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Grunge Candles
How to make candles look like the cake candles you see in all the stores, and craft shows. I buy cheap vanilla scented candles and I buy plain wax. I use a double boiler I bought at a yard sale. Melt your wax, add 1 small vanilla candle (for scent) add about 1/4 cup cinnamon and 1/2 cup instant coffee or tea. Use an old mixer and whip the melted wax until it looks lumpy. I use an old fork to lift the wax up and apply it to my vanilla candle. Very easy to do. If the wax hardens in the pan, just re-melt and re-do the steps over again. Tie a homespun scrap around it or put it in an old pan surrounded by rose hips and cinnamon sticks.
Submitted by Kathy
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Grunge Candles
Ready Made Candle (The dollar store is a good source)
Paraffin or candle remnants
Old Crayons for Color
Old Coffee Can
Ground Allspice
Ground Cloves
Old Brush
Paper plate or wax paper
Optional - Fragrance Oils 1 oz per 2lb of wax
Torn Homespun Fabric
Place Wax, spices, and crayon bits in the coffee can in a small pot of water on the stove. I used about a teaspoon of each spice and a handful of oatmeal. Place on simmer and allow the wax to melt. Place the candle on a paper plate. I couldn't dip my candle but painted on the wax and spices. After each layer cooled I would add another until I achieved the bumpy grunge look. To complete the candle I tied on a homespun bow.
Submitted by Di

Decorated Candles
1. Decorate your candles (big, small, thin, chubby, square, round, etc.) with those little jewelry type studs (prongs).
2.    Garage sale/thrift store earrings work well too.
  3.    Use dimensional paints to decorate those cheap dollar store candles.
  4.    Glue cinnamon sticks around the base of the candle and then tie a bow around them.
  5.    Glue little rose-hips around the base of a larger votive (chubby).  This looks great on the vanilla ones.
6.    Thumb-tacks, stick pins, and jewelry pins work too.
  7.    Take a hot glue gun and carefully warm a tiny area on the candle.  Poke in a whole clove and finish studding the whole candle this way.
  8.    Try dipping decorated candles in a coffee can of melted parafin.  Please take caution in doing this!
Submitted by Janice

1.Begin making potpourri in the Spring /early Summer and continue to add rose petals and leaves throughout the growing season.
2.In a glass jar or crock,layer; a sprinkling of cinnamon; a sprinkling of cloves; and 1/4-inch salt, rose petals, and rose leaves in that order. When finished making layers. Cover tightly.
Repeat making layers throughout summer, pressing down mixture occasionally and keeping tightly covered.
3.At the end of the growing season, add a few drops of rose oil and mix well Press down and cover for at least four weeks.
4.Place aged potpourri in covered container as desired. To enjoy aroma, lift lid for short time, then replace. This potpourri will last for year's and may be added to from each year's rose garden and refreshed with rose oil.
Submitted By: Cookie By The Sea

4 cups Rosebuds & Petals (Red)......... 2-3/4 oz
4 cups Windmill Pods (Burgundy)............ 2 oz
3 cups Larkspur Petals (Blue).......... 1-1/2 oz
3 cups Uva Ursi (Pinguica) Leaves.......... 4 oz
2 cups Angel Wings (Purple)................ 1 oz
2 cups Strawflowers - Small (Yellow)....... 1 oz
1 cup Cellulose Fiber Fixative............. 4 oz
1 cup Milo Berries Natural................. 2 oz
1 cup Orange Peel - Ribbon Cut......... 1-1/2 oz
1 cup Sunflower Petals................... 1/2 oz
OIL: Freesia
Submitted by Shelley

embroidery hoop/frame
lace fabric
lace edging
craft glue
dried flowers
Cut 2 pieces of lace fabric slightly larger than frame. Glue together leaving an opening and insert potpourri. Glue opening closed, insert potpourri bag into frame, cut off excess lace around edges, glue lace edging around the frame from the back. Tie ribbon bows and glue in place with dried flowers to decorate.
Submitted by Jana

Potpourri Dough and sounds not only easy but I can smell it just waiting to be made!!!
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of potpourri
up to 1/2 cup of water
mix together flour, salt, and potpourri.
Gradually add water until dough holds together. Shape or mold. Refrigerating dough will make it easier to work with. Let dough air dry. Now here are my ideas on using this..Get out the heart shaped cookie mold..
Add some red food coloring to the mix. Shape mix with cookie cutters. Glue a nice bow to the top when these are dried..They should make nice scents for dresser well as looking interesting..
  Submitted by Denise

Coffee Candle
Take a brown colored candle and melt it down   Pour into a cappuccino glass (the clear ones work best), leaving 1/2"-1" space at the top.
          Insert a wick (piercing a hole into a paper plate helps to hold the wick in the center).
        After it hardens, melt a white candle and pour into a plastic bowl (I use leftover butter tubs, but be careful that the hot wax doesn't melt them).
          Use a fork (usually plastic since I toss it afterwards) to "whisk" the wax as it cools (it sometimes helps to place the bowl into some cold water to speed up the hardening).
        As it hardens, scoop it into the glasses, on top of the brown candle.
  The end result is a candle that looks like cappuccino with the frothed milk topping!
            Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top. Or take shavings of a brown crayon to look like chocolate.
        For the holiday spirit you could use green and red sprinkles on top. They are adorable and make great gifts.
Submitted by Paulette

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