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Stuffed Snowkids
        Scan a picture of the child's face and print it out onto T-shirt transfer paper.
        Iron onto a piece of white cloth that is cut out in the shape of a snowman. Place another "snowman" piece of cloth on top and sew around the edges leaving about a 1 1/2 opening.
        Turn right side out and stuff with up hole and decorate using fabric markers, or paints
        Hot glue sticks for arms, buttons down the center, a swatch of cloth for the scarf.
        For snowboys you can make a top hat. For snowgirls make a little bow or put some yarn on for hair.
Submitted by Paulette

Footprint Angel...
    Using poster board trace each one of your children's feet once, using white for her dress and both hands using yellow for her wings.  Cut out each part
        Let the children glitter and glue the hands to make wings sparkle.
    Take each child's picture focusing on their head and face.
Help the children glue hands (wings) to the feet (body) Cut their face from picture and glue to body. Add string to make it hang and add a piece of the sparkly pipe cleaner for a halo.
         Using a paint pen, date the bottom of the angel.
        The tag  is as follows:
This little angel is special you see;
Because she is a part of me!!
Her wings are my hands,
Her body my feet!
And on our tree she'll look very sweet!!!!
Submitted by Paulette

Pooped-out Reindeer
This reindeer is made out of 4 pom poms (2 inch diameter), 4 pom poms 1.5 inch) and 1 pom pom (1 inch). All these pom poms are light brown. A small white pom pom is needed for the tail and a tiny red one for the nose.
Strips of brown felt are cut to go around the feet.
Antlers are cut from felt and added above small brown felt ears.
Brown googly eyes are added and a little piece of brown felt above them.
Print out and attach the poem. Varying the size of the pom poms will give you different size reindeer.
Christmas Eve was near,
But what have we here?
A worn out, tuckered out,
poopedout reindeer.
Tired by the hustle and
bustle of holiday hurry.
Asleep in a heap as if
he had not a worry!
source unknown
Submitted by Linda

The Legend of the Cow Bell
This is the legend that goes with bookmark

The shepherds gathered quite a throng in Bethlehem as they journeyed to meet the newborn king. A little blind boy sat along the side of the town's road and, hearing rumors of the angel's announcement, he begged the traveler's to lead him to the Christ child. No one would take the time. After the crowd passed and the streets grew silent, the boy heard the faint tinkling of a cow's bell in the distance. He thought to himself, "Perhaps that cow is in the very stable where Christ lies," and followed the bell to the stable. There, the cow led the boy to the infant Jesus.
Submitted by Rhonda

Mr. & Mrs. Snowmallow
Stack three marshmallows held together with a thin pretzel stick poked through the middle.  Use peanut butter (or frosting if allergic to peanut butter) to attach a chocolate wafer (hat brim) to the head and then a dark chocolate drop (top hat) to the wafer.  Attach small colored candy for eyes, mouth and buttons.  Cut scarf from fruit roll-up and wrap around neck, fringing ends.  Poke a long thin pretzel in each side of second marshmallow for arms.  Use peanut butter or frosting to attach a square piece of cereal (like Chex) to a pretzel stick for a snow shovel.    Cut carrot shaped nose from piece of orange fruit roll up or gum drop.  For Mrs  Snowmallow,  assemble in same fashion but give her ear muffs.  Drape a short piece of shoe string red licorice over head with red hot candies attached to cover ears.  Give her a broom using a pretzel stick for the broomstick with fruit roll up cut and fringed for straw part.
Submitted by Rhonda

Craft Foam Snowflakes
A sheet of craft foam (such as Fun Foam)
White craft glue
Piece of paper
Waxed paper or paper plate
Cut the paper into a square. Fold the square diagonally placing the two points together. Fold one third toward the center so the points meet at the top open edge of the paper. Fold the last third over the other two points so you have formed a diamond shape. With your scissors carefully cut the design along the two folded edges and across the open top point. Be sure not to cut through the bottom point and the side points. You will need these areas touching to hold your snowflake together.
Using the diagram as your guide fold on the blue lines and cut out the red areas.  If you have craft punches that punch out different designs make several punches in the center area between the two rows of cut outs.
Carefully open the paper pattern and place it on the craft foam. Hold in place with double stick tape or pins while you trace the pattern onto the foam.
Remove the pattern and use your scissors to cut out the snowflake. With the toothpick go around all the edges with craft glue, including the edge of all the cut outs you made in the center. Over a paper plate sprinkle the glitter liberally into the craft glue and allow to dry. When dry lift your snowflake and shake the excess glitter back into the paper plate.
  On a second piece of waxed paper or paper plate, place the glitter side of the snowflake down and repeat the glue glitter process using the leftover glitter from the first side.
  Option: You can use a spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter over the entire snowflake, allow to dry, turn over and repeat. 
Submitted by Rhonda

Ice Cream Cone Jeweled Ornament
1 box cone shaped ice cream cones (the waffle like/ pointy ones)
1 box of brightly colored (jewel tones) round ornaments (not the BIG ones)
Gold spray paint
Silver and Gold Glitter
Shiny gold ribbon
Spray paint the outside of the ice cream cones (ahead of time). Let dry. Decorate the round ornaments by making designs on them with glue and sprinkling with the glitter. (Swirly designs, stars, snowflakes, etc.) Allow to dry slightly...and then place the round ornament on the ice cream cone, just like it's a scoop of ice cream (with the ornament hanger upright), so that you can you can hang it on the tree. Glue/attach the bulb/ornament to the ice cream cone. Allow to dry slightly . Tie a small bow with the gold sparkly ribbon and glue to the ornament. It is so beautifully and sparkly, it just brigthens up the TREE. And I could just see this as a beautiful decoration, with jeweled colored ribbons sprinkled here and there!
Hope this helps a few of you...if you have spare plain colored ornaments.
Submitted by Sunny

Reindeer Faces
What You Need
1 slice bread
peanut butter
4 mini pretzels
4 raisins
2 mini marshmallows,
maraschino cherries or red-hot cinnamon candies
How To Make It
Cut bread in half from corner to corner, making two equal triangles. Spread peanut butter over bread.
Decorate as follows:
Lay in front of you, point facing you and long side of triangle facing away from you.
Place one mini pretzel on each upper corner (the antlers); two raisins in the center of each slice (the eyes) and one mini marshmallow (or maraschino cherry or cinnamon candy if you are making Rudolphs) on the tip of each short point nearest you (the nose). Presto! Two reindeer faces looking back at you . . . simple enough for a preschooler to make, fast enough for a mom to make one each for a whole class, and nutritious enough to nourish even the most jaded kid on Christmas Day.
Submitted by Shelle

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