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Giant Foil Eggs
You'll Need:
Light cardboard
Aluminum Foil
Pipe Cleaners
Permanent Markers
Scotch Tape
Cut a large egg out of cardboard. Make it at least 12 inches ling. Make a design on the egg with the pieces of pipe cleaner. Glue on circles, lines, zigzags and other shapes. Let the glue dry completely before continuing.
Carefully cover the egg with foil. Press the foil down over the egg so that the design shows through clearly. To hold the foil in place, tape it to the back of the egg.
Use the permanent markers to color in and around the designs on the foil egg to make the designs stand out.
To make a hanger, tape a piece of ribbon to the top of the egg.
Submitted by Rhonda

Jelly Bean Pots
Small terra-cotta flower pots
Acrylic paint in desired colors
Colored Easter grass, shredded mylar or tissue paper
Easter candy
To make this project:
Paint the flower pots with a desired color of acrylic paint. If you wish, you can use more than one color of paint on the pot or paint designs on it. Let the paint dry thoroughly.
Sand the edges of the pot to remove some of the paint. This will give the po t an antique look.
Fill the pots with Easter grass, shredded mylar, or tissue paper. To complete the treat holder, fill it with colorful combinations of Easter candy.
Submitted by Rhonda

Necktie Bunny Puppet
This is great project to use with all of dad's old ties. (Not recommended for very small children because of the safety pins - enjoy!
What you'll need:
2 old neckties
2 safety pins
a cotton ball
scraps of black, white and pink construction paper
Cut across the wide end of one of the ties about 14 inches above the point. This will be the body of the puppet.
Cut across the narrow end of the tie about 41/2 inches above the point. Cut the same length off the narrow end of the other necktie. These will be the bunny's ears.
Cut a heart-shaped nose from pink construction paper. To form whiskers, glue two pieces of yarn to the point of the wide part of the tie. Glue the nose over the middle of the whiskers. Cut two eyes from the black and white pieces of construction paper and glue them above the nose.
About 2 inches above each eye, cut a small slit. The slits should be just long enough so that the straight ends of the ears, if slightly bunched up, will fit into them. Pin the ears to the body with the safety pins, hiding the pins in the folds of the ears.
Glue a cotton ball tail to the body of the bunny and let the glue dry. To work the puppet, slip your hand between the fabric and lining of the necktie all the way to the point. Fold the head down. The bunny's ears will stand up and allow you to make many different expressions. Hold your bunny tight! Don't let him hop away!
Submitted by Rhonda

Panoramic Sugar Eggs
.1 beaten egg white
.1/2 c. confectioners sugar
.3 1/2 c. granulated sugar
Beat egg white, add confectioners sugar, then add granulated sugar. Use food coloring if desired. Put in mold; let dry for about 1/2 hour; scoop out mold to the right thickness. I fasten the two halves of the eggs together with Royal Icing and decorate inside with scene and outside with the icing. These can be stored for the following year.
Submitted by Rhonda

Patchwork Eggs
What you need:
colored tissue paper or scraps of fabric
liquid white glue
paper cup
blown (or hard boiled) eggs
What to do:
Cut colored tissue paper or scrap fabric into square or rectangular shapes.Each shape should be about the size of a postage stamp. Pour liquid white glue into a paper cup. Paint an area of the egg with the glue. Place the first tissue or fabric cutout on the glued part of the egg. Paint another section of the egg with glue. Place the second tissue or fabric cutout overlapping the first on the egg. They can overlap as much as you like and in any direction. Cover the entire surgace of the egg in this manner with either tissue or fabric shapes. If some ends turn out not to be glued down on the egg, lift them up and add a bit more of glue. Smooth out all of the glued patches with your fingers before you set the egg aside to dry. This is a wonderful craft for Easter. You can use pretty pastel fabric scraps, trims of all types and fill a basket with them for a table centerpiece.
Submitted by Rhonda

Tennis Ball Chick Puppet
You'll Need:
Yellow tennis ball
Craft stick or pencil
Orange, white and black construction paper
2 Yellow feathers
Ask a grown up to cut a 2-inch slit in the tennis ball with a sharp knife. Cut two triangle shaped pieces for the chick's beak from orange construction paper. Rub glue onto the top and bottom edges of the slit in the ball. Glue the edges of the triangles to the slit to for the top and bottom of the beak. Slide the craft stick or pencil between the top and bottom triangles and leave it there until the glue has dried to that the triangles don't become glued shut.
Cut eyes from black and white paper scraps and glue them in place above the beak. Glue two craft feathers to the back of the chick to make a tail. Let the glue dry before using the puppet.
To make the chick's mouth move, just squeeze the ball on each side of the beak. This chick can be used as a party favor too. Fill it with tiny toys and or wrapped candy.
Submitted by Rhonda

Garden Bunnies
They are soooo cute and easy...Get some scrap landscape timber or purchase one and cut it into different size pieces... I cut mine into 18", 12", 10" and 8"...Then drill 2 holes at an angle in the op ...Glue sticks or dowels into these holes....Now paint everything with 2 coats of latex house paint...Buy the cheapest brand...Now remember these are primitive so don't worry about the cracks or   splits, but do sand an area for the face before you paint. NOW, paint a bunny face a little below the top...2 eyes, eyelashes, nose and mouth...Blush on some pink cheeks..Now cut out some bunny ears from fabric...Cut 2 pieces and stitch around leaving the bottom open....Slide the ears down over the dowels and staple to the bunny head...You can do the ears out of any fabric, but I love making them out of old quilt pieces....I'm making mine with one dowel shorter and that way one ear flops over...You can even do them without the dowels and have the ears hang down....OH I forgot....After the face is painted spray with a sealer....Now put these little cuties out in your garden or coming up a walk or whereever you choose.
Submitted by Donna

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