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Sweetheart pin
I thought some of you might enjoy making this lapel pin that I designed for 2000.
The easiest process I've found for printing these is to take them to a Word Processing program such as Word Perfect.
Insert the graphic and size to 2.5 inches in width - keeping porportional on height.
If you minimize the borders on your page, you should be able to place 9 to 12 on a single page. Print as many as you would like. I normally don't save this as a file because it's quite large.
Cut out each individual graphic and laminate both front and back, you can use cold laminate, heat laminate or a Xyron machine - several can be set onto a sheet.
Trim close to edges.
Attach a pin back using clear silicon glue. Allow the glue to dry (cure) completely.
PS: This pin is large enough that you should be     able to add a short greeting and your signature     to the back before laminating.
Submitted by Jude

Heart Containers
You will need 1 small clay pot (not the smallest) probably the two inch size. However, you can go as biggggg as you want.
White acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
Strip of material with hearts on. You can use white material with red hearts or red matterial with white hearts.
Heart stencil (we just made our own out of cardstock)
Paint brush
Old toothbrush
Candy hearts
Now: (I hate explaining things.) Cover the clay pot with the white paint. Once the paint is dry stencil a red heart in the middle of the pot. This of course is on the outside. When this is dry, wet your tooth brush with a little water. Place a small (I do mean small) amount of the red paint on the brush. With your thumb (I would practice this first on some wax paper) rub the bristles of the brush. This makes paint spatters (I think the real art world calls in "specking" cause it looks like fly specks)whic h are tiny tiny spots of paint. When you feel confident, do this to the white pot. Now rip the material in a approxiately 1/4 inch strip and long enough to go around the pot and tie a bow. Tie this just under the lip of the clay pot where the top connects t o the top part. Now comes the hard part. Put your candy hearts inside the pot, and try not to eat them before you give them away.
Submitted by Deanna

Valentine Card
You could double the paper and put seeds in it.....and make a little tag that explains to plant the whole heart in the ground now and come spring time hearts of flowers will bloom. I have done lots of paper crafts inserting seeds just plant the whole thing in the ground.
Submitted by Sherrie

Potpourri Valentine Ornaments
You will need:
Clear plastic cups in a variety of sizes Potpourri
Tulle Net
Aleene's Designer Tacky Glue
Hole Punch
Scraps of lace, ribbon, and other craft and sewing trims
Small silk flowers
Fill the cups with potpourri. Cut a piece of tulle net a little bigger than the opening on the cup. Spread glue around the outside rim of the cup. Center and place tulle over cup opening. Wrap edges of tulle down sides of cup and press into glue. Let dry. Trim away excess tulle.
Take the trims and lace and glue them around the opening edge of the cup. This will give a finished look to the tulle. Glue ribbon, lace, silk flowers, and other trims to ornaments as desired. Use a piece of ribbon and make a loop. Glue the two ends of the loop to the bottom of the cup. This will make a hanger. Decorate around the base of the hanger with trims and silk flowers.
Submitted by Nicki

Dollar Bill Roses
5 New $1 bills (you can certainly use larger bills if you're the big spender type)!
Floral wire
Floral tape
2 or 3 silk leaves
Toothpick (for curling)
1. With all 5 bills lying President's face UP, curl all four corners up on all 5 new bills. Curl up towards President's face. The curl is the outside of the rose.
2. Turn bills over onto back and fold in half. Crimp fold with fingers and place a piece of floral wire across fold and bring under fold and twist to form a stem. Do this to all 5 bills to form 5 buds.
3. With thumb, cup each bill inside to form into a petal like shape.
4. Form rose by beginning with one wired bud. Add second and third bud back to back around first, covering open sides of first bud. Add last two buds back to back with first bud. Twist all wires together to form one long stem.
5. Wrap florist tape from top of rose to about 3" down.
6. Attach leaves by wrapping florist tape around their stem and then continue wrapping tape to end of wire.
7. Give to that special someone.
Submitted by Paulette

Hershey's Kiss Wreath
Heart shaped Styrofoam wreath
Enough Hershey Kisses to cover the above (Red, Silver, Gold)
Low Temp Glue Gun
Lay the wreath form flat on the table and start attaching kisses at the bottom edge. Work your way around and in.
This works with any small paper covered candy so it's versatile and can be covered with candy corn for Halloween .....Let your imagination run wild.
Submitted by Paulette

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