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Decorative Bag
Add art and text as desired.
Scale bag to desired size.
Print on regular or heavy paper.
Cut along heavy solid lines.
Fold along broken lines.
Using tape or glue, attach edges as indicated. To assemble bottom, fold short flaps, then long flaps. Apply tape or glue to secure bottom
Submintted by Victoria

Hot Kisses Salsa - Basket gift for Valentines
  Here is another idea I have for a guy for Valentine's Day.
  Tie artificial chili peppers to neck of a 16 oz canning jar (filled with salsa) using raffia and place in a basket lined with red bandana or liner made from chili pepper print fabric.. Add a large ziplock bag of tortilla chips. Tie LOTS of raffia and artificial pepers to the basket handle.
Attach the following poem on a chili-shaped or heart-sharped card. (most craft shops have neat die-cuts in the scrapbook section and this would work nicely.)
La Vida Loca are my nights
When you are here with me
Turn up the heat with this my dear
And Salsa 'round the room with me!
By Shelley Sparks
Hot Kisses Salsa
            2   Medium tomatoes, quartered
      1   Medium onion, quartered
      2   Jalapeno chiles, halved- seeds removed, optional
      1 tb Lime or lemon juice
        1/2 ts Salt
      1 tb Chopped cilantro, optional
          Place tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, lime juice, salt and cilantro in bowl of food processor and pulse to desired consistency or chop by hand. Keeps refrigerated 2 to 3 days. Makes about 2 cups.
Submitted by Shelley

Valentine for a guy..Homemade Beef Jerky.
I just thought up this idea for a man for Valentine's Day..but it would make a good all occasion gift as well.
1 Prepared recipe for Homemade Beef Jerky
Place in a large mason jar and make a jar topper out of a circle of red plaid fabric. Tie on with raffia
You could use the following poem: (hand write on die-cut heart, punch hole at top and tie on to the raffia.
"When it comes to the kitchen
I ain't no turkey
What other gal,
Would make you beef jerky?"
Be my country-style Valentine!
Homestyle Beef Jerky
1 lb Round steak, cut in strips 4 inches long by 1/8 " thick
1/4 c Soy sauce
1 tb Worchestshire sauce
1/2 ts Onion powder
1/2 ts Garlic powder
1/2 ts Black pepper
3/4 ts Hot sauce
1/2 ts Hickory salt
Cook Time: 8 hrs
  Slice round steak, cut in strips about 4 in. long and 1/8 in. thick. (The slicing is     easier if the steak is partially frozen.)
Combine all the ingredients and marinate in the fridge for at least 8 hrs, mixing occasionally. Then skewer the marinated strips on bamboo skewers or toothpicks and hang the strips in the oven with a pan below to catch the drippings. Set the oven on it's lowest setting (l00-150 F) and use something to keep the door ajar. The jerky should be dry after 8-10 hours.
Submitted by Shelley

Valentines Puzzle for your Honey
        Purchase a blank puzzle (you can get them at craft stores) and write a romantic promise to your mate. Or something that will happen on Valentine's Day.
        Then send him one piece of the puzzle each day. Until he can read the entire message.
Submitted by Paulette

Kisses and Roses
        Buy a bag of Hershey kisses, and a dozen of roses. Before your mate gets home, make a trail with the kisses to the shower.
        Place the roses in the shower, leave a note with the roses that says "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on, and showered you with roses would you like to go out with me?" or some kind of message like that.
Submitted by Paulette

Romantic Crossword Puzzle
        Create a crossword puzzle that is all about you and your a gift for Valentine's Day... (ie. We went here on our first date. We experienced our first kiss here, etc.).
        All sorts of fun in this one.
Submitted by Paulette

Valentine Cookie Bouquet
Take a red flower pot and put florist foam in it. (you can sponge paint it first, if desired. Make the foam fit very tight. Cover foam at pot opening with irridescent shreds and use cool-melt glue to secure it to floral foam.
Take 12 long skewers and put one large red gumdrop on it. Then put a flower shaped butter cookie on top of that. The add aother red gumdrop for flower center. (this also keeps cookie from coming off skewer. Repeat with all 12 skewers.
Tie some pink, red and green curling ribbon to the skewers under the "flowers". Arrange in pot.
Attach Valentine die-cut. You an also add a chenille bumble bee-tie on...(available in craft stores)
Submitted by Shelley

Cupid Arrows
Take a bamboo skewer and push it through the hole in an unopened roll of Lifesavers.
        At one end, of the skewer, glue two hearts (glued back to back) cut from fun foam.
        At the other end put tinsel or metallic chenille stems to form the "feathers" on the arrow.
        I make wrappers for the lifesavers on the computer too...with a little message from cupid.
        These make great favors or class gifts.
Submitted by Paulette

Quick/Cute Valentine Crafts
1. Take a baby food jar/or make a topper, and fill with red hots. Tag = "Valentine, you are RED Hot."
2. Take a Valentine Mug, fill it with cocoa mix, or flavored coffee mix... Tag = "You MOCHA my dreams come true"
3. Attach this tag to a Teddy bear....."Valentine, you are Beary, Beary Special to me." Or to a bunny....."Valentine, somebunny loves you."
Submitted by Paulette

A Friendship Heart
Put a penny  with a heart sticker on it in a plastic bag with this poem.
A Friendship Heart
Put me in your pocket,
so I will be easy to find;
Carry me with you always
from someone who thinks you're fine.
Touch me when you feel sad or lonely
and you will always know,
Someone's thoughts are with you
wherever you may go.
Submitted by Katherine

Victorian Waxed Roses
What you will need:
6 medium - light pink roses
6 medium - yellow roses
4 pink rosebuds
3 bricks - 3/4 lb. household paraffin wax
16 ounce can
1 saucepan
Cutting Board
Ice Water
Pruning Shears
Waxed paper
2 empty cereal boxes
How to do it:
1. To wax the roses, set up a double broiler and cut 3 paraffin bricks into 1/2" pieces. Drip 2/3's of the pieces into the can and set can in a saucepan Add water until half full.
2. Lay sheet of waxed paper on counter.
3. Clip rose and bud stems 6" below calyx and set in jar of water. Clip and set aside 4-6 three leaf clusters.
4. Use chopstick to stir paraffin until liquid. Drop in more paraffin with tongs and melt.
5. Hold rose upside down by stem and dip it at a slight angle into the warm wax, without touching the rose to the can and hold it in the wax for 2-3 seconds. Remove immediately and dip it into a bowl of cold water and lift out.
6. Cut stem to 2" and set upright in cereal box stand.
7. When roses have hardened at least 5 minutes, remove from stand and dip each stem into warm wax to seal the cut end. Let roses harden 20 minutes or longer.
8. For wax leaves, hold each cluster with tongs and dip into warm wax. Lay flat on wax paper until hardened or about 3 minutes.
9. Place dried waxed flowers and leaves in an arrangement in your selected basket or place them in the wicker slots for a more decorative approach.
The best roses to use are pink, yellow and red. White roses tend to get faded after several hours.
The roses will last from 7 to 14 days.
Submitted by Paulette

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