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Colorful Tissue Eggs
You'll need: clean, hard-boiled eggs, tissue paper (3 or more different colors), water, egg cups
1.) Tear the tissue paper into small pieces.
2.) Put some water in a bowl.
3.) One at a time, soak pieces of tissue paper in the water. Then stick them to an egg. Keep sticking tissue to the egg until it is covered. You may want to overlap the tissue pieces a little to cover the entire egg.
When the entire egg is covered, place it in an egg cup to dry.
When the tissue is dry, peel it off of the egg. The color of the tissue paper will have transferred to the egg.
Submitted by Rhonda

Crafty Easter Eggs
Hardboiled or blown-out eggs
Commercial egg dye or food coloring
Any type of small stickers
Rubber bands
To make this project:
Prepare the egg dye as instructed on the package or use food coloring to dye the eggs.
To make the sticker eggs, press the stickers on the eggs. Rub carefully around the edges of the stickers. Dip the eggs in the dye. Remove the stickers when egg is dry.
To make the striped eggs, wrap rubber bands around eggs, using wide rubber bands or combining more than one rubber band size. Dip the eggs in the dye. Remove the rubber bands when dry.
Submitted by Rhonda

Dish Towel Bunnies
You need 1 dishtowel (for the body--plain or small print work best)
2 washrags (in a color that works with the dishtowel)
The dishtowel usually comes folded when you buy it (folded lengthwise in 3 and then in half) only open it so that the fringe is on the top and the bottom--don't open the threefolded part.
Take each of the washrags and starting at one corner-roll to the middle--then roll the opposite corner in to meet it--One will be the ears and the other will be the arms.
Fold the top part of the dishtowel down about 1/3 of the way-take the "ears" and lay them inside the fold--Grab the ears by the points and pull up tightly then tie with a piece of ribbon as close to the dishtowel as you can (tie a bow with the ribbon).
Then tie another bow under the bulge you made with the ears (this makes the head). Now slide the "arms" in between the back and front of the dishtowel up to the "neck" and tie a bow under --this makes the waist. Bring the "hands"to the front and cross and tie at the "wrists" with another bow.
You should have a little lady bunny ready to hold some wooden spoons, an Easter basket, flowers, etc.
Submitted by Rhonda

Easter Basket Fun
Materials (for one basket):
1 litre milk carton, washed and dryed
scissors or x-acto knife
heavy paper
cellophane "grass" or crumpled strips of green paper
decorations: colored paper, stickers, feathers, glitter, sequins, pictures cut from magazines, etc. (let the kids use their imagination)
Put the milk carton on its side. The bottom of the carton will form the basket. Cut it about 5" - 6" from the bottom of the carton. Cut a 1 1/2" wide strip of heavy paper for the handle. Staple it on to the basket.
Now, it's time for the kids to decorate the basket. If you provide them with white glue and an assortment of craft supplies, they'll have a blast creating their own unique baskets.
Once the baskets are decorated, fill them with cellophane grass or green paper. Then, add easter eggs, chocolate eggs or bunnies and other treats.
Submitted by Rhonda

Easter Bonnet Wall Hanging
You'll Need:
9-Inch paper plate
6-Inch paper bowl
Yellow Paint
Pink crepe Streamer Paper
Green and Yellow Pipe cleaners
Thin Yellow ribbon
Pink ribbon
2 Large cotton balls
Hole punch
Newspaper to cover work area
Glue the bowl, rim down, to the middle of the paper plate to make a hat. When the glue has dried, paint the entire hat yellow. Allow to dry. Cut a piece of pink crepe streamer 3 feet long, and tie it around the bowl of the hat. Glue it in place leaving two long streamers hanging down. Make two flowers to decorate the hat. Use green pipe cleaners as the stem and tie with the pink ribbon and glue to the hat just above the streamers. Punch a hole in the rim of the hat on the side opposite the streamers. Tie a piece of thin yellow ribbon through the hole to form a hanger. You can make an Easter corsage with the same kind of flowers you made for the hat.
Submitted by Rhonda

Easter Bunny Jar
1 quart sealer, washed and dried
styrofoam ball large enough to fit the mouth of the jar
pink construction paper
one pair googly eyes
3 pink chenille stems
2 or 3 cotton balls or a white pom pom
white glue
Cut two large oval shaped ears from the construction paper. Glue them to the back of the styrofoam ball
Glue on the googly eyes.
Cut a small triangle from construction paper and glue it on for a nose. Cut the chenille stems in half and glue three to either side of the nose to form whiskers.
The bunny's head will be the lid of the jar. Glue two or three cotton balls or a white pom pom to the back of the jar to make a tail.
Fill the jar with jelly beans or other colorful Easter candy.
Submitted by Rhonda

Floral Egg Gifts
Hardboiled or blown-out eggs
Commercial egg dye or food coloring
Tacky glue
Miniature dried rose buds
Glass candleholders
To make this project:
Dye the eggs using egg dye or food coloring. Allow to dry thoroughly. Spread tacky glue around the smallest end of the egg. Arrange five or six dried buds on the top of the egg and allow to dry. To display the eggs, place them in a variety of glass candleholder. Get creative with the candleholders with ribbons or Easter colored raffia, etc.
Submitted by Rhonda

17" white cotton napkin
yd. of " white satin ribbon
16" of 1" pink plaid ribbon
Neon Pink fabric Dye (prepared according to pkg. directions)
Cut white ribbon into 4 equal pieces. Gather 2 opposite corners of the napkin and tie with white ribbon to make 2 long ears. Fold napkin in ; bring ears together so one ear is behind the other. Bunch up napkin below the ears to form a head. Type pink ribbon around the neck in a bow. Holding napkin upside down, dip ears (ONLY) into the dye. Remove and set aside to dry.
Make paws by tying the 2 remaining pieces of white ribbon around the bottom corner tips of the napkin.
Submitted by Rhonda

Giant Bunny Basket
You'll Need:
Carton (size and shape you want your basket to be)
Pink, blue and white construction paper
Fiber fill
2 brown pipe cleaners
1 12-inch paper plates
2 6-inch paper bowls
Glue paint brush
Masking tape
Scotch tape
Newspaper to cover work area
To make the bunny's cheeks, glue the rims of two bowls to the back of the paper plate. Cut bunny ears from the white and pink paper. Glue the ears to the top of the plate.
Use the paintbrush to cover the plate and the bowls with glue. Then cover the plate and bowls completely with fiberfill. Twist two pipe cleaners together to form whiskers. At their center, glue them to the middle of the plate. Also use a piece of masking tape to hold the whiskers in place. Cut a nose out of the pink paper and glue it over the tape. Cut eyes out of the blue and white paper and glue them above the nose. Let the bunny head dry completely before continuing. Fold the flaps to the inside of the carton. Glue the head to one end of the carton. Use your paintbrush to cover the outside of the rest of the carton with glue. (Don't glue the bottom) Cover the sides with fiberfill. To make the bunny's tail, bunch some fiberfill into a ball and then wrap it with a rubberband to keep its shape. Glue the tail to the back of the bunny. Cut a handle from construction paper and glue the two ends inside the basket. Hold the ends in place with cellophane tape while the glue dries. If you like, fill the basket with green Easter grass and goodies!
Submitted by Rhonda

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