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Penny Poem to go with bookmark
I found a penny today
             Just laying on the ground,
                     But it's not just a penny
                              This little coin I've found.
Found pennies come from heaven
               That's what my Grandpa told me,
                       He said Angels toss them down
                              Oh, how I loved that story.
He said when an Angel misses you.
               They toss a penny down,
                       Sometimes just to cheer you up
                              To make a smile out of your frown.
So don't pass by that penny
               When you're feeling blue,
                      It may be a penny from heaven
                               That an Angel's tossed to you.
Author unknown
Submitted by Rhonda

Time to be creative. Make a certificate in the size of a letter envelope. If you have access to computer graphics and fonts, great. If not, purchase color paper and add your personal touch in your own hand writting and add some stickers or drawings. Make one for Mom that you will for one month do the dishes, laundry, chores, errands, breakfast in bed on the weekends. For Dad; trash runs, gardening, washing the car(s), cleaning the garage, sweeping. For a friend; offer free tutoring in subjects needed as in school work, computer, music. How about a single parent; for one month, a day on the weekends for child care. Your wife; breakfast in bed every weekend, someone to clean the house once weekly. For the husband; breakfast in bed, candlelight dinners once a week.
Submitted by Shelley

Warm Me Up Mugs
I sort of created them myself... I used christmas mugs from the dollar store (I also got some nice plain ones from IKEA for 50c) and filled them with everything you need to make mulled wine or a nice spicy tea. I used small squares of muslin and put crushed cinnamon sticks inside, a few cloves and aniseed.... I tied them together with "kitchen thread", put in some whole cinnamon sticks for stirring, some honey sticks and some dried citrus slices. (I cut oranges- untreated- in slices and put them in my electric food dryer.).... The mugs look really nice and men love them too- I added some easy instructions- they can use the spices for hot wine, hot cider, hot tea or even hot whiskey....
Submitted by Nadine

Take a sheet of cold laminate (or clear contact paper) and peel off the backing.  Sprinkle confetti, glitter, dried flowers, whatever you want.  Use lot sof stuff, it looks cool.  Cover the whole thing with plastic wrap.  Try different color plastic wrap for different effects.  Pop any air bubbles with an xacto knife.  Trace an envelope pattern, cut, fold and glue.  You CAN mail these just use the postage stamp stickers. It doesn't matter how much confetti you use.
Put the address on when you're done with an Avery label.
Don't cut the contact paper until you're done!
Make a big sheet of confettied contact paper and then cut out your envelope shape.
You want the plastic wrap to wrinkle that's what gives it the water look.
Submitted by Rhonda

2 yards top
2 yards bottom
18" square for 1 side of pillow
18" square for 2nd side.
Crib size batting.
The quilt:
Place top and bottom right sides together.
Put batting on top. Sew along all four edges, leaving a 6-8" opening. Turn. Sew opening closed. Pinbaste. Topstitch along edges (a walking foot really helps for this).
Quilt or tie as desired.
The pillow-pocket:
Place squares right sides together.
Put batting on top.
Sew on all edges, leaving a 6" opening. Turn. Sew opening closed. Pinbaste.
Topstitch along edges. Quilt or tie.
Now the tricky part. Find the center of a short side of the top.
Mark with pin.
Find the bottom center of the pillow's front.
Match it to the pin. Pin in place.
Sew the pocket to the quilt.
Again, a walking foot is really helpful tho not essential.
Your quillow is done.
The hard part is folding it:
Turn the quillow over, so that the pocket is on the bottom. Fold lengthwise into thirds, overlapping if necessary. Now, turn the pocket portion inside out. It will look like a folded quilt is spilling out of the pocket. Fold the spilled-out part into thirds, toward the pocket. Now, with the pocket at your feet, grab the furthest-most portion of the spill-out, and push it into the pocket. Now it looks like a pillow.
Submitted by Rhonda

Miniature Birdbath
You'll need several 3" or 4" terra cotta pots and saucers; assorted colors of craft paint; brushes; a kitchen sponge cut into about 1" squares. Small decorative birds, tiny satin roses or other mini flowers and moss. Also a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.
Base coat the pots and saucers a color of choice, let dry. Then sponge paint (a little or a lot) over that. Glue the saucer's bottom side to the pot's bottom side (does that make sense?) so you have a birdbath. Paint the inside of the saucer blue and let dry. Now squeeze a lot of hot glue into the saucer - about a good half inch but no more than that. Let set. Glue on the moss around the bottom of the birdbath, fix on some flowers. Glue the bird to the rim of the birdbath, or set him in the "water"
Submitted by Rosellen

Holiday Trivets
        You can make trivets and coasters for any holiday. We have a set for everything, oh and the saltshakers to go with them.
        What you need is a large ceramic tile (size depends on the size you want your trivet, you can find these at any home store) Some fabric with designs you can cut out appropriate to the holiday, Liquid Laminate (by Beacon) and a piece of felt to back the tile with, so it won't scratch.
        Cut out your design/designs and brush them with the Liquid laminate to adhere them to the tile. Then I brush another coat on the top. I don't seal these....just leave them like this. Then back the tile with the felt...and you are done.
        Use the smaller tiles to make coasters with.
        Then I buy plain glass salt shakers and use the same process to decorate them also.
        These make great hostess gifts.
Submitted by Paulette

Index books
I took a stack of 20 index cards used small hole puncher punched matching holes in top. Stack them design real cute covers on puter......add ribbon raffia wire to put can add other thing to the cover for more dimension........thought these would be cute for notes...autograph books for end of school year..etc etc..I have also used corrugated card board for front and printed cute angels and glued on
Submitted by Sherrie

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