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Decorating Gum Packs
      Use white computer paper, cut to wrap the gum package like a small gift,   putting the open flap at the back along the edge. Cut a piece of green or         black pipe cleaner (I like the green) to fit over one small end where the end flaps are, about 1/8" should bend over onto the long narrow side on each   side. Glue gun these side ends down. Glue gun a small 1/4" red pompom over each end of the pipe cleaner. This forms the earmuffs. About 3/4" down tie a piece of 1/4" wide plaid ribbon in a knot around the neck, glue gun the ends down at an angle up near the neck. With a fine tipped black marker make two little dot eyes, make a red > nose, and make a cute little mouth with black. Make 2-3 dot buttons. and its done!
Here are the others:
      They basically are the same as the snowman.
Reindeer Use brown or dark tan paper. Use brown pipe cleaners to form antlers--one piece folded in a v glued to the top, with two smaller sections twisted onto each piece of the v to make the antler branches. Tie a small jingle bell on a piece of 1/4" wide ribbon, then tie it around its neck with a little slack, glue gun it to the back side so it stays in place. With marker make little face, and color in hooves at the bottom and draw a line up for the legs.
Angel use the white paper, glue a little piece of doll hair curl to the top back and sides for the hair, add a ring of gold or silver tinsel type pipe cleaner for a halo. With marks draw a little angel face. Use wide wire edged ribbon white with some metallic stripes is nice, to make wings, Glue to the back. Add a little thin bow to the neck in the front. with marker draw a circle in the center for the hands, then draw the arms curving upwards from the circle.
Santa use Red paper. Add a flesh colored circle on the front for a face. Use white doll hair for Santa hair and beard, make earmuffs same as for the snowman, putting them over the Santa hair. With marker draw on face. Draw black circle for the hands, draw a curved line up each side of the hand for the arms. Under the hands draw and color in the black belt. draw black boots, and a line for the legs part way up.
For the bunnies I would add an extra 3" of paper at one end of the "package". Tie curling ribbon or a bow around that end, then flatten it out in the center and a cut a "v" in the center of the flattened out part to form the ears. Use the sucker directions for making faces/hair etc for chick and bunnies.
Fourth of July firecrackers (using lifesaver rolls perhaps wrapped in white tissue, with some metallic red, silver, blue pipe cleaners coming out of one end, and some star stickers stuck to the outside!...Could do these with the paper toilet paper rolls too.
Submitted Birdiekity
Picture, click here

Candy Wands
I make candy wands by buying 1/8" or 3/16" thick dowels that come 36" long. Cut them in half (can cut with heavy scissors or wire cutters). Paint them white. Cut 9" squares of colored tulle to match the holiday.
For Valentines day I used red and white tulle. Add a handfull of Hershey kisses in the red and silver foils to the red tulle. Pull the corners up, and use a red,gold,white or silver pipe cleaner and twist a couple twists around the bundle to the secure it. There should be a pouf of tulle at the top. Add a dab of hot glue to one end of the wand about 1/4" from the end, and twist the piple cleaner one or two more twists around the dowel-pulling it snug. I then twist the very tips of the chenille stem together, and pull that downward and shape it into a heart shape. Cut and curl a piece or two of silver or metalic red or irridescent white curling ribbon. Tie this around the dowel just behind the bundle. Let the curled tails hand down. I then find 2- 3 colors of very thin ribbon 1/8" 1/6" 1/4", I like to vary the widths and colors, some even with little loops on the edges ( I usually buy the cheap ones you get by the spool 4 for $1 on sale at the craft and fabric stores). Cut 36" lengths, lay them together , and find the center. Tie this around the dowel and the top of the bundle, and tie into a large loopy bow. Let the long tails hang down.
I also made them in white with a couple of handfulls of conversation hearts, used pink/lavender ribbons etc.
I made some without candy too, instead of the tulle bundles I tied in a little tiny stuffed bear holding a little red heart (like the kind you can order through that Oriental trading company really inexpensively). The bear was about 7".
I have done these for St. Pat's in greens with gold chocolates, gold Hershey kisses, or other green and gold candy. You could shape the chenille into a chamrock shape.
I have done them for easter with the pastel colors, the chocolate foil eggs, jelly beans, other wrapped pastel colored candies, used stuffed little bunnies, little yellow rubber duckies, little egg shaped bubble necklaces. You could just wrap the chenille around a pencil to make little curly cues that stick up, or use some of the neat metallic wires that have little bunnies, or eggs on them,that you can just twist up into the air abit after they are secured.
There really are lot of things you can do each holiday with them. They are quick to make and I always sell out. I display them in a tall heavy bottomed clear vase.   For the ones with tulle bundles I tell people to just cut the tulle at the bottom to release the candy, that way the child can still play with the wand.
Submitted by Birdiekity
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Egg Heads for kids
Carefully crack the small end of an egg open when you make breakfast. Rinse shell and fill with potting soil. Draw a funny face on the egg using permanent markers. Plant chives, sprouts,herbs, clover seeds, etc in soil. Set on cardboard circle, empty tape circle, or set a whole "Family" of eggheads in a sunny window and watch them grow! When plants get too big, you can transplant into the garden. Lightly crack egghead and set the whole thing in the soil. The egg shell adds nutrients to the soil surrounding the plants.
Easter can decorate eggs in an easter fashion and give as gifts with a little herb plant growing inside.
Submitted by Shelley

Seed Packet Magnets
Take colorful seed packets, hot glue a slightly smaller square of cardboard to the back side, glue a magnet to the top side of the cardboard. A raffia bow on the front side looks nice, but optional.
Submitted by Shelley

Fairies from Flowers
1 SILK TULIP, or other Spring Flower that is tall  (Good sized one)
1 SMALL WOOD BALL W/HOLE  (gauge this on the size of your flower bud.
                 Remove leaves from stem
        Turn Tulip upside down and cut stem, leaving just enough to fit through the hole in the wood ball.
        Glue small ribbon or string to the top of the ball for hanger. (Fishing line is good if you want her floating)
        Glue four leaves (two on each side) to back of flower for wings. (You may leave these natural...or spray paint them gold.) Or you may use purchased fairy wings.
        Glue the small rose at her neckline.
        Glue hair to ball (moss or curly hair), paint dot eyes and you have a lovely flower fairy.
Submitted by Paulette

Angel demensional painting
This is done on stuff little thicker than posterboard.plan on doing it ontop of cheese boxes also.....Take dimentional paint and make you design.let dry then spray paint it black..use different color metallic paints and rub over that..thats and quick.....only time is waiting for dimentional paint to dry
Submitted by Sherrie

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