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    clear glass or Pyrex bowl
  food colorings of your choice
  white carnations or white daisies
Fill clear glass or Pyrex bowl part-way with water and add food coloring to tint the water with color of your choice. Add white flowers and watch the flowers change color over the next few hours as the flowers absorb the water.
**NOTE: Try red for Valentine's Day, green for St. Paddy's Day ! Rose Arbor Crafts
Submitted by Rosellen

For each gift bag you will need a red chenille stem, white and silver curling ribbon, 16" of 5/8"w white satin ribbon, and a 4" x 10 1/2" cellophane bag.
1. Beginning 3" from one end of chenille stem, shape stem into a heart shape; twist to secure.
2. Knot three lengths of curling ribbon around stem at the top of heart; curl ribbon ends. Tie satin ribbon into a bow around knot; notch ribbon ends.
3. Place pretzel in a bag. Wrap end of stem around top of bag to secure.
Submitted by Cindy

Valentine Crayons
What You Need
  •Broken crayons
•Heavy paper cups
•Candy molds
•Microwave oven
  How To Make It
  1. Remove all paper on the crayons.
2. Sort according to color.
3. Melt the crayons in the paper cups in the microwave.
4. Pour into the molds.
        You can make all sorts of little shapes for Valentine's Day.
Submitted Paulette

Victorian Collage
Creating one of a kind Valentine for someone we love is fun and easy. Each valentine is made of bits and pieces of a variety of items. Gift wrap, decorative and patterned paper, paper doilies, sheet music, lace, confetti, copies of antique photos, postage stamps, newspapers [especially foreign], stickers, charms, feathers, pressed flowers, ribbon, gold thread (Mizubili cord), glitter, rubber stamps.
The technique is really too simple. Get together with several of your friends. Ask them to bring a collection of items with a "romantic" nature in appropriate colors, such as red, pink, burgundy, white, cream, and gold.
Have several pages of medium to heavy card stock paper (found at art or craft shops). Rubber art stamps (hearts and flowers), embossing powders, stamp ink pads, Dry adhesive (glue sticks, mounting tape that had the foam in the center), do not use white glue, it will buckle the paper.
Give each person a few sheets of paper. Have them glue onto the paper bits and pieces of the items that they brought. Make sure that they use the dry adhesive.
Begin gluing on the largest and flattest pieces on first. Torn papers, sheet music, lace, ribbons doilies, and stickers. Don't try for composition. The idea is to use harmonious colors and textures, but collage them in a random fashion.
After each artist makes their contribution of flat collage elements, have them pass the sheet on to the next person, round robin style. Make sure everyone in the group has a chance to contribute something. When everyone has finished, turn the paper over to the backside and draw on the shapes of hearts using templates, cookie cutters or stencils. Cut out the heart shapes. Turn them over and see the variety of collage hearts. At this point you may add 3 dimensional items such as charms, metallic threads etc. The thread can be anchored to the back with tape.
The final step is to assemble the hearts onto a card. Layering different papers onto each one is the key to a elegant card. Decide on the size of the card cut the paper to size. Fold over.
Next cut out another piece of paper slightly smaller than the front of the card using decorative edge cutting scissors (found at craft stores). Glue onto the top of the card. Cut a third paper smaller than the second. Vary the textures. Smooth for the base layer, corrugated paper for the next layer, and still another texture for the third layer.
Adhere the mounting tape to the underside of the heart. Add two layers of tape if you would like the heart to be raised higher off the paper. Press on to the card. Make a clear envelope for your pretty valentine from clear plastic.
Use a plastic sheet protector used for school reports. Slip the card inside. Measure and cut out. Leave the back sheet longer than the front so you will be able to fold it over. Seal the sides with clear tape. Type a romantic message on the computer.
Add a piece of Velum (sheer paper) into the printer. Print, Cut out the message and add to the inside of your card. You may also make a card to cover and decorate the top of a gift box. Take the lid of the box and lay it on the decorative paper and measure. Cut out and glue to the lid. Continue the same steps you would use to make the card.
This is also a great project for children.
Have a romantic Valentines Day!
Cathy LaMontagne
Submitted by Shelley

Love Fantasy Luminarias
The jeweled patterns of these candlelit luminarias come alive at night. Their translucent glow flatters and seduces as they turn your bedroom or hot tub into a place fit for romantic fantasy. They are pretty! PS..I think patterned floral tissue would be nice too!
1 sheet of white tissue paper
1/2 sheet each of rose, violet, and light pink tissue paper
1-1/2 T each of white glue and water mixed
1 small paintbrush
1-6-1/2 inch glass vase or jar about 4 inches in diameter.
1 wine bottle to use as a drying rack
1 scented votive candle
Tear tissue in different sized uneven pieces with no straight edges.
Begining a the top edge of the vase, brush glue on the outside of the container.
Place a piece of tissue on the vase and brush it into place. Continue to layer pieces of tissue paper on top of one another (mixed colors) brushing with more glue. Cover with three layers. Use the brush to scrunch the tissue for texture. Work down the vasel leaving two inches at the bottom. Turn the vase upside down, over the wine bottle and finish the bottom of the vase. For a soft finish, use the white tissue paper for the top layer. Let dry.
Place scented votive candle inside.
Submitted by Shelley

Valentine Craft
I take the boxes of conversation heart candys (must get the ones with the cellophane window) remove the candy ( I eat all of the yellow ones!) and place a picture of the little darling inside. Hot glue the box shut and attach magnets to the back of the box. EASY!!
Submitted by Margaret

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