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Fortune Kisses
        Get some Hershey kisses and take the strip of paper from it. Type up new ones like "I love you always", or "thinking about you".....anything.....and stick them back on the kiss.
Submitted by Paulette

Shower you with kisses
        You need a bag of about 50 balloons, and two bags of Hershey kisses.
          Put two Hershey kisses in each balloon, and then blow the balloons up. Then fill the shower with them, and attach a note to the shower door that says "I AM GOING TO SHOWER YOU IN KISSES!!!"
Sumbitted by Paulette

Valentine Mail Boxes
Shoe Box
Construction Paper
Misc. Crafts Supplies
Cover the shoe box with red or pink wrapping paper, and cut a mail slot in the top. Decorate the box with paper scraps, material scraps, lace, ribbons, buttons, stickers, paper doilys what ever you want. Leave where your family can drop in valentines for each other.
Submitted by Shelley

Heart Pins
You Will Need:
·       Red, Pink, or White Paint
·       Paint Brush
·       Wooden Hearts
·       Dried Flowers
·       Pin Backs
·       Hot Glue
·       Hot Glue Gun
·       Paper Towel
Paint the Wooden Heart the Color of Your Choice. . Let Dry for 10-15 Minutes.
. Hot Glue on the Pin on the Back of the Heart. . Let Dry for 5 Minutes.
. Hot Glue on the Dried Flower. . Let Dry for 5 Minutes.
. Keep the Pin or Give it to a Friend or the One You Love.
Submitted by Shelley

1. You will need 24-26 small, dried rose buds.
Start by making a bend at one end of a 24 or 26 gauge piece of florist wire so the rose buds will not slip off. Carefully string the rose buds onto the wire using a twisting motion.
Push the wire through the center, thickest part of the bud. Save one rose bud for a final decoration.
2. When all but one of the rose buds are on the wire, carefully twist the ends together then shape the wire into a heart shape. The twisted spot will be the center top of the heart.
3. In order to hide the twisted ends, tie a small bow using two pieces of thin satin ribbon. Glue the bow on the center top of the heart using a craft glue. I would not recommend using a hot glue gun as it tends to pull the fragile petals off the rose buds.
4. Carefully cut off the stem end of the remaining rose bud. Place craft glue on its base and push it gently into the center of the bow.
5. When the bow with rose bud is throughly dry, you can add more decoration by gluing small amounts of baby's breath and/or some kind of dried leaves to the bow area.
6. When the decorations are totally dry, cut another piece of satin ribbon to use for hanging the wreath. Tie each end carefully to the top sides of the wreath.
Source unknown
Submitted by Rosellen

Love In A Bottle
        Take a clear jar and fill it with different colored heart shaped candies. I layered the conversation hearts and the red hots. (need approximately 365 hearts)
        Then I did a label that said..... "A Year of my Heart for you"
        Foofed it up with the curly ribbon.
Submitted by Paulette

Name Gifts
        Find gifts corresponding to the letters in your mates first name. Silly little ones.
        For example, my fiancee's name is JOHN~~ Jolly Ranchers (for all the humor he shares with me)....Orange (for your always sunny personality...Hershey's Bar (for the sweetness that you bring to my life)....Nest (to remind you of the home we are creating)
        I've done several different versions just to surprise him every now and then.
Submitted by Paulette

Cupid Stockings
Last year I made Cupid Stockings from pink felt. Just used a Christmas stocking as a pattern. Then I decorated them with lace and lots of hearts.
        They get hung up on the mantle just like Christmas stockings do. And then on the night before Valentine's Day.....cupid fills then with goodies for everyone that has done loving things all year long.
        They get filled with Valentine's candy and little gifts, depending on the recipient.
Submitted by Paulette

Button Earrings
Find heart shaped (or heart designs, cupids, etc) buttons (remove the loop behind them)
Hot glue to earring pieces (available at craft stores/Michaels, etc)
Conversation Heart Pin
Cardboard or posterboard
Hot glue
Conversation Hearts
Small valentines charms (optional)
Spray Sealer
Pin backing (found at craft stores)
Cut cardboard/paperboard into a 1-2 inch circle, heart Hot Glue conversation hearts to it. You can make a pattern, design or layer them on each other.
Stick some cute glittery charms on there if so desired
Spray the finished pin with the spray sealer/varnish type to seal it and to prevent ants, etc from trying to devour your PIN! Let dry. Hot glue the pin backing!
Candy Jar
Cheapie Jars (from the dollar stores) or Canning Jars
Fill with one of the following:
Candies (from after Christmas sales) RED or silver wrapped!
Pasta--curly types or fancy shapes ~~if you really feel fancy,you can find the heart shaped pasta that's red and natural colored.
Homemade mixes--like the Valentines Tea Mix, Cocoa Mix,Coffee Blends
Then lay a paper or lace (from thrift stores/garage sales) doiley over the jar lid.
Tie the following around the lid to hold doiley in place:
RED or Gold wirey star garland (from after Christmas sales!)
Red/Pink Curling Ribbon (lots of ribbon and curl it for extra fluff!)
Use a torn piece of material (about 1 inch wide and 12-14 inches long) from a Valentines, heart, cupid patterned cloth. It will give it that Country charm.
And attach one of the many poems, pictures shared on this list! Have fun ladies...Valentines is a wonderful time...
Submitted by Sunny

Puzzle Pin
We made heart pins out of puzzle pieces last year. Then painted them pink or red.
          We've also done these on big pieces of posterboard and added this poem.
          If hearts were like puzzles,
     There is one thing that would be true.
     A piece of ours would be missing,
     If we hadn't met you.
Submitted by Paulette

Quilted Heart Valentines
You will need:
pieces of quilted material (antique quilted material is especially nice)
plain heavy art paper (available from art supply stores)
plain paper
straight pins
sewing machine, thread
1/8 inch wide riboon or heart-shaped buttons (optional)
Cut the quilted fabric into 4 inch by 4 inch squares. Cut a two inch by two inch heartshaped pattern from the plain paper. Cut the art paper into 4 inch by 8 inch pieces. (You will need one piece of art paper and one piece of quilted fabric for each Valentine card.) Pin the heart pattern to a quilted fabric square and cut around the pattern. Remove pins and pattern. LIghtly dot heart-shaped quilt piece with goue and attach it to the front side of a piece of artist paper. (This will keep the heart in place as you sew.) Using a zig-zag stitch, sew around the edge of the fabric heart. Fold the paper in half to form a card. Hand sew a ribbon bow or a heart-shped button to the card for an added touch. These cards are pretty enough to be framed! Or seal them in envelopes for a special Valentine delivery. My mom actually quilts the fabric herself and then mounts them as cards.
Submitted by Nicki

Pick a heart, any heart.  Pick any material you like...paper wood, foam board, clay...anything you like!  Cut it, mold it, glue it or sew it.  Just don't write anything on it. Then on a little piece of paper write "Sometimes there are no words."  Enclose that note in the envelope or box with the blank Valentine heart!  This is also a great card idea for a birthday or anniversary.
Submitted by Elizabeth

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