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Preserving Whole Branches
1. Cut branches when color begins to change, before the leaves are completely tinted. (Fully turned leaves are too dry and brittle.) Beech, oak, wild apple, mountain ash and copper beech are well suited for this method of preservation.
2. Use a solution of 2 parts water to 1 part glycerin. The amount needed depends on the size of the branches. (The stems must be in liquid to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.)
3. Trim off any small twigs at the bottom of the branch. Slit the bottom of each stem with a sharp knife to 3 or so inches.
4. Next, bruise the stalks with a hammer.
5. Arrange the branches in a container of the water/glycerin mixture and place in a cool room for a week to ten days. The leaves will last for years! Makes great centerpieces and displays.
Submitted by Paulette

Preserving Leaves
1. Gather fallen leaves, in orange, red, and other brilliant colors. Look for soft leaves, not brittle or brown.
2. Gently wipe leaves off with a damp sponge to remove dust and dry them carefully (between layers of blotter paper in a telephone directory or heavy text book).
3. Brush on acrylic gel medium (available in art supply stores) in light coats, one side of the leaf at a time, allowing drying time between sides. A second coat will ensure the entire surface is covered. This should help preserve the beautiful colors of your fall leaves for many years.
Submitted by Paulette

Giggle Jars
Use standard "wide mouth" baby food jars for best results. The juice jars just don't look quite right.
With the lid on the jar, glue two large or three small cotton balls to the lid of the jar. Then run a bead of tacky glue around the edge of the lid. Next cover with a 4 to 6 inch square of some sort of pretty cloth. Hold in place with a rubber band until glue is set - about 15 to 20 minutes (dry is better). Before the glue is set, kinda slide the cloth around to "even out" the folds and pleats. Take lid off the jar and using scissors, trim the cloth flush with the bottom edge of the lid. Remove the rubber band and trim the edge of the lid with lace, or rick rack, or narrow ribbon, etc.
You should now have a jar with the lid looking kinda like an under-stuffed pin-cushion.
Print up the following sayings onto a sheet of card stock..or business card. . Punch a hole in one corner. Tie a short piece of ribbon to each tag. Have the girls take the lid off a jar hold it close to her mouth and "giggle" into each jar. Then quickly replace the lid, pinching the tags ribbon in the jar.
You say this jar is empty,
Well take another look!
This jar is filled with giggles,
In every little nook.
I put them there for you to save,
For when your life seems low.
So open up when times are sad,
And let my giggles flow.
Submitted by Ann

Decorated Polished Rocks
I purchased polished river rocks, and used a gold pen to write words on hope, faith, joy, happiness, run , laugh, sing, river, ocean, leap, misty, ly, ing, ed, I , you, our, their, when, then, ...etc. I put them in the glass containers with a poem that was printed out on cardstock...I tied some raffia around the containers, and added a feather and the poem.
Poetry Pebbles
A way to relax
After a hectic day
Pebbles to arrange
In any way.
Pebbles with words
To place in rows.
They become sentences,
Rhythms, and prose.
As you concentrate
on what to say
Watch all your stresses
Melt away!
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Frosting Container Candle
Recycled Items:
ready-to-spread frosting container for mold, crayon pieces to color was and fabric.
You will also need nonstick cooking spray, apples, garden clippers, cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, shallow pan, aluminum foil, paraffin, wax-coated wick, small basket, dried bay leaves, and a hot glue gun.
1.  Spray inside of frosting container with cooking spray.
2.  Cut apples into small pieces,  Use clippers to cut cinnamon sticks into small pieces.  Mix apples, cinnamon sticks and one teaspoon ground cinnamon in shallow pan lined with foil.
3.  Melt wax and set wick. (use another book to get full instructions here) Allow to harden and remove from mold.
4.  Dip candle in excess melted was.  Roll in apple and cinnamon mixture until desired look is achieved.
5.  Dip candle in wax to seal; all to harden.  Rub ground cinnamon on top of candle.
6.  Line basket with bay leaves; place candle in basket.  Tear 3/4" x 14" strip from fabric; tie into a bow.  Glue bow to basket.
Submitted by Denise

Candle Idea
These look really unique and smell great... You will need a scented candle and plain unscented votives.
Shave the wax from the scented candle with a vegetable peeler. Heat a bowl of water in the microwave, dip the votive in the hot water and roll in the wax peeling, keep doing this to get the desired effect you want. When you burn the candle it will smell like the scent that your shavings were.
Submitted by Paulette

Homemade Designer Candles
This is a good way to turn plain "dollar store" pillar candles into expensive-looking designer candles and use those little border samples often included in the wallpaper books.
You will need:
a.. Plain pillar candles
b.. Wallpaper strips, or wallpaper border samples
c.. Tall can
d.. All purpose glue
e.. Paraffin
Cut paper strip to fit around the candle. Use glue to adhere in place.
Melt clear candle wax or plain paraffin in a tall narrow can, deep enough to nearly submerge candle. (A tall spaghetti sauce can is just right for most candles.)
Hold wick and slowly dip the candle into the melted wax, lowering all the way to the top edge of the candle. (You CAN hold the wick with your fingers if you have to, but a hemostat clamp or small vise grip makes it a lot easier and safer.)
Remove and set the candle on a piece of scrap paper to drain and harden for a few minutes.
If a softer, more muted look is desires, repeat to build up wax layers.
When fully cooled, polish with a pad of wadded up nylon stockings, or use a commercial candle polish/glosser.
Submitted by Paulette

Spiced Candle
Mix cinnamon sticks & whole cloves & smash them with a rolling pin. Put the pillar candle of your choice (cream would be beautiful) in the oven at 400 for approx. 3 min. Quickly roll candle into the mixture. If it doesn't get totally covered - put back into the oven for a few minutes & repeat. You can also shake ground spices onto the sides to help cover. This is a great rustic country look!
*Thanks Mary
Submitted by Paulette

Lumpy Candle
Melt some wax or used candles in a coffee can that is placed in a larger pot (then use this can for future projects). Add some essential oil - then let cool a bit. As it cools, whip it up a little, then spread it onto the sides and top of your candle. While the wax is still warm, you could roll it into spices or ground coffee. This technique gives you that lumpy candle look.
*Thanks Mary
Submitted by Paulette

Very Expensive Look!
Hot glue cinnamon sticks - twigs - dried oranges - vanilla beans - whole coffee beans - etc... to a cheap candle. Then tie some raffia or twin around the middle. You could also use a nice piece of fabric!
Submitted by Paulette

Elegant studded candle
1. Get a nice cream/white pillar candle - press pins into patterns around sides. Use the pins with a gold bead on top. Heat the tip of pin so it will go in better. You can make any design you'd like!
2. Just use a cheap candle & place gold or silver stars in a pattern around the candle. Just get those little stars used for attendance - they're already stickers!
Submitted by Paulette

Personalized candles
Make black & white or color copy pictures of friends, family, home, etc... glue to the sides of candle - dip into melted wax a time or two. The pictures are now under the wax & a part of the candle
Submitted by Paulette

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