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Teddy Bears
Large bear
1. Stack and glue two 1"pompoms together
2.Glue seven 1/2" pompoms to 1" pompoms for ears,paws,feet and muzzle. Glue 6mm half round bead or tiny pompom to muzzle for a nose and 4 mm half round beads or wiggle eyes for eyes.
Bone Teddy Bear
1 1" red pompom
2 1/4" red pompoms
1 1" white pompom
6 1/2" white pompoms
1 6mm black half round bead or tiny pompom
2 4 mm black half round breads or 2 wiggle eyes
2 plastic holly leaves
1 red felt square
3" white yarn
1 small dog bone
glue gun
1.Follow directions for large bear.
2.make a hat using the red felt by rolling into a cone and glue down the side.
3.Glue bear to bone,a holly leaf to each side of bone,a red 1/4"pompom to each holly leafhat to bear's head,white yarn around hat and a 1/2"white pompom to top of hat.
Tool Teddy Bear
1 1/2" white pompom
1 1/4" red pompom
2 1"tan pompoms
6 1/2' tan pompoms
1 6mm black half round bead or tiny pompom
2 4mm black half round black bead or 2 wiggle eyes
1/3 yd -1/8" red satin ribbon
1/2 yd-1/4"plaid ribbon
1 holly leaf
1 green plastic plier miniature
glue gun
1. Follow General directions for large teddy bear using white pompom for muzzle.
2.Cut 1/8" ribbon in half,tie each into a bow,set aside.
3.Tie an 8 loop bow with plaid ribbon. 4.Glue bear on top of pliers,8 loop bow to back of pliers,one bow to handle of pliers,one bow to neck of bear,holly leaf to bears head and 1/4" red pompom to holly leaf.
Angel Teddy Bear
2 1"tan pompoms
7 1/2" pompoms
1 6 mm black half round bead or tiny pompom
2 4 mm black half round beads or 2 wiggle eyes
1/8 yd- white fabric
6"-7"white tulle
1/4 yd gold cord
1 gold plastic harp
glue gun, scissors,thread,needle
1.Follow general directions for large teddy bear.
2.Cut a 2 1/2"square of fabric and tulle,stack tulle on fabri.Fold under 1/4" on 3 sides,glue to secure.With gathering stitch,gather the rawedge of piece to measure 1/2".Glue to front of bear.
3.Cut 6"of cord,tie into a bow,glue to neck of bear.
4.Cut 1" of remaining cord,set aside.Form remaining piece into a loop,glue loop to one end of 1"length for halo.5.Cut a 4 1/2" length of tulle,fold lengthwise,then fold ends to meet and glue to back of bear.6.Glue halo to bears head and harp to front of bear.
From Teresa's corner of the internet!
Submitted by Victoria

Washcloth Roses
Use the thinner washcloths that they have out in great colors depending on your project.
        Take the washcloth and place in front of you diagonally, fold in from the top then the bottom toward the center, then roll from both top and bottom once again, this should give you the width.
        Taking the washcloth, roll from one side lengthwise letting a point from the end you start come up and continue rolling and pin, glue, or tack with a needle and thread. (When you roll, roll with the inside rolled piece facing you to the inside.)
Submitted by Paulette

A use for graphics
Ok here is what i would like to do with graphics
Print them all out and cute out specific areas and decoupodge quilt like onto one of those 3 legged tables...Paint the table cream color ...fleck with the colors in the graphics....then lay them out like a quilt and deco onto table..then take permament marker make stitch lines and maybe little saying in each block....maybe crazy quilt style.......i love doing these table as most of you know have quite a few finished ones on my site...this will be one of those not as quickie projects
Submitted by Sherrie

Bath Sundae
I took a large, plastic Coca Cola cup with a handle that I bought at an outlet for a $1.00. In the bottom, I put a package of Sea Salt/Milk Bath. Then I added 5 hand soaps and 2 bath bombs and stuck in 2 Coca Cola, paper-wrapped straws. I topped the whole thing off with a bath sponge, wrapped it in cellophane, added a Sundae Tag and a wooden, red bead for a cherry.
Submitted by Jana

Hooded Baby Bath Towels
You fold a coordinating washcloth in half, then position in one corner of a large bath towel (or a square of nice thick terry towel yardage is even better). Seam the loose 2 sides of the washcloth at the edge of the towel corner. Add an applique onto the "hood" (washcloth) if desired.
Submitted by Dori

Handprint Theme Gifts
I sponge painted a terra cotta pot, then I made a model of her hand on one of those expanding sponges and stamped the handprint all over the pot. The saying on the pot was....."thank you for helping me grow" Then add a small plant.
        Or I decoupaged on a plague to hang the same concept....handprints with the year and name of my daughter, and "thank you for helping me grow".
Submitted by Paulette

By stacking two inverted saucers together, you achieve the perfect oven for preparing two heads of garlic. The baked garlic is terrific when served with piping hot bread.
This is also an excellent addition to mashed potatoes, and everyone loves garlic-mashed potatoes!
2 Clay saucers (10 inch diameter)
Fresh Garlic
Roasted Garlic Recipe (on a personalized recipe card)
wooden knob (or 2 two-inch tiles)
glue (not hot glue)
Plate/Dish Paint
Decorative Ribbon
Attach the wooden knob in the center of the 'bottom side' of the saucer (what WOULD be the bottom if you were using it for its intended purpose underneath a clay pot) with the E6000 glue. This will serve as the handle for the garlic roaster. If you prefer to use the two-inch tiles, stack them at opposite angles to form a handle, gluing one atop the other in the center of the saucer.
After the glue has set, you may wish to paint or stencil something decorative on the exterior of the roaster, or you may just want to paint one of the two pieces. Be sure to 'sign' your name on the bottom of the roaster - after all, you created it!
A needed caution: be sure to use paint that is specifically designed for use on dishes and tableware. These paints are available at your local craft store and become dishwasher safe after baking. Read the labels, and always follow the manufacturers instructions.
Just enclose your fresh garlic along with the recipe then tie with a decorative ribbon or cording!
2 whole heads of garlic
Preheat an oven to 425 degrees.
Using a sharp knife cut off the top one-fourth of each garlic head. Gently score the head around its middle, cutting through a few layers of the papery skin. Pull off any loose skin from the top half of the head, trying not to remove every shred. (This will make it easier to squeeze out the cooked cloves later.) Tightly wrap each head in a piece of aluminum foil and place inside your garlic roaster.
Bake until the garlic is soft when pierced with a knife, 45-60 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool. Using your fingers, squeeze the soft garlic pulp into a small bowl. Store tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Makes about 2 tablespoons.
Submitted by Paulette

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