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Polymer Clay Roses
To make a rose, choose your color and start kneading the clay, making alternatively a ball then a long snake then a ball again until it's soft and warm (this is called 'conditioning').
* Divide you snake into 5 or 7 little logs, all about the same size.
* You will then roll each log into a ball, and gently pressing between your fingers flatten them, making the edges very thin and leaving the centers a trifle wider.
* Roll one of the disks on itself, so seen from the top it must looks like a jelly roll.
* Then attach a each petal to the base of this center, each petal covering a little the previous one. Carefully curl the edges as you do so to give the petal a natural look.
* Try to make your rose as round as possible, adding or taking out a petal if needed.
* Cut the base of your rose to have a flat base. * Bake using the brands instructions.
For a more life like look, try to shade your rose :
start at the center with a dark tone like dark pink for example, and use lighter and lighter pink colors as you place the following petals. Just add greater amounts of white to your primary color.
If you glue a pin finding to the base of your rose, maybe adding a leave too, you can have a lovely pin. Make two identical roses, pierce a small hole in each with a needle before baking, attach to earrings findings and you have a set to go with the pin.
A larger rose, again a needle hole, a pendant finding and a leather cord and the set is complete ! But if jewelry is not for you, try gluing several roses of different sizes and colors as well as some leaves on a wooden frame for your favorite picture. Or arrange the roses at the center of the frame, forming a real bouquet that will last forever.
Submitted by Janice

School Print Calico Bags for Apple Quick Breads
To cover a baked loaf of quick bread, use at least a 12"x26" piece of calico. Using fusible web, fuse 3 inches of the open end (creates a hem), then sew the piece together to create a "bag" to slip the bread in. For added "cute", pink the outer edge of the bag (that's the edge that was fuse-hemmed). It is best to measure to create a mock fabric around the pan you will actually be baking in onto newspaper before purchasing and cutting the fabric.
Create an "apple card" with ...
~ A Little Teacher "Thank You" ~
Know that we appreciate
  your kind and caring ways,
Enriching and blessing our daughter/son name
As you teach and guide each day!
          ~ Dori 2-18-00
... and secure to the fabric gift bag with at least 3 colors of 1/2" ribbons (REALLY clever to use as one ribbon the yellow ruler-print ribbon) in a pretty bow.
Maybe one of these apple breads, wrapped in a tinted saran wrap and gathered closed with curling ribbon to tuck into a fabric bag will work for your child's teachers ...
The following recipes can be found in our recipe section:
Apple Butterscotch Bread
Caramel Apple Loaf
Chocolate Apple Bread
Submitted by Dori

Gum Ball Machines
You need :
1 terra cotta pot, 1 terra cotta saucer, 1 ivy/fish type bowl, 1 round ball button, and one large flat button. E-6000 glue, candy, ribbon, black flat acrylic craft paint.
Fit them all together when you buy them. so you know the lids fit on the bowls etc. I used 4' pots and saucers for the big ones and 2 1/2 or 3" ones for the little ones ( I found I liked the looks of smaller saucers for the little ones so ended up using plastic coasters thatyou are suppose to put under chair legs for those)
thelittle bowls are votive candle holders
You will cut the shanks off the buttons with wire cutters.
Spray paint the pots and lids with a gloss spray paint..inside and out. Lighter colors may require 2 coats. I get a fast drying kind of paint. When dry turn the pot upside down so the bottom is exposed and set the glass bowl on it..notice where the two touch and put some of the glue on the pot in a circle. Also put some glue on the glass bowl bottom..let both sit for about 10 mins, then postion together and let dry. Do the same gluing the ball button to the bottom of the upside down saucer in the center.
On the flat button, paint the center with flat black paint so it looks like a dark hole...if your button has holes in it..also put a dab of black paint on the painted pot, near the bottom above the rim, where the button will be glued. When the button paint is dry add glue it to the pot in the same manner as the other.
When everything has set for several hours..or overnight. Fill the bowl with candy, and tie a bow just under the glass bowl ..use one wide wired ribbon, or several strands of narrower ribbon.
I made several in both sizes and sold them all the first day...filling them with Valentines Candy..they would be cute anytime with gumballs in them too!
Submitted by Birdiekity
To see picture, click here
To see picture, click here

The "GOD Can"
Use a tall odd-shaped can (about 6" or so) I used the paint cans.... Paint it gold & decorate it however, or make a label... Print on a card and attach to can this poem:
When your worries get too heavy, follow this little plan Just write it on a little note and drop it in this can You know that any problem that you place in our Lords' hands Will soon be taken care of because we can't but "God Can."
Submitted by Paulette

Bottled memories
Pull out those old family photos collecting dust in albums and boxes and create a unique art gallery for visiting family and friends to enjoy? Canning jars and old milk bottles will cook up country flavor when you tuck cherished family photos inside. Thoroughly clean several jars with vinegar and water, rinse and wipe dry. Enlarge or reduce desired pictures on a black-and-white photocopier and trim (if needed) to fit the size of jars. Curl copies slightly by rolling them around a rolling pin. Drop curled photos into jars and replace lids on those that have covers. Line up several photo jars on a mantel for an eclectic family portrait.
Submitted by Janice

Sidewalk Chalk (plaster)
1 cup plaster of paris (do not pack)
almost 1/2 cup cool water
Liquid tempera paint in various colors
Margarine tubs or other disposable mixingcontainers
Disposable molds (we used toilet paper rolls with tape covering one end to make a "cup")
This stuff won't work on chalkboards, it's too hard, but it works great on sidewalks and lasts MUCH longer than store bought stuff.
Pour plaster into a container. Using a disposable stick, stir in most of the water. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of liquid tempera, mixing well, especially at the bottom. Add a little more water so the mixture thickens, stir well, and pour into the molds. Remove the molds after the chalk is completely dry.
Submitted by Seacookee

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