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Di's Delightful Creations
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M & M turkeys
For each turkey, you will need:
2 pieces of orange nylon net, about 10" square each
1/2 of a brown pipecleaner
1 section of red chenille bump
2 tiny wiggle eyes
a piece of strong thread or thin string
1/2 to 1 cup plain M&Ms
a dab of glue
        Put the 2 pieces of net together, with the corners of one along the sides of the other, making 8 points. Pour M&Ms in center, gather up the points, twist and tie securely. Coil the brown pipe cleaner, leaving about 2"; curve the 2" to form the neck. Tuck the red bump into the bottom of the coil to form the wattle. Glue a tiny eye on each side of the head. Shape the body -- the M&Ms - so that the ends of the net become the tail and stick out the back. Insert the neck thru the net in the front.
Submitted by Paulette

Turkey Pin
Made from an ice cream spoon. Paint it flesh color. The face is painted, black eyes and a rust color for the 'mouth/beak'. He has a black 'stove pipe' hat made of "Art Foam". He has two tail feathers, one red and one yellow. These are also made of "Art Foam" with lines penciled in to make the details of a feather.
He has an orange heart inverted in front that has "Happy Thanksgiving" written on it.
And, of course, a pin on the back.
These are QUICK and EASY.
Picture available soon!
Submitted by Ann

Turkey Pin
A turkey is made from a fabric 'yo-yo' for the tail. and the body is made of light tan "Art Foam".
He has little black dots for eyes and 3 dots down his tummy for 'buttons'. He has a tiny tip of a toothpick, painted orange, for his beak and his waddle is painted red.
He has a red or orange bow at the neck.
And, again, a pin on the back.
Picture available soon!
Submitted by Ann

Goodie Bag
This is a little purse/goodie bag made of orange felt. It is cut in the shape of a pumpkin and the eyes are triangles made of black felt.
The mouth is black "rick rack".
The sides are sewn and the top is open.
I hot glue a couple of silk leaves on the side.
Green ribbon is sewn on for the handle.
I gave lots of these for treats to little girls (and some big girls!). I put little treats in them..I usually put pins, rings, stickers..that kind of thing in them.
Picture available soon!
Submitted by Ann

Ghost Pin
Ghost made from an ice cream spoon.
Paint white and the face is just painted black eyes and orange mouth. The heart is cut from "Art Foam" with little white dots painted on the edges for the ghosts finger tips --"Trick or Treat" is written on the heart. It has a pin on the back. These are SO quick and easy!
Picture available soon!
Submitted by Ann

Jack-O-Lantern Pin
A Jack-O-Lantern painted on a wooden half egg shape. You can see from the picture how it is painted.
Picture available soon!
Submitted by Ann

Ghost Centerpiece's
Large, clean, dry butternut squash
white paint acrylic leftover house paint works too!)
black permanent marker
Paint the squash white all over, then let dry. Add big round eyes and a round mouth. Or try different expressions
These look great clustered together on a table
Submitted by Victoria

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