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Love is the Spice of Life
I give this gift to brides or new couples of any kind.
I give an empty spice bottle or shaker with the word "LOVE" on it. I print LOVE on a clear label and put that on if the holder is large enough.. or paint it on if you are a painter...
Ingredients: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Patience, Peace, Protection, Trust, Truthfulness and Unselfishness.
Then I attach this card:
For many years a man watched his wife take a locked box down from the cupboard. She would unlock the box, take a pinch, sprinkle it over whatever she was cooking, relock the box and return it to its place.
One day, while his wife was away, his curiosity got the best of him. He went to the cupboard, took the box down and opened it. To his surprise it was empty! He turned it over and on the bottom was written the word "LOVE".
So, though not in your recipe book, into everything you cook, put in a big pinch of "LOVE".
Keep your "LOVE" within easy reach and use generously.
Submitted by Ann

Keepsake Pillow
A sweet idea for your secret pal, neighbour or special friend! Especially sweet if you add potpourri to the stuffing! Hang it from a dresser knob, the corner of a picture frame, curtain valance or door knob! Change the "Friend" to anyone you wish: "Grandma" ,"Mother", "Daughter"' etc
Supply List (detailed):
Scraps of fabric for wings, bow Scrap Warm & Natural cotton batting for wings
1/8 yard muslin, calico or seeded homespun for pillow, angel
1/4 yard fabric for pillow
13" piece of jute twine
Black, Green & Dark Brown DMC embroidery floss
1/4 cup potpourri (optional)
scraps of fabric for yo-yo flowers
embroidery needle
paint brush
hot glue and gun
sewing machine
stick about 2 1/2" long for flower stem on angel
3 or 4 sticks about 1" long
thin scrap fabric (1/4" x 3" approx)
fusible web approx 3" x 5"
iron and pressing cloth or A4 size piece of brown paper
disappearing pen
Dusty Mauve*, Antique White, Burgundy Rose, Straw FolkArt
* paints marked only needed if you make yo-yos out of muslin etc
Directions (step by step):
Cut out and trace all pieces. You will need to trace the body - do not cut on the tracing line.
Cut out 2 wings of fabric and 1 of Warm & Natural.
Cut out 4 yo-yos. Tea dye or Rit dye muslin leftover from yo-yos and body.
Step 1
Angel - See photo of finished pillow for detail Sew RST on trace line leaving bottom open as indicated. (Hint: The smaller the stitch the less need for clipping and a neater finish when turned out.)
Cut out angel leaving about 1/8" all round, clip carefully at neck.
Turn RSO and stuff firmly, whip or ladder stitch closed.
Paint body of angel to paint line with Burgundy Rose and face Antique White with a touch of Burgundy Rose  to tinge it pink. Allow to dry. Sandwich the Warm and natural between the fabric wings. Use black floss to sew a running stitch all round.
Glue a Butterscotch yo-yo to the 2-1/2" stick, then glue in place on angel body Bundle the short sticks together - I usually hot glue them, then tie the scrap of fabric round the bundle. Glue the bundle to center of angels head.
Hot glue the wings to back of angel positioning them just under head.
Step 2
Yo-Yo Flowers
Sew a running stitch a scant 1/8" from raw edge. Make sure you have a very secure knot or backstitch to start.
When you have finished, draw up the thread, pulling as tightly as you can. You should have a bunch in the middle.
If you make your yo-yos out of muslin etc. paint one Antique White and one Dusty Mauve with Straw centers.
Paint the other two Butterscotch with Burgundy Rose centers.
Cut a straight stick about 2 1/2" long for flower stem on angel
  Step 3
Cut two 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" pieces of fabric for pillow front and back.
Tear 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" rectangle from dyed muslin scrap.
Cut 1 piece of fusible web slightly smaller than muslin rectangle; fuse the web to muslin rectangle using pressing cloth to protect iron. Remove paper backing.
Trace verse onto muslin rectangle with disappearing pen. (Hint: on paper pattern, darken letters with black marker. Lay prepared muslin rectangle over darkened letters, see through and trace!). Primitive running stitch words and stems with floss. (I used Dark Brown for letters and Green for stems)
Stitch pillow front to back RST. Don't forget to leave an opening for turning. Trim seams, clip corners, turn RSO, press. Center and fuse WS of muslin to RS of pillow front following manufacturer's instructions. Stuff pillow firmly. Add some potpourri if desired. Whip or ladder stitch opening closed.
Primitive running stitch inside edges of muslin rectangle with black floss. Glue remaining yo-yos to embroidered stems.
Cut 13" piece of jute or twine. Tie a knot at each end leaving about a 1/2" tail. Stitch or hot glue knot to each side seam of pillow about 1/2" from top to form "handle".
Position angel to pillow and hot glue in place.
Submitted by Elizabeth

Country Angel
Supply List
Black craft wire approx 15"
Wooden bead approx 1" diameter
Semicircle of 3ply timber approx 5-3/4" diameter (straight line going across) radius of 2-1/2" to give you a 1/2 circle
Spagnum moss for hair
Jute for arms approx 7"
2 cinamon sticks approx 5" long each
Fabric for dress 7" x 4-3/4"
Scrap of matching fabric for bow in hair
Wood pen or fine permanent marker
Hot glue and gun
Stick approx 2-1/2" long
Gold star
Wood stain or wash with acrylic based paint and spray with matt finish
pinking shears
Step 1  - WINGS
Cut wings out and sand
Stain or wash with acrylic based paint of desired colour - mine is a dark golden syrup colour Allow to dry before penning 'country angel' either side for approx 2-1/4" down semicircle, spray with matt varnish.
Make wire hanger - mine is a heart with a twist loop in the top center then 2 tight twists at the bottom point of the heart, thread through back of wood, up and over and neaten off at back again.
Step 2 - DOLL
Cut dress to measurements above - use pinking shears on hem edge, ordinary scissors on other edges.
Turn under 1/4" to wrong side of neck. Use a tiny running stitch and gather tightly.
Glue the 2 cinamon sticks to the dolls head Glue the dress to cinamon sticks ensuring neck edge covers base of head.
Tie a small knot with stick in the middle of the knot, in the middle of jute for hands.
Glue either end of jute to head next to where dress ends.
Glue star to top of stick
Glue plenty of spagnum moss on head for hair
Cut a bow from dress fabric approx. 2-1/2" x 3/4" - use pinking shears. Then tie a knot in middle of fabric to make it look like a bow.
Glue bow in desired postition on head
Use permanent marker to dot eyes
Use plenty of hot glue on back of doll and glue to center of wings
Hold steady while drying
Make a dress out of 2 or 3 different lengths of muslin and layer them from the base of the head. Fold muslin fabric & tie in middle around a bunch of flowers.
Make her in Christmas fabric and put a halo or tinsel in her hair - write 'Christmas Angel' on her wings.
Submitted by Elizabeth

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