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•Jello® Brand instant pistachio pudding
•small jars with lids (baby food jars)
•Place 1 tablespoon of the leprechaun dust (pudding mix) into a jar (1 for jar for each child)
•Add 1/4 cup cold milk adding the milk makes the instant pudding turn green
•Place lid on tightly and have your little leprechauns shake away.
•Enjoy the results and let the imaginations fly.
Submitted by Paulette

St. Pat's bag topper and non-candy edibles
A bag topper for students ...
To avoid a "pinch",
   wear this smile o' green!
And if that Irish Lephrechan
   is not caught or seen,
In sharing some "luck o' the Irish"
      with you,
Here's gold from his pot (or... his "pot o' gold")
   and St. Paddy's fun too!
        - Dori © March 2000
Used as a topper for small bags of gold foiled wrapped coins or gold kiss candies, a St. Paddies eraser and maybe some gold glitter shamrocks (if I can find them). Found green round face stickers (at Walmart) that have shamrocks for the eyes - CUTE!!
Alternatives to chocolates or candies ...
As some are not allowed to have sweets or sugar, so this poem could be used with clear plastic
cups of sugar-free yellow Jell-O and giving green plastic spoons, adding stickers to the cups.
Could also be done by making little baggies of the really "yellow-colored" popcorn.
Submitted by Dori

Leprechaun Finder
Cut out two shapes that look like a hand mirror. Take a piece of green cellophane or I'm going to use green clear report covers sandwhich it between the two mirror frames and glue. You can decorate the frame with glitter or stickers. Add the following directions:
How to use a leprechaun Finder
1. Be very quiet
2. When you hear a sound tiptoe toward it.
3.Look through the Leprechaun Finder.
4. Say "Leprechaun little, Leprechaun green. Come out where you can be seen!
This came from a book called Mailbox for Kids.
Submitted by bhf

Leprechaun Seeds
        It goes on the Baseball protective sleeves. You can use the green M & Ms for it, or any other green candy.
Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a tree Live mystical, magical leprechauns who are clever as can be.
With their pointed ears, and turned up toes and little coats of green The leprechauns busily make their shoes and try hard not to be seen.
Only those who really believe have ever seen an elf, And if you are a believer, you will surely see for yourself.
So take these little leprechaun seeds, plant them in your tummy, Dream of those magical leprechauns, and soon you will be kissing Blarney.
TLC Creations, Paulette

A little St Patricks gift idea
Wrap Hershey kisses in green tulle and tie with a green bow. Give with the following saying:
Just a little bit of Ireland
That I'm sending you today
To bring you luck and happiness
On this fine St. Patrick's Day
It's a wee and tiny present
Full of luck and wishes
Seems the little folk of Ireland
Have sent you some Leprechaum Kisses!
©Birdiekity - Feb 1999

Leprechaun Trap
        Take a small box lid, preferably white....decorate with green stickers & green glitter, etc.
        Then prop the lid up with an unsharpened pencil/dowel. (like a mini lean-to). Attach a string to the pencil/dowel.
        Inside the trap, place a small pile of Lucky Charms cereal.
        Some time during the night, spring the trap.
        Leave a small note which says 'sorry I missed you lassy, thanks for the treat' and sprinkle gold glitter/shamrock confetti around the area.
©Birdiekity - Feb 1999

St. Patricks Day Topper
A leprechaun's come your way.
He left you a special treat
Since you're so sweet...
Some yummy magic candy!
The little magic it holds
Is much better than gold...
Its love from my heart to yours.
Its a very special treat
Because you're so neat
And I wanted to tell you so!
Submitted by Birdiekity

Shamrock Wands
green construction paper
gold glitter
green straw
thin ribbon in both green and gold
1. Cut three heart shapes from the green paper. Glue the tips of the three shapes together to form a shamrock.
2. Staple the center of the shamrock to the end of the straw to make a handle
3. Decorate the shamrock with gold glitter
4. Cut three or more 3 foot ribbons. Hold the ribbons together and staple them to the back of the shamrock at the center so that the ends hang down from the shamrock wand.
5. Cut several tiny shamrocks and staple them along the ribbons.
Submitted by Paulette

St. Patrick's Cross Craft
        Once upon a time the celebration of the pattern day or saint's day of the Saint of the people of the Island of Ireland united all who resided upon the island, no matter what their belief, in solemn prayer and thanksgiving.
The focus of all was upon religion and upon the role of St. Patrick in bringing Christianity and protection to both the people and their Celtic Civilization.  As a man from Dublin once told me "and yes, the protection of the Irish - no easy task!"
1. Any disk  or square of cardboard will do. I use beer mats. Try to get the ones which are not printed on one side-if you can't get them you can paint printed ones white.
2. Green Fancy Ribbon-no more than about 1/2 inch wide--about 6-9 inches or about 3 times the width of the backing.
3. Images of symbols of Ireland-harps, shamrocks etc...(stickers are great or cut up old St. Patrick's Day Cards- but please! NO Leprechauns!!!
4. If you know a priest in Ireland have him send you an old vestment to cut up-otherwise an old tie will do just fine! Cut this into small pieces.
5. Bright tassels, strings, or threads.
1.Cut two pieces of ribbon. They  should be about 2 inches longer than the cardboard base.
2. Either glue the ribbons onto the front of the base at right angles or cut narrow slots into the base and weave them across the base at right angles.
3. In each quadrant of the base glue a picture of a symbol of Ireland-harp, shamrock, etc.
4. At the central intersection of the two ribbons and at the intersections of the ribbons with the edge of the base attach pieces of vestment, tie, or colored cloth.
5. Use your imagination to decorate the cross! You can cut notches or patterns into the edge or you can make holes along the edge and tie on fringe or tassels. Just be sure to keep to the traditional colors of green, orange, white and blue. And be sure to avoid those Leprechauns!
Wear your cross proudly pinned to your lapel or dress at all St. Patrick's Day events.
Now....that will be Traditionally Irish!
Submitted by Paulette

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