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St. Patrick's Day Card idea
Centered on front of card reads ...
Lucky Leprechaun Seeds
   to grow your
   very own special
  Shamrock Plants!
Centered inside of card ...
They say that in fields of Shamrocks ,
With a wee bit 'o luck we are told,
You might find such treasures from Leprechaun
folk In their hidden Pots o' Gold.
So, plant these special Shamrock Seeds,
Water and tend them with care.
With luck 'o the Irish, your Shamrocks will grow
And a rainbow of fun you'll find there.
  - DAB © March 2000
      Happy St. Patrick's Day !! Attached in a 2"x3" ziplock is a green construction paper shamrock glittered and with attached clover seeds to be actually "planted" in a cup of dirt.
Submitted by Dori

Here is an idea for A Leprechaun Drink Poem...
get 10oz plastic green bottles of Mountain Dew.
Make some computer labels to put over the others and call them Leprechaun Drink or St Patricks Day Brew or Irish Dew..Saw the brew idea on another post...You could even do it with Beer in a green bottle--emphasizing the "brew aspect"..if using the soda pop for kids I would change the words to DEW.
I ran into a leprechaun
And asked if he'd been told
Where the rainbow ended
With the treasured pot of gold.
He didn't know, but then gave me
A special Irish brew (dew)
To brighten your St. Paddy's Day
I'm sharing some with you!
Sit right down I have somethng for you,
Here's a green bottle of very good brew. (of special Irish Dew)
It's not a clover, or rainbow or gold,
Just a great drink, or so I've been told! (or a magical drink)
Submitted by Birdiekity

Magic Clover Paper
        I did this last year, and we had a lot of fun giving and receiving.
        Tear green paper up into about 1" pieces and place in either in a blender or a bowl to use with your hand mixer.
        Fill the container with tepid water.
        Blend or mix for about 30 seconds, until you have made a paper pulp.
        Add flower seeds, or clover seeds, or any "green" seed of choice to the paper pulp.
        When dry we cut them into shamrock shapes.
        Give instructions to just plant the shamrock in the ground and water, and watch for the magic.
Submitted by Paulette

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