start early because you'll want to make many Sugar Eggs!
What you need:
Large egg
Egg white from one large egg ( save the yolk for cooking)
1 3/4 cup of powdered sugar
Small plastic figure from craft store, or a photo
Milk lid
Wax paper
What you do:
Use a large needle to open the side of the egg. Break off tiny pieces of the eggshell with your fingers until there is an oval opening in the egg. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Put the egg white in a small bowl. Carefully rinse the eggshell with water. Let dry completely. To make the sugar frosting, add the powdered sugar to the egg white and mix well. use a mixer and add food coloring if you want a colorful egg. Lay the wax paper on your work surface. Carefully holding the egg in your hand, spread the frosting all over the outside using the back of a spoon. Set the frosted egg in the milk lid, the lid will be the base. Spoon a little frosting inside the egg too.
Using your finger, dab frosting around the egg opening.   You may wish to use a different color here. After you are done decorating your egg with the sugar frosting let the egg set for 2 days.
Make sure to leave the egg in a place where it is sure not to be disturbed. Dip the bottom of the small plastic figure ( or the photo) in glue and set it inside the egg. Spread a little glue inside the egg. Shake in glitter.
  It will stick to the glue, and you can shake the extra glitter out of the egg.
Use a butter knife to trim the extra frosting from the milk lid. Glue a ribbon around the milk lid base.
Note: One egg white makes 1/2 cup of sugar frosting which is enough to make 6 sugar eggs
Submitted by Rosellen

Blown Eggs
Using a sewing needle, carefully make a small hole in one end of the egg and a slightly larger one in the other end. Be sure to pierce the inner membrane at both ends.
Hold the egg over a bowl. Place your mouth over the small hole and blow with firm and steady force. The contents of the egg will come out of the larger hole.
Rinse the egg out with water and allow it to air dry before decorating.
A really neat idea with the blown eggs after they dry is to make the pin hole alittle bigger and fill them full of confetti.   Apply tape over the hole. Kids ALWAYS like to crack and throw those eggs and this is a fun and suprising way to do it Enjoy!
Submitted by Rosellen

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Baskets
  This craft is the Milk Jug Easter Bunny Baskets from Melina Hoodle a day care professional from Little Lakers Daycare. This is very cute and a lot of fun to do. What a great way to collect your Easter treats!
What you need
1 clean milk jug with it's lid
1 bag of cotton balls, pink & black
construction paper, white glue, and 2 googly eyeballs (optional)
What you do
Stand your milk jug upright and cut a hole just below the handle (usually where the label is). This hole must be large enough for your hand to fit inside of it.
Lay your milk jug on it's side with the hole on the top. The lid end is your bunny's tail, and the bottom end is the face. Cover your jug with glue and then cover with cotton balls. To avoid rough edges on the opening of the jug, take each cotton ball and glue half of one onto the inside and then wrap it over the cut edge. Glue 2-3 cotton balls on the end of the milk jug lid for it's tail. Cut out ears, whiskers, nose, & eyes (could use googly eyes) out of construction paper. Glue the ears to the top of the Basket so they can stand up.
Add Easter grass to the inside of the basket and have an Easter Hunt!
Submitted by Rosellen

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