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Attach a card with a gingerbread man cookie cutter
Ginger Bread Man - Recipe for Life
1 Heaping cup of encouragement
1 cup of melted compassion
2 cups of hope
1 cup of love
1 tablespoon of faith (it only takes a little)
2 large attitude
Lots of hugs in assorted sizes
Cream encouragement and compassion together. Add hope, love, and faith. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Slowly add the unbeaten attitude. Batter should be firm but not unyielding. knead gently. Roll in hugs and cut out to the desired shape. Add stars for eyes and a kiss. Bake in a warm oven. Excellent when shared with a friend.
Author Unknown
Submitted by Di

Friendship Tea
This is a lovely little gift to tuck inside a Christmas card of a friend that is far away at Christmas time.
Make a little bag out of material, the size to hold a tea bag.  Use some  Christmas fabric to make it extra special. Tuck the tea bag inside, fasten with ribbon, and add this poem:

On Christmas Day at half past three,
Brew yourself a cup of tea.
I'll think of you,
You think of me
While sitting 'round the Christmas Tree.
source unknown

Friendship Tea Recipe:
2  3.5 oz. pkgs. of orange drink crystals
1 3.5 oz. pkg. of lemon drink crystals
1/4 tsp. each of clove and cinnamon
1/2 cup  instant tea
1/2 cup sugar
Mix well and store in air tight container. Use 2 heaping teaspoons per mug ... add boiling water.
Submitted by Rhonda

Candy Christmas Tree
Using 10 lime starlight candies (colored peppermints work too) and working on a glue mat, hot glue them into 4 rows -- 1 on top, 2 below it, 3 below the 2nd, and 4 below the 3rd.
        Then take the remaining three candies and hot glue on top to make the tree 3D.
For trunk, paint a jumbo craft stick brown, then cover it with 2 coats Waterbased Varnish Satin Finish.
        Hot glue trunk to wrong side of tree. Tie a red satin ribbon bow around tree trunk.
Submitted by Paulette

Hersey/Lifesaver Dog
        Put two Hershey kisses side by side on a work surface (I used the Christmas colored ones--red and green). Put a drop of glue between them to hold them together. Do the same with another pair of kisses. Now glue the roll of lifesavers on top of the kisses. One pair forms front feet and other pair forms back feet; roll is body.
        Glue one more kiss to the front of the roll of lifesavers so the point of the kiss is sticking out like a nose, and flat bottom is glued flat to the end of the roll. Glue a tiny pompom to tip. Add a couple of ears hanging down out of felt or fun form on either side of the "head" kiss. Glue on tiny googley eyes, and add a bit of chenille stem sticking up to back of roll; this is the tail. You can add a little ribbon around neck. Looks like a dachshund.
Submitted by Paulette

Candy Cane Sled
two candy canes
one regular size Hershey bar or other candy bar
wrapping paper
curling ribbon
  Wrap the candy bar with Christmas wrapping paper. Tape the to candy canes to either side on the bottom, making the runners for the sleigh.
From the underneath of the candy bar (front of the sleigh) bring the ribbon up and back down making the "rope to pull" the sleigh. Makes a great top of a present "little something extra" as well as good for older school age groups.
Submitted by Heather

Christmas Basket
Here is a neat Christmas Basket idea: Recipe Basket:
          Hand-write you favorite dessert recipe on a note card.     Collect all the non-perishable ingredients to your recipe and place them in a basket.
          Add the already made dessert wrapped and tied with a bow.     For extras put a wooden spoon or timer in with the ingredients. They can taste the dessert then have the recipe and dessert to make it.
Submitted by Valerie

Drum ornament
Recycle a juice can for a drum ornament!
Clean out a frozen juice can. Save the lid. Cut it down to about 1 1/2 inches. Paint the lid and bottom white or gold. Put the lid on. Glue wide ribbon around the can. Red and green plaid looks great! Zig-zag gold braid back and forth from the lid to the bottom, working around the can. Add two toothpicks for drumsticks.
Submitted by Valerie

Sawdust Christmas Ornaments
2 C. sawdust (any texture depending on how delicate you want your finished product)
3 C. flour
1 C. salt
Water as needed
Ground spices (as much as you want for fragrance and/or color)
Mix dry ingredients together. Add water until of rolling/working consistency.
This dough hardens well and is not easily broken.
Submitted by Rhonda

Sewing basket Ornament
    small basket, I prefer with handles
Odds and ends miniature sewing items. Many can be made your self:
-- Bolts of fabric--wrap teensy print Christmas fabric around a piece of cardstock--let ends of the cardstock show a bit. --
Spools of thread-buy empty teensy thread spools in woodies section, wrap red             /green/ or white thread on them.
--Measuring tape--Take a piece of golden rod paper and cut a thin 1/8" wide strip. go back and make " markings on it with a fine tipped pen. Fold it accordian style to look like a tape measure.
--Yarn & needles--wrap red or greenor white yarn into a small 1/2" diameter ball, use straight pins with ball heads (painted red / green or gold--or leave white)..and insert into the ball for knitting needles--you can also use a toothpick sprayed gold, and add one of those longer earring backings to the tip of it for the knob.
--Buttons-- make button cards by typing buttons and printing on cardstock. Shrink it down so the type is teensy..cute thelittle cards then glue 6 seed beads for buttons on the card--or make a a little button box (like in the picture) out of balsa wood, write buttons on it and coat inside with glue and fill with seed beed buttons.
--magazines and patterns-- find pictures of magazine or pattern covers in ads, cut out and put on card stock to make little envelopes, or little magazines...if you cant find ones small enough past several on a piece of paper then take them to the printer to shrink.
--cross stitch - use the little gold or silver wedding favors rings ..cross stitch a small flower in center of aida cloth..then inser the little cloth into the inside of the ring, gluing it in place..glue a piece of thread to a broken off pin..and insert into the cloth.
--I like to add things like a little iron, gold scissors that sort of thing too.
To assemble.
Place some tissue in the bottom of the basket to raise the contents a bit. Start arranging and glue gunning the items in place so the taller ones are at the back ..sometimes you are glueing one thing to the corner of another. I added a little red and green striped bow with a gold bell in the center to the front of the basket to fill it in nicely.
Submitted by Birdiekity

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