Indoor Garden Craft.. Reply to: From:         Any old vinyl records albums collecting dust? Here's new life for vinyl.   Take an old album and center in on top of an inverted oven proof bowl.   Place the bowl and record on a pizza tray and put it in a 250° oven for three to five minutes. The record album should gently drape over the bowl. Remove from oven and let it cool.         When cool, turn the record over so that you now have a sleek black planting container complete with drainage hole!         Fill with a layer of pebbles and then potting soil. Use your container to plant herbs, carrot tops, beet tops, or other indoor plants.         Be sure to put a saucer under your planter to catch the drips, and keep it out of direct sunlight.
Submitted by Paulette

Tea Dolls (see picture attached) Materials: Print fabric 3 1/2" by 2 1/4" Print fabric 2 1/4" square Muslin 3 1/2" by 2 1/4" Muslin 2 1/4" square Thread to match print 2 pieces of 3/8" wide ribbon cut 3" long 2 pieces of 3/8" wide ribbon cut 5" long 1 shank type button 1" in diameter (pink or flesh colored) Small amount of doll hair White craft glue Scissors Sewing machine Instructions: Place the 2 1/4" piece of print right sides together with the 2 1/4" piece of muslin and sew around leaving an opening to turn. Use a 1/4" seam allowance. Clip the corners and turn the piece right sides out and press. Repeat this step with the 3 1/2" by 2 1/4" print and muslin pieces. Line the bottom of the smaller piece with the bottom of the larger Muslin sides together. Tuck in one 2 1/2" piece of ribbon on each side for the arms and the 2 pieces of 3 1/2" ribbon at the bottom for legs. Sew around the three matched sides leaving the doll open at the top. Make a single knot in the end of each ribbon to represent the dolls hand and feet. Fold the top edge of the longer piece down and press. Sew the button centered on the flap (see picture) and add the features. Glue some hair on your doll and allow to dry. Tuck a tea bag into the pocket and she is ready to go. This little doll makes a great small gift for someone far away as you can send her in a card with an invitation to have tea with you.
PIX Submitted by Shelley

A Bowl of Thanks From An Inspired "Fish"! Reply to: Attached to a plastic fish bowl with metallic curling ribbon around the rimmed opening was this computer- printed note: . . . <>< . . . A Bowl of "Thanks" for all that each of you did to help me swim like a "Fish"!! The kids poured in two boxes of cheese fish crackers to about 3/4 of the way full. I had hoped for, but couldn't find one of those small green fish nets to use when scooping out the fish and whale crackers, so we opted for a plastic slotted spoon. This fish bowl was our "Thank You" to the whole pool and office staff for a great two weeks of lessons. (This was our daughter's very first swimming lessons and as a lifeguard for 9+ years, I know the commitment those teachers give!!) To the 3 teachers our daughter had, I placed a handful of fish crackers into the "baseball card-sized ziplock bags" and inserted this inside the bag on a computer-made wallet cards for each ... "Thanks" From A Newly-Inspired "FISH"!                     ... <>< ... It takes a special person    To make swimming so much fun, Guiding kids to overcome their fears    By the time that lessons are done. You made swimming so achievable;       Your smiles helped thru each swimming test! Thanks for helping me to swim like a fish - -       As a teacher, you're the very best!          DAB 7-12-00 Submitted by Dori

Craft foam fortune cookies I finally found the directions for the craft foam fortune cookies. These directions say to use them for valentines, but I am going to use pastel colored foam and make them for Easter and Mother's Day. To make each cookie, use a pencil compass to draw 4" diameter circle onto 2 mm light pink, dark pink or red craft foam. Cut out; fold circle in half. With fold at bottom, push in center bottom and, at the same time, bring bottom side edges together so they meet in the middle. Hot glue edges together where they meet to hold cookie shape. Write each message onto a 1/2" x 4" piece of white paper. Insert into cookie. Decorate a large food carton to put cookies in. Cartons can be purchased from a party store or a Chinese restaurant. These directions came from Woman's World, Feb. 15, 2000 issue.
Submitted by JeanneM

PAPER TWIST BASKETS Materials: 3 paper lunch sized bags - bottom measures 3 1/4" x 5" - make sure it is flat sitting and straight 18" pregathered lace, cream or white or whatever color matches your twist Paper Twist: PRIMARY color: 3 - 12" pcs. 2 - 14" pcs. ACCENT color: 2 - 18" pcs. 1 - 12" pc. --untwist and cut in half lengthwise so instead of being 3" wide, each piece is only 1 1/2" wide this means you will end up with: primary color: 6 - 12" pcs, 4 - 14" pcs. accent color: 4 - 18" pcs, 2 - 12" pcs. Fabric to match colors of paper twist --need about 1/2 yard (will have leftovers) Fleece Pellon or thick quilt batting --need about 1/2 yard (will have leftovers) Put bags inside of each other and cut down seams until bag is 3" high. Fold excess paper down into the bag. Use the main color - 4 of the 14" pcs. - to cover bottom and short sides of bag. Use hot glue gun to glue ends into inside tope edge of bag. Use the main color - 5 of the 12" pcs. - to weave into the bottom and runupward along the long sides of the bag. Use hot glue gun to glue ends into top edge of bag. Use the 4 - 18" pcs. of accent color to weave around the bag. Start by gluing one end underneath a piece of the main color and work around the bag. End by gluing the last bit underneath again. Glue the lace around the top edge of the bag so that the lace looks like it is standing on top edge of bag. - pregathered edge is glued right on the inside lip of bag. Use the 2 - 12" pcs of accent color and the 1 pce of 12" main color to braid for the handle. Glue all loose ends together so it doesn't unravel. Center it on the long sides of bag and glue to inside top edge of bag...this is your handle. LINER: each basket will be slightly different for this step. Measure the basket inside - long side down across bottom and up other long side - should be somewhere around 5" wide by 9 1/4" long. This is what you cut the first piece of pellon to measure. Lay it on the fabric and cut the fabric to be about 1" bigger all the way around. Hot glue corners up like a hospital corner and do a bead of gluefrom corner to corner to hold all edges down. repeat this doing it for the short side across long ways of bottom and up short side. Should be something like 11" long and 3" wide. Repeat with fabric too - glueing as with other piece. Fit the 11" x 3" pce in bottom and up sides. Glue in place along top edge of basket. Now fit other piece in and glue along top edge of basket. If you'd like you can make decorative bows out of the paper twist to put on both long sides or just one. You can embellish it anyway you like...strings of beads, bows, flowers, etc... pattern and instructions by Rhonda a variation on Franks Nursery and Crafts flyer Submitted by Rhonda

Canning Jar Craft I basecoated canning jars with a dark blue, put crackle medium over that, and then painted white. I then used an acrylic sealer(I use WalMarts cause it's cheaper and it's the best that I have found so far) and then I painted Christmas scenes on the front.   I have an angel on one, a choir girl with earmuffs on another, a choirboy, and on the last one I have a snowman. I have several more to go as these are going to be Christmas presents.   I then tied raffia around the top and put a votive candle (the small glass one with a votive)
Submitted by Kate

Tea Cup Craft My grandmother also collected teacups and saucers...that sat...I made adorable pin cushions out of them. I glued the saucer to the cup. cut a circle of velvet and put a wad of fiber fill in it..used a basting stitch around the outside edge..pulled it up and stitched it shut, then hot glued the velvet ball into the cup. I added a pair of small scissors, tied to a color coordinated ribbon at the handle. For presentation I also painted the heads of the ball pins gold..and stuck a few of those in it.
Submitted by Birdiekity

Couch potato kit Take an empty potato sack and fill it with packages of microwave popcorn, candy bars, individual serving size bags of chips, Crunch-n-Munch, etc. and include a gift certificate from a video rental store.   Then make a tag for the outside that looked like a potato out of brown paper bag and label it "Genuine Couch Potato Kit, Enjoy a movie on me." Poem to go with it.... Twas just after Christmas, and you're glued to the TV, But I'm hoping that you'll have a moment to think about me. So here are some treats to keep on your shelf Eat and enjoy them, I packaged this gift all by myself. Paulette, 1998~~TLC Creations

"Berry" Special Hugs (gift idea for dieters) *Losing weight* is a major holiday for so many of us! Maybe this is a get-started gift idea that you might have fun putting together for someone special who is wanting to diet-away weight gain ... I bought single serving Rubbermade containers and am printing out recipes/ meal ideas to inspire. Tuck a couple of recipe cards into each container. The theme for the wrapping and recipe cards is green/white small print gingham 1 1/2 in wide ribbons to tie the containers and calico with strawberries on it for small gift cards and for appliqued recipe cards. Tuck in a low-fat, all fruit jar of strawberry jam putting a ruffled round of the calico over the lid of the jar with a note to the effect ... ~ Berry Special Hugs ~ Not just a pretty jar of strawberry jam - -   a diet of healthy hugs for your start To remind you of how "berry" special you are   and is jammed full of love from my heart!! For times you're in a mealtime "jam"    and can't figure out what to fix, Enjoy milk and strawberry jam on toast         while you find inspiration in these reciped tricks!             - DAB 4-6-00
Submitted by Dori

Thyme in a Bottle Using simple ingredients like basil and sage, you can create tasty and beautiful gourmet bottled vinegar to give as gifts or keep for yourself. Ingredients Red or white wine vinegar Selection of herbs Plastic funnel Decorative bottles Sterilize an empty bottle by boiling it. Select the wine vinegar of your choice. Most people prefer white wine vinegar but some use red for more color. Avoid apple vinegar, as that will change the flavor of your herbs. Pour the vinegar into the bottle using a plastic funnel (a metal funnel may contain bacteria that would ruin your vinegar). Next, choose the herbs you'd like to use. A variety is fine. Add the herbs to the bottle until you achieve a look you like. Cap the bottle securely and set it in the sun for 2-3 weeks so the vinegar absorbs the flavor of the herbs. If you prefer, you can cook it by gently heating on the stove instead. Add your personal tag and it's ready to give away or use in your own kitchen.
Submitted by Shelley

Recipe for Lickable Glue Mix well: 2 parts tacky glue 1 part vinegar Drop or two of flavoring (mint or vanilla). Use brush to apply to paper stroking one way. When that is dry, apply another thin coat stroking the opposite way

crafts &&& Lava Lamp What you need: •1/2 cup of any clear cooking oil •Empty, rinsed out soda bottle with cap •Powered tempera paints- any color you choose •Funnel •Water •Glitter/ sparkles/ shiny confetti What you do: 1.Pour the cooking oil into the soda bottle. Add 1 teaspoon of the tempera paint. Add glitter, sparkles, confetti. 2. Add water using funnel or measuring cup with a spout until bottle is filled. Tightly put cap on. 3. Now you have your own "lava lamp." Turn the bottle upside down and see how the colors move and change.
Submitted by Paulette

Scoop of Hugs and Kisses Craft Materials Needed: Laundry Scoop Hugs and Kisses Candy Clear or Colored Plastic Wrap Ribbon Instructions: A simple gift idea! Fill the Laundry scoop with candy hugs and kisses. Cut a large piece of plastic wrap. Set the scoop in the middle of the plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap over so the two ends meet at the scoop handle. Pull the plastic wrap tightly around the scoop and gather around the handle. Tie a ribbon around the handle to hold the plastic wrap in place. Tie a note onto the scoop that says "A scoop of Hugs and Kisses for you" Submitted by Rhonda

Roses in a Jelly Glass 6 c. apple juice 4 c. sugar 7 jelly canning jars 7 rose buds, tiny [cleaned - free of bugs] Measure 6 c. apple juice into a large kettle; bring to the boil quickly. Add sugar, stirring until dissolved. Boil rapidly until jellying point is reached. Quickly place 1 tiny rose bud into each HOT jar. Skim jelly and pour into HOT glasses or jars. Cover with paraffin at once. Let set until cool Next day wash and label Submitted by Dori

Cinnamon Stick Angels These particular angels are made from a cinamon stick, with a bead glued on top. Then use pinking shears to cut 3 sides of a rectangle. iron over about 1/8" on 4th side and do a fine running stitch all the way along. Pull this up as tight as you can and end off. Hot glue to under bead. Cut a small length of jute and tie a knot in the middle. Glue the ends to behind the head. Use a thick toothpick, cut one end off straight. Poke the point of the toothpick up through the knot in the jute and hot glue a star to it. I used spanish moss for hair - use a fair bit and hot glue it on. The Country Kitchen angels have a halo made out of a tinsel stick, the picture frame dolls have a piece of fabric tied in a knot and glued to the top of the head. The other decorations are up to you.   You can also make small ones the smae way and hot glue to a wooden clothes peg. Glue onto a board to hold notes, or glue a magnet on the back for the fridge. PIX Submitted by Elizabeth

Kitchen Bloomers... Reply to:         These are really cute done up....   Paulette Supplies needed: Two dish cloths or dish towels 1-12/ yards of 1/8-inch ribbon Needle with an eye large enough for the ribbon to fit (on open-weave materials, I use a tapestry needle) Put the dish cloths or dish towels side by side vertically. Thread the needle with the ribbon and make a running stitch 2" from top of both dish cloths (towels). Make your stitches 3/4" apart so the ribbon will gather easily. The top of the cloths are now joined together by the ribbon. Pull the ribbon to gather the top and tie a bow in the front--this will fold the cloths in half. Stitch the ribbon 1-1/2" form the bottom of each leg. Make the stitches 3/4" apart. Pull the ribbon to gather the bottom and ties the bow on the inside of each leg (also folding the 'legs' in half). Tie two bows through the front of the cloths to fasten them together. Here are the poems that can go with them. Don't be dismayed Don't be misled. These are not for you, But your kitchen instead. Now untie the bows And pull out the stitches. You'll have two dish cloths, But lost your new britches!
Submitted by Paulette

simple small angel craft? >> Here are two ideas: 1. How about a little angel pin.   Use one pink or white button that has two hole in it. Postion it so theholes look like eyes. Use another button ( I like to pick a bigger one with no holes) Use E-6000 glue and glue the face button edge over the top of the bottom button-overlapping just a bit..let dry. Add curly hair, or floral moss for hair. A little gold ring for a halo. Make wings out of wired ribbon.   Glue all of those on, and a pin backing to the back. You can also draw a little mouth and eyelashes..They are quick and very easy. 2. Magnets.   I went to the home improvement store, where they have the formica samples..I selected several colors patterns I wanted for backgrounds. Then I went home found cute little graphics, that I sized to fit on the sample so that there was about 1/8 or 1/4" of the sample showing all the way around. some I got had holes in them as the samples were hanging...I just made sure my graphic covered the hole. Cut the graphic out even all the way round. Peel off some of the wide tearable clear mailing tape. and tape the graphic onto the sample. Trim the tape at the edges, glue a magnet to the back. I did mine with snowmen and typed little sayings above the graphics before I printed them. They turned out very very cute...and cost practically nothing!
Submitted by Birdiekity

Father's Day Footprint Craft I plan to print the following poem out in a very large footprint and then actually have the children make a footprint over the words with watered down tempra paints. I'm going to laminate it and put string on the back for hanging. Footprints "Walk a little slower daddy," said a child so small.   "I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall. Sometimes your steps are very fast, Sometimes they're hard to see; So walk a little slower, Daddy, For you are leading me. Someday when I'm all grown up, You're what I want to be; Then I will have a little child Who'll want to follow me. And I would want to lead just right, And know that I was true; So, walk a little slower, Daddy, For I must follow you."
Submitted by Rosellen

End of the Year Anti-Stress Gift for the Teacher 1 China Cup or Pretty Mug Shredded ribbon in coordinating color 1 packet of bath salts 2 or 3 fancy tea bags 1 Hershey's Symphony chocolate bar 1 Facial Sponge Optional: Perffume and lotion samples Clear cellophane gift wrap Ribbon, Tape, pinking shears, hole punch Directions: 1. Fill clean teacup or mug with shredded ribbon 2. Add bath salts, tea bags, and other items as desired 3. Wrap cup in cellophane and tie with ribbon 4. Cut poem out with pinking shears. Let your child sign and decorate it. Punch hole in top and tie on package. Poem: Soak in the tub, have some tea. Relax and enjoy the "Symphony". Kids are tough make no mistake, you handled it well; You deserve a break! "I thank my God upon every rememberance of you." (Phillipians 1:3)
Submitted by Pam

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