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I took an artificial pine wreath and first made the bow our of wire edged ribbon. This one has a holly design with a metalic gold edge. Then I hot glued flocked pine picks underneath the bow. Added pinecone and nut picks, a gold nesting bird, and sprayed it with florist snow glitter.
One of the florist tricks I learned, was that when making swags and wreaths...position your bow FIRST then work the design around that focal point. This way you get a better balance and won't get carried away with too much "stuff" in the wreath. Oh..I also have a few plastic glitter snowflakes placed in the wreath. This wreath is 24 inches in diameter.
Submitted by Shelley

I make them with material and fill with rice. You heat them in the microwave and put on tired aching muscles or around your neck to help that stress headache go away. You need a piece of fabric about 15 inches long and 6 to 7 inches wide. The best types of fabric are cotton or towelling. Fold material in half and stitch around the edges leaving the end open. Tuck edges in and stitch down the middle of the bag. Fill each tunnel with rice (not the quick cook type). Stitch the end closed. To use warm : place in microwave for 1 or 2 minutes. Check as temperature depends on your microwave. Or to use cold - place in ziplock bag and put in freezer for 2 hours or more. I also attach a poem to them.
Submitted by Linda

Make your own Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You need a wooden bead about 3.5 cm., half a brown pipe cleaner, 2 googly eyes, a red pom pom and a loop of string or ribbon. Shape the pipe cleaner into the antlers, put some glue in one end of the bead and stick the pipe cleaner and the loop in. Hold until it dries. Glue the red pom pom on the other end for Rudolph's nose and add the googly eyes. Instead of the loop you could add a brooch pin to the back of the bead.
Submitted by Linda

by Wendy Leach
Ferndale, MI
Plastic lids (such as Pringles can lids)
Tissue paper
Aleene's acrylic paint
Aleene's Decouage glue
Aleene's hot glue gun
wire for hanger - cut desired lengths
"These can be made for any holiday or used for any day. They are fun and easy to make, plus we're recycling! Not one person I showed them to could guess what they were made of!"
1) With needle nozzle of glue gun, glue 2 lids together with insides facing each other. Slide looped wire for hanger in at the last minute, before glue dries.
2) With same nozzle, make designs on side of ornament to hide seam. Paint gold when glue dries.
3) Cut tissue in circles a little bigger than lids, crumple and attach to lids with Decoupage glue. (Tissue can even be painted before or after attachment if you don't have the color you want, that's what I did)
4) Paint, stamp, or stencil any design you want on one or both sides. Add another coat of Decoupage glue to the whole ornament, even the sides for gloss finish.
Submitted by Shelle

Candle ornament
1 gold pipe cleaner
12 - 16 red tri-beads
6 18mm green starburst beads
20 8MM clear faceted beads
Thread on three green starburst beads, then all 20 clear beads and then three more green beads. Bring the beads to the center of the pip cleaner and bring the ends together. Twist them twice as close to the green beads as possible. Thread on 12 - 16 of the red beads... Leave a little piece at the top for the wick of the candle. Turn the red candle upwards into the center of the circle and bend to suited shape. There is no need for glue, the beads don't fall off. If you are afraid they will, just use one side of the gold pipe cleaner and bend over to the side to hold red beads in place leaving one piece or side of gold pipe cleaner sticking straight up.
Submitted by Rhonda

Popcorn Ornaments
Just finished doing popcorn in clear ornaments for some friends who are popcorn crazy. This is what worked for me:
I took an empty egg carton and removed the lid, then cut the bottom half into two sections. Punched down the points to better cradle the clear glass ornament. Removed the metal hanger. Into one ornament placed 10 to 15 kernels of popping corn (the fresher the corn the better). Stuffed deep into the opening a cotton ball but leave a part so you can remove the cotton ball later. Placed the ornament in the egg carton and then placed that into a brown lunch bag. Place in microwave for one minute. After the microwave stopped left the ornament in the microwave for a while -- cooling off time. These ornaments get very not. Removed from bag. Remove cotton ball. Shake out any unpopped corn. Put metal hanger back in place. Tied red ribbon bow around hanger and attached red ribbon loop for hanging with another bow at top of loop. I did not have any ornaments explode using this method. The egg carton and cotton balls get scorched and smell a bit!! Once I didn't get the cotton ball set deep enough in the ornament and it came out and the popcorn didn't pop very well! The finished ornament has a "fun" look!
Submitted by Jan

Christmas Ornament
This came from a Teacher's mailing list that I am on....
Use the hard candy by Brachs called Starlights.   It comes in red and green stripes and is round like the size of a nickel. The center of it is white.
Arrange them in the bottom of a small tin foil bowl. (arrange in the shape of a wreath).
Then bake them in the oven for 10 or 15 min. at 350. She said you have to watch them to know when they are done.         They melt together in an awesome way. When they are cooled, they come out of the bowl easily.
They make really cute wreath ornaments with ribbon tied on them as a hanger.
Submitted by Paulette

Tampon Angel Pattern
Back by popular demand.....Tampon angel ornaments!!!!!! I use Playtex because they fan out into a cone shape.
1. Dip into water until tampon expands.
2. Remove and tie at the top to create the angel's head.
3. Let hang (by handy dandy string) for several days until dry.
4. Paint face with peach or skin tone color, and draw small black dots for eyes.
5. Add blush or pink paint to cheeks.
6. Paint "dress" with glimmer paint.
7. Criss-cross thin gold ribbon across chest (around neck) .
8. Add yellow doll hair to top of head as well as a gold  pipe cleaner for a halo.
9. For the grand finale...glue small gold angel wings  to back.

I'm your little visiting angel, pretty as a swan. I'll decorate your tree or wreath from dusk until the dawn. I know that every month you'll think of me and put a smile on! I'll even be hanging around when you crave a box of bon bons. Now I guess you've figured out, and no, you're not wrong... Someone found out another use for a playtex tampon!
  Submitted by Rhonda

Use silver or clear long (plastic) icicle, the ones found in store to hang on your tree. Take a round med.size wooden head, just big enough to sit on top of icicle.
Drill hole or use wooden head with hole already in it. Glue head to top of icicle over the part that has a hole to hang icicle on tree. Paint head flesh color. Add face and glue on hair and halo, wings can be lace, wide ribbon or already made wings.. Attach hanger to back of head, add a bow to front where head attaches to icicle. She's ready to hang.
Icicle Angel Poem:
Here hangs an angel sparkling bright,
giving off an iridescent light.
She's a reminder that God in His infinite love,
came down from heaven up above.
Should you find her nestled among the branches on this tree,
may she remind you of the Savior who died for you and me!
Designed by Charlene Dickerson

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