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Cut a 4"x6" piece of fabric, sew 3 sides closed and turn it right side out.
In a bowl combine about 1/4 cup rose petals, 1/2 cup lavender flowers, 1/4 cup mugwort and 1/4 cup chamomile. Mix well.
In another bowl pour approximately 1/4 cup buckwheat hulls or corn cob fiber. Drop 8 drops lavender EO, 3 drops rose EO, 3 drops bergamot EO onto the buckwheat or corn cob. Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon. I use a small jelly jar for this. Put a lid on the jar and put the herb mix into a ziploc bag. Store for several days.
Then, combine them, spoon into the bag you have sewn. You can add flax seed if you have it, makes the pillow feel cool to the touch. Be sure to sew the remaining side closed. (EO stands for essential oils.)
The following oils are good for insomnia and relaxation:
Lavender Sweet Marjoram
These oils are calming:
Clary Sage
Submitted by Shelley

Seasonal/ Holiday Switchplates
            You can make a decorated switchplate for a light switch using a favorite greeting card.
        Paint the edge of a plain plastic lightswitch coverplate with silver or gold metallic paint. Then you cut out the cover of your greeting card to fit, being careful to cut a hole for the lightswitch and holes for the two screws. Glue the card on with white glue. When it is dry, cover with two coats of varnish.
        Make one for each season, or holiday
Submitted by Paulette

Wallpaper Gift Boxes
I don't use a pattern for my wallpaper gift bags.  I just find a box in my pantry of the appropriate size (usually cereal or hamburger helper) and wrap the  paper around the box as if you were wrapping a gift.  I use the wallpaper seam sealant glue.  You just leave one end of the wrapping open and that is the top of your bag.  I usually use one of the fancy fiskar blades to cut this top edge.  Then I punch holes in the sides of the bag and use rattail cord or jute for the handle.
Submitted by Nancy

Vellum Bags
Being a Scrapbooker and Stamper I use Vellum a lot.
You can also use a standard size (8 1/2" x 11") vellum to make gift bags. I hope this makes sense
1. Stamp & Emboss the entire sheet of vellum (8 1/2" x 11").
2. Grab a paperback book and lay it onto the vellum sheet (as if you're going to wrap it up like a present) -- anyway, wrap one side of it -- this will be the bottom of the bag and leave the other end open. Now you have a bag!!!
3. Punch 2 holes at the top of the bag.
4. Start filling the bag with candy, little gifts, etc. Since the vellum is practically "see through", you can also use colored filler shreds which also look pretty cool.
5. Secure the bag with a pretty ribbon/bow. You can embellish it in anyway you would like. You can also use a fiskars scissors to trim the top of the bag.
Submitted by Victoria

Dryer Scent Bag
Sew a small pillow (about 3"x 5"). I used ordinary fabric that I had left over from making kitchen curtains.
I filled it with dried lavender and trimmed the edges with lace.
Instead of dryer sheets to make your clothes smell nice, toss the bag in your clothes dryer each time. My clothes smell wonderful! I'm not sure how much use you can get out of it, but I have been using it for about 4 months and it still smells like new.
Submitted by Victoria

Exotic Rubber Plant
You get a condom the cheapest you can find. You take them out of the wrapper and do not unroll the condom, in the middle of the condom poke a small size green wire and make a small loop so it does not slide out.
On top of the loop add a very small pink rose (or whatever color you have) with white glue. After it has dried, add a few green leave or baby breath, sprayed green, and wrap with some tissue paper and attach, saying below.
Exotic Rubber Plant
l. Blooms usually at night, occasionally during    the daytime.
2. Blooms in different lengths and sizes, depending on the owner.
3. Never needs food, water or sunlight.
4. Important: Once bloom has been picked, it will     not reproduce.
Submitted by Mary

How To Make A Wallpaper Envelope
One of the easiest ways to really get attention for that special card you just made is to make a wallpaper envelope for it.
Go to your favorite shop that carries wallpaper and ask them if you could have one or two of their discontinued sample books.
While you are in town be sure to pick up a tube of seam/border adhesive at your local WalMart. IŽve found that this works best on the wallpapers that have a vinyl coating. But, you could use double sided tape or try your favorite glue. See what works for you.
To make an envy, just find a regular envy the size you need for your card. Open the seams (carefully). You now have a wallpaper envy template. Now, lay your template on the wrong side of a sheet of wallpaper. Try to position your template so that you wonŽt have that printed matter showing in the open area of your envy.
Trace around the template. (I use pencil so it can be erased) Cut out your envy, crease the flaps to make them look nicer when you fold them over, apply glue along the edges (I hope this is self explanatory), let the glue dry for a little bit, insert card, add a little more glue to the top flap, make <>) and, if your wallpaper is vinyl coated, be sure to use a peel and stick type of stamp for postage. (the kind you lick will fall off)
Before you glue the flaps together, to make your envy look a little more finished, try covering the inside of the flap that will be the opening flap with a pretty tissue paper or some other decorative paper.
The spray glue works good for this. IŽm sorry I wasnŽt clearer about the spray glue. I wasnŽt sure if there was more than one brand, so I left it open to interpretation. The ElmerŽs Spray Adhesive is what I have used. Just be sure that you spray it outside or youŽll have the cat sticking to the floor. (LOL)
Submitted by Rhonda

Craft Foam Gift
Received this in a newsletter, thought I'd send the tip on to you all!
Craft foam can be easily cut and when wet it sticks to bathtub walls. I used several different colors of the thicker foam (Hobby Lobby and MJ Designs sell it in two thickness') to cut out geometric shapes for my two-year-old. She loves sticking them to the wall - and herself. I like that there is no mess. By playing with the shapes she's learned to identify several of them by name, some of the colors, and how to sort by shape or color.
Submitted by Paulette

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