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Magnolia Angels
Spray paint the pods white...then take a styrofoam ball cover with a knee high......put hair on......then take a wire bend over...put glue on end add a ribbon on it stick through head...then take anything to decorate.....I also just make these without heads as ornaments........
Submitted by Sherrie

Chocolate Ornaments in a Chocolate Bowl
This edible centerpiece is made entirely of chocolate. Recipe comes from "Colette's Christmas.''
Yields 1 bowl and 20 ornaments.
- 1 lb each of white, milk and dark coating chocolate
- Parchment paper triangles, rolled into cones (to pipe chocolate)
- 10-inch metal bowl
- Pastry brush
- 2 halves of a 2 3/4-inch plastic ball mold (found in cake-decorating stores)
- Small paintbrush
Place 1/2 lb of each of the three kinds of chocolate in separate metal or glass bowls. You can add more chocolate to each bowl while you are working. Place each bowl over hot (not boiling) water and stir occasionally. To melt in microwave, heat on low for 3 minutes and stir. Continue heating and stirring at 5-second intervals until the chocolate is melted. To make the chocolate bowl, you will need 2 parchment cones. Cut a small hole at the end of each cone. If the hole is too big, it will be hard to control the flow of the chocolate. Fill one with melted white chocolate and pipe the design in pattern 1 on the inside of the 10-inch metal bowl. Fill the other cone with milk chocolate and pipe dots. Refrigerate the bowl for about 5 minutes.
With the pastry brush, paint the inside of the bowl with dark chocolate. Begin by painting a thin layer of the chocolate on the bowl, then refrigerate for 5 minutes. Then paint another layer.
Continue until the chocolate is about 1/4-inch thick. Refrigerate until all of the chocolate is hard and cold to the touch, then carefully pull the chocolate out of the bowl. Try not to handle the shiny side of the bowl t oo much, as your fingers will leave marks on the surface.
To make the ornaments, pipe the chocolate on the inside of the ball halves. Make dots, spirals, stripes or a filigree pattern. Chill the chocolate before adding a second color. You can then brush on or pipe a background color, making the chocolate no less than 1/8-inch thick. Refrigerate until the chocolate is cold. Pop the chocolate out of the mold. Pipe a little chocolate on the edge of the chocolate pieces and press the two halves together.
Submitted by Paulette

Candy Cane Reindeer
A holiday ornament you can eat!
What You Need:
candy canes
brown pipe cleaners
small pom-poms
plastic eyes
Keep plastic on your candy canes. Twist pipe cleaners around top of candy cane to form reindeer antlers. Glue on plastic eyes and a pom-pom for the nose. Tie on a ribbon.
Submitted by Shelle

Golden Ornaments
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Freezer paper
Black marker
Masking tape
Dish washing soap - liquid
Container/bowl filled with water
Gold spray paint
Scissors, gold thread for hanging, paper towels
On plastic coated side of freezer paper draw outlines of various Christmas shapes with black marker. i.e. Christmas tree, Candy Cane, Angel, Christmas package, Stocking, Gingerbread man. For stability place cardboard underneath. Heat glue gun.
With your fingers spread a thin layer of dishwasher soap over patterns on freezer paper. Using the glue gun outline each pattern with glue. Experiment with doing inner lines as well. Let glue set firmly. Once dry carefully peel ornaments from paper. Gently wash and dry to remove any soap residue.
Spray the front of each ornament with gold paint. Just the front, not the back, flat side. Allow paint to dry completely before completing. Once ornament is dry gently float in water with gold side down. Using glue gun put glue inside each ornament making sure it comes in contact with the outline at some point. You do not have to fill the entire ornament - instead leaves gaps to give the appearance of crystal once dry. Do one ornament at a time in the water. Do not spray paint new glued areas. Once done carefully remove from water and pat dry.
Hang with gold thread. Additional gold bows or metallic ribbon can be added for decoration.
Submitted by Shelle

Candy Tea Stirrers
Vegetable cooking spray
34 pieces fruit flavored hard candy, crushed
2 Tablespoons light corn syrup
Heavyweight plastic spoons
Line a jelly roll pan with wax paper; spray with cooking spray.
In a small heavy pan, combine crushed candies and corn syrup. Cook over low heat until candies melt. Spoon candy into bowl of each spoon. Place on wax paper with handles on rim of jelly roll pan to level spoons. Allow to harden. Store in an airtight container. Makes 24 spoons.
Submitted by Justina

Miniature Gingerbread House
What You Need
7 graham crackers
Frosting for glue (recipe below)
Assorted small candies for decorating
Pastry bag and tip or ziplock bag and scissors
Frosting 1/2 pound confectioner's sugar
3 tbs. butter/margarine
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
1 1/2 - 2 tbs. Milk
How To Make It
Mix all the ingredients together until smooth and spreadable, not runny. Add more sugar if too runny.
If you have a pastry bag, place frosting in bag and use a small tip. You can use a ziplock bag cutting a small hole in the corner. Place one graham cracker flat on the table, squeeze a little frosting around all edges. You may need an extra pair of hands. Place one cracker on each side standing up. It now looks like a box without a top. Carefully squeeze more frosting on all outside corners from top to bottom and around the bottom of the box.
Let stand for a short while to let frosting harden a little. This will make working with the roof a little easier. Now squeeze frosting on two of the top edges of the box and place the last two graham crackers in a V shape on as the roof. Looks like a triangle on a box now from the side. It may overhang if you can get the frosting to hold for you.
Squeeze frosting along the top of the roof where crackers join. Let stand again until frosting hardens a little. Now comes the fun part - with leftover frosting, cover the roof to look like snow. (two sides are left open) Then squeezing small amounts on candy, place candy on the house to decorate. You can use the frosting to add things like doors and windows. Just use your imagination. After project is totally dry, string ribbon through to open side of the roof and hang on Christmas tree.
If you want to do this project with young children, you might want to make the base house ahead of time, gluing the corners from the inside - and let it harden. Then turn them loose with frosting and small candies to do the decorating. Special Note: This craft is safe to eat, but if you would like to save your treasure for years to come you can use a spray varnish in a well ventilated area. (2 - 3 coats of varnish). Parental supervision is recommended for this step.
Submitted by Shelle

Bag Project
pie tin
paint-white and your choice of colors
gingerbread man and angel cookie cutter
paper bag
First I just paint the entire tin with white paint..then I sponge paint it to match the person's decor. Next I trace the cookie cutters onto the paper bag and cut out. I make enough gingerbread men to match the men in the household and the same for the angels for the girls. Then, onto the INSIDE of the tin, I trace around the cutouts making them an equal distance from each other. They will be up on the tilted edge of the tin..feet pointing towards outer lip. Paint the gingerbread brown and the angels face and hands (and feet if showing) brown. Paint the area for the angels dress white. Make these very simple..don't over do..just little black dots for dots on top of head for hair on angels. Paint (or use a fine tip marker) the names of each family member on their corresponding man/angel. In the center of the tin, you can paint a heart, write the family's last name, etc... When paint is completely dry, seal the tin. Hint...I tried a spray on sealer and even though it said it wouldn't, it turned yellow where it pooled on the inside edge. I've always used a paint on sealer since.
Submitted by Victoria

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