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          - When my children were small, I used to take care of a tiny old woman who would carefully clean out the insides of the walnut, place a folded up dollar bill inside and glue the shells back together. She would glue a string loop at the top and hang them on her tree.
        When children came to visit, she would let them choose a dollar nut from her tree.
Contributed by Bev Forsling
Submitted by Paulette

Birdseed wreath
(From Gooseberry Patch - Welcome Home For the Holidays)
Make a birdseed wreath that our feathered friends would love, using one can of refrigerated bread stick dough, birdseed and one egg white. Dip each piece in egg white and roll in birdseed. Press loose seeds firmly in dough. Over a lightly greased cookie sheet, for each piece into desired shapes. Or make one large wreath by braiding three pieces together. (I liked a heart shape). Bake as directed on dough can. When cool, make hangers using colored raffia and hang on tree branch or nailed to a fence.
My version:
Packing idea for bird-lover.   Make a large braided heart wreath and bake on lightly greased round pizza pan. Wrap with large colored raffia bow at center. Place in box or pizza pan lined with natural shreds. Wrap in plastic bag or plastic. Attach giftcard.
Submitted by Shelley

Cinnamon Stick Project
Here is a really cute and easy idea to make with cinnamon sticks. I have made these into pins, ornaments or just stuck them in greenery on centerpieces or mantles.
For each Santa you will need one cinnamon stick, length is your preference. Red, peach or flesh, pink and black acrylic paint. Snow accents paint, this is sold in all craft stores. It is white paint that has texture to it. Paintbrushes or toothpicks.
For hat, paint about 1/2 inch of 1 end of the stick red. For face, paint 3/4 inch below red with the peach or flesh color. Use black for eyes, and pink for cheeks. Use a stiff brush and snow accents paint to paint beard, eyebrows and hat trim.
Submitted by Justina

Mason Jar Oil Lamp
From:Terri Ouellette gives you easy-to-follow instructions for handmade projects.
Air Date: Jan. 25, 1999
Completion Time: 15 minutes
Materials Needed:
Pint canning jar and lid
Lamp oil
Candle wick and 3/4-inch to 7/8-inch washer (or preassembled wick and ball)
Potpourri and/or dried fruit
Ribbon or material strip (optional)
Punch or screwdriver
Step 1:
Punch hole in center of lid.
Step 2:
Bring wick up through hole. Secure wick with washer on underside of lid.
Step 3:
Fill jar with potpourri and/or dried fruit.
Step 4:
Add oil lamp.
Step 5:
Tie a bow around neck of jar using ribbon or strip of material. NOTE: Cut the ribbon very short so it is not near the flame. DO NOT USE RAFFIA.
Submitted by Janice

Scented Potpourri Hot Pads
(Don't worry there isn't much sewing involved.)
Materials Needed:
- Store bought pot holder / hot pad
- Matching thread and needle
- Seam ripper
- Scented potpourri
- Funnel
IMPORTANT: When you are purchasing your pot holders make certain that within the body, the two sides are NOT sewn or quilted together. Only the EDGES should be sewn together.
Begin by ripping out the thread on the back side of the pot holder in one of the corners. Rip out about one inch.
Take your potpourri and cut into very small pieces. This can be achieved by using a blender, food processor or coffee grinder. Do not grind into a powder, only very small pieces - small enough to fit through your funnel.
If you want your potpourri to have extra scent, purchase a bottle of potpourri oil which matches your potpourri fragrance and place 3 - 5 drops in the potpourri and mix.
Place funnel into the opening of the pot holder and fill with approximately one cup of the potpourri.
Thread your needle and sew up your opening. Shake pot holder to evenly disperse the potpourri. All done!
Use on the table to place hot pans, pots, or bowls. When the hot item is placed on top of the holder, the heat will disperse the potpourri fragrance. (Can also set a hot coffee cup on top!)
Submitted by Paulette

Clay and Rubber-stamp Ornaments
Easy to do
1 package Polymer Clay - cream, beige, sand
Holiday theme Rubber-stamp
Cookie cutter round, heart, any shape that the rubber-stamp can fit onto
Rubber-stamp ink any color
Tile or cookie sheet (use an old cookie sheet that will not be used for food anymore)
Wire for hanging
Raffia or ribbon
(There are now no bake clays that work great especially for children)
1. Roll out the clay to a thickness of approximately 1/4"
2. Cut out shape with a cookie cutter or cut a circle or oval shape with a knife, place on the tile or cookie sheet.
3. Ink the rubber-stamp using one or multiple colors
4. Press the rubber-stamp into the clay, do no apply a lot of pressure just enough to get the impression clearly. Gently lift the clay off of the tile or cookie sheet so that it does not stick, then replace back on the tile or cookie sheet.
5. Using the straw press out two wholes for hanging purposes
6. Bake clay according to manufactures directions on the package.
7. Add the wire for a hanger
8. Tie on raffia or any other type of ribbon to one side.
From a newsletter
Submitted by Di

Country Luminaries
Clear canning jars spread holiday cheer throughout your house when they,re filled with sand, red berries, and a votive candle. Serve up several for a mantel decoration. Or, make a multitude to line your walkway and welcome all who come to call.
You will need:
Quart- or pint-size Mason jars
Sugar scoop or gardener,s hand trowel
Candle in glass votive cups, one for each jar
Real or artificial evergreen sprigs and holly berries
Red-and-green plaid ribbon
Red and green tinsel
For each luminary, fill bottom 1/4 to 1/3 of jar with sand. Firmly press a candle down into sand. Drop small bits of greenery or berries into the jar. Tie ribbon around top of jar and tuck tinsel around bow.
Submitted by Victoria

Angel Popsicle stick ornament
Fat wooden popsicle craft stick
Blonde (or any color) curly doll hair
Wide wire edged ribbon (gold, silver, white, are my favorites.)
thin gold or silver metallic cord.
small section of strand of craft pearls
paint- white and flesh colored.
black and red marker pens
gold or silver craft rings--or metallic chenille stem formed into a circle for halo
Paint the back of the stick white. And the front of the stick white, except the top inch. The top inch should be painted flesh for the face. Glue the curly hair on the back of the head and on the sides and top..triming and arranging the hair. Glue the halo on top. Glue the pearls where the peach and white meet, to look like a necklace. Make two loops with a piece of the wide wire edge ribbon. glue it to the back of the stick so the bow loops stick out like angel wings. Make a bow with the thin cord, and glue it to the front of the stick where the hands might be. With the black marker draw eyes eyelashes, and a ^ nose. With the red marker make a cute little smiley mouth.
Submitted by Birdiekity

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