Teachers are the gardeners  Of our kindergarten tots  We send them off to school to learn,  Some soil in their pots.  We've put in a little seed  And now it starts to grow  As they learn from their teachers,  In these gardens that they sow.  the stock- it gts stronger  And then you'll see a bloom.  Soon each and every pot  Starts to blossom in the room.  teachers are the gardeners  of these little flower pots--  As we send them off to school,  Our precious little tots!  Birdiekity May-2000   Teacher Hugs (put hershey hugs in a bag with this poem) You are a wonderful teacher   I think you're very neat  That's why I put together  This special little treat  A little bag with Teacher Hugs  To get you through your day.  And to let you know I am glad  That you are here to stay!  Birdiekity May-2000   Teacher Kisses (-put Hershey kisses in a bag with this poem) You are a special teacher   Always giving and sharing.  Thoughtful too, and funny..  Teaching us, and caring.  That's why I put together  TEACHER Kisses for you  You are the best there is  That's why I come to school.   KOOL-AIDES(Give with a packet of Sweetened Kool Aid) Just a little thank you   For everything you do  when things get very hectic  While helping out at school.  Take a moment to mix up  This very special treat  A packet of Kool Aid  For our KOOL AIDE--  Because we think you're neat!  Birdiekity May-2000   and here are a couple I just did..     Teachers are so special  To each boy and girl  You hold the keys in your hands  That open up the world.  For through your patient ways  The messages you teach  Are the foundation blocks  For all that they may reach!  Birdiekity Aug-2000   Teachers are the keepers  Of the light in children's eyes  You keep the flame of learning  Glowing all the time.  Thank you for all you do  Each and every day!  You make a big difference  In how I learn and play!  Birdiekity Aug-2000

Verse on the Family Day Topper.. Reply to: HomemadeHolidays@egroups.com Families are like patchwork quilts, with kindness gently sewn. Each piece is an original, with beauty all it's own. It can be tightly stitched together With lots of love throughout the years, and your family will be forever. TLC Creations, Paulette

For stick pretzels dipped in white chocolate... SKELETON BONES I went to the graveyard The other night I saw a little ghost And gave him such a fright He disappeared without a sound Leaving a little something On the ground. Skeleton bones that you can eat Nothing scary at all Just a Halloween treat! Birdiekity-2000

For Bubbles What fun to celebrate  At school on the first day.  Blowing fun bubbles  When it's time to play!  Birdiekity Aug-2000

Apology Goblet Just one glass to be shared by two A gift given from the heart. For at times in all relationships One person will have to start To be the one to say "I was Wrong" Or to extend a hand in forgiveness. For under God's watchful eyes Your humbleness He will bless. Fill the cup then offer it With forgiveness in your heart. As each of you takes a sip God will bless you in this new start. the hands we hold - the hearts we touch Are the gentle way we grow. Through the years and sometimes tears, We become closer to those we know.         Birdiekity-2000

HILLBILLY WASHER AND DRYER-clothespin and metal washer go in the bag << HILLBILLY WASHER AND DRYER   Attach the metal washer  With the clothespin to your clothes  Spin around in circles  Close your eyes as you go!  When you have fallen and  Are looking at the sky  Pick yourself up off the ground  And hang yourself to dry!  Birdiekity Aug-2000 HILLBILLY WORD PROCESSOR-Pencil and pad go in the bag HILLBILLY WORD PROCESSOR   Even Hillbilly's need a processor  To keep their thoughts in line  Nothing with bells and whistles  Something simple will do just fine!  Take this out and use it  when you have a thought or two  A Hillbilly Word Processor  A gift from me to you!  Birdiekity - Aug-2000 HILLBILLY NIGHT LIGHT - Candle and block of wood go in the bag HILLBILLY NIGHT LIGHT   In the middle of the night  When it is too dark to see  Use this Hillbilly night light  A little gift from me! HILLBILLY FLASHLIGHT-Small clothespin with match attached in the end go in bag HILLBILLY FLASHLIGHT   Sometimes when you're a Hillbilly  You need to go a searchin  For noises and things in the dark  Things that might be lurkin!  Use this Hillbilly flashlight  To go lookin all around!  Don't forget to watch your steps  As your feet hit the ground!  Birdiekity Aug-2000

One day at a time Thats all it takes To fill this journal With memorable keepsakes Do it once a day Or even one time a week Pull out a question It's answer you'll seek. Write question and answer Down in your book. Then years from now We'll know -with a quick look The special things about you That make you who you are One in a million --- You're our guiding star.     Birdiekity - I love my Grandma and my Grandma loves me.. Did I mention my Grandma Always bakes cookies: I live my Grandma The way she says Hi.. Did I mention my grandma Always bakes pies? I love my Grandma The way she hugs and holds did I mention my Grandma Makes yummy casseroles? I love my Grandma She's the best by far Did I mention Grandma has a Goodie Jar? Birdiekity-May-2000 A shorter version:  Ilove my Grandma My grandma loves me She gives me hugs While sititng on her knee. I love my Grandma She's the best by far Did I mention my Grandma Has a Goodie Jar? Birdiekity- May-2000 Square Dancer Kisses Poem Square Dancing or Dancing in a square You will find can Take you anywhere. North, South, East, or West Where ever you dance You're the absolute best! With every Hershey Kiss Be reminded it's you we miss. Where ever you may roam Always know you will Be welcomed home! Birdiekity - 2000 Homework! Homework! Go away! Homework! Homework! There's more today! Homework! Homework! That's enough! Homework! Homework! Have a cup... ...of cocoa! Birdiekity - 2000 Little hugs and kisses-- some chewing gum too! To let you know we are thinking of you! We are confidant that You will win today! So these hugs and kisses Are being sent your way! Birdiekity A penny in my pocket A penny in my shoe A bag of penny candy Just for you! I added a shinny penny To bring luck to you. So eat all the candy and Put the penny in your shoe! Birdiekity May- 2000 A hug can say "I'll miss you". or "I'll be think if of you." It can say "You're someone special," or best of all "I love you." It can soothe a hurt or calm a fear, Or cheer us when we're blue. It almost seems a miracle All the things a hug can do. Grandma, you are a special person Loved each day of the year. someone we love to hug and kiss, And someone we hold dear. You planted quite a garden Filled with flowers big and small. And so we give this little gift To remind you of one and all! Birdiekity May-2000 Mary's Mom Some people have a way about them With their compassion or with their style. Others are charmers with cunning ways, Handsome, astute, and wile. Some we know for their funny jokes With laughter you hear for miles. But you are the most special of all With your beautiful sunny smile! Birdiekity - 2000 5th Grade Hugs and Kisses 5th grade behind you, changing your looks No more grade school games and books. On to ___________ Middle School Where you know that teenagers rule! A special little gift for you--you see some hugs and kisses, all from me! After summer we'll be goin to a new school Where we all know that teenagers rule! Birdiekity - 2000

In this little handmade packet You'll find REUNION SEEDS Plant with love, tend with care, And guard against the weeds. REUNION SEEDS are hard to grow But the roots take hold with time. And the blooms which come forth Are the sweetest you will find. The petals will not fade away And the FAMILY never dies. For FAMILIES are beautiful flowers In the garden of our lives. Birdiekity-2000 I am just a little beanie bear As green as green can be. I am made of the softest velvet So that you can cuddle me. Crafted with love and tenderness A friendship bear brand new! To help you celebrate your birthday- A gift from me to you!       Birdiekity - 2000 Sister poem' Sister to sister Friend to friend I can't wait to Talk to you again. You are so special In every way Having you for a sister Makes a delightful day! Birdiekity-2000 I was down by the pond the other day And what do you think I found LIttle green frogs that were hopping about In the water and on the ground. So I gathered up these mud frogs  A very special treat. Gummy,chewy, and chocolate All good enough to eat! Birdiekity-2000 May this Pansy Basket be a reminder of your beautiful wedding day, The laughter and love that was Shared by all- happy, carefree, and gay. Pansies stand for thoughtfulness And our thoughts were all with you On that glorious day, before GOD, When you became bride and groom! Birdiekity May-2000 Fill em with little red hot candies...add this label LAWYER PILLS Have to call your lawyer? Things aren't going well? You'll be stressing big time 'Bout the things you'll have to tell. Take a little candy treat One and then another... Soon you'll be talking Like your lawyer is your brother! Birdiekity May-2000 The previous one was more or less for a client... for a coworker this might work: Working with a lawyer? Days seem pretty long? One thing then another Seems you never will be done? Take a little candy treat To chase the stress away Then before you know it You'll be gone for the day! Birdiekity May-2000 I love my Grandma My Grandma loves me She bakes cakes and pies And yummy cookies. I love my Grandma She's the best by far Did I mention my Grandma Has a Goodie Jar? Birdiekity 2000 Time to take a moment A little daily break Perhaps this bit of coffee Will soothe a little ache ---------------------------------- These two can be used together or seperate Gather all your thoughts And sit them in a chair Take a sip or two And pretend I'm sitting there. ************************ Add a bit of water In a cup that you will heat When it's done sit right down And sip this little treat ---------------------------     These two can be used separately or together Put your feet up And take a drink Relax and drift away You'll soon know what to think On any perplexing day! ************************* Need a little courage Something to face the day Perhaps this little treat Will help you square away! **************** All by Birdiekity - 2000

I was down by the pond the other day And what do you think I found LIttle green frogs that were hopping about In the water and on the ground. So I gathered up these mud frogs  A very special treat. Gummy,chewy, and chocolate All good enough to eat! Birdiekity-2000

Here is one idea for a packet filled with Hershey Hugs. V ery important people O ffer their time to help with: L ove U nderstanding N urturing T enderness E nthusiasm Energy R eadiness H elping U s G row S uper Students! Birdiekity Aug-2000 A poem: Thank you for volunteering We are so glad that you are here. Our little ones need special help From people like you who are near. The kids will always look up to you When you offer a helping hand. They reward you with great big hugs And really think you're grand! Birdiekity Aug-2000

Little by little you will heal If you take it one day at a time. So to wile away the hours Heres some candy and a dime! Save the dime for a rainy day, And have a sweet treat to chew. Know that you are in our prayers As daily we are thinking of you! Birdiekity Aug 2000

Another thought we are sending your way Wishing you fun surprises today! May it be a day chocked full of progress Look at the bright side --you dont have to dress! We love you and wish we were by your side. To cheer you on during this rollercoaster ride!     Birdiekity Aug 2000

Werther or not you get better Is entirely up to you Werther or not you feel good In anything you do! Werther or not we are there You are always in our thoughts! Birdiekity   Aug 2000

That birdie is sure keen at writin them poems She can take our words and flip them about next thing you know a poem has come out! T Aug 2000

Though far from you our thoughts are near, we pray the pain will disappear. Our love for you surrounds you well and cradles you, for all to tell. Within our hearts, our thoughts, our mind, we pray to God that you will find, in every day that comes your way... that strength and peace aren't far behind. Sunny Aug 2000

When the hustle and bustle Of the office gets to you And the typing and forms Seem to make you blue Then it's time for you to take a rest Just relax from all your office quests. Before you lose it all completely And you think you're going to drop Just get out this little packet and let the popcorn pop. Before you know it worries seem to end and you will be smiling once again my friend." Written by Patsy

It is fun to have a Secret Pal To send some wishes to Things like smiles and happiness Surprises from me to you! Hope your day is a happy one That brings you wonderful wishes, That come true at your command-- And some sweet hugs and kisses! Birdiekity - Aug 2000

Vanilla Bath Salt Soda On days when you're tired or stressed And feel that you need a special treat Take out this Vanilla Bath Salt Soda That looks good enough to eat! Fill your bath tub with water Put (insert the amount) in the tub Get right in and relax a bit Use the "topping" for a scrub!.     Birdiekity - Aug 2000

Aunt's Day Poem Everyone has some Ants Some are living on a farm Some are marching til the job is done. Others are special people That give us a hug and kiss. Aunts that we always love And certainly do miss! Birdiekity Aug 2000

I am just a little spool baby To place where you can see Quiet as a little mouse You wont hear a peep from me. When your day is over And you're sitting quietly alone Look at me and remember Babies are the family That make our house a home.     birdiekity Sept -2000

Postal carriers deliver the mail Through rain,sleet, and snow You are very appreciated Much more than you ever know. So here are some hugs and kisses They are just from us to you To let you know how glad we are For always getting our mail through! Birdiekity Sept 2000

Perhaps you did not know It's time to celebrate Teddy Bear Day And put on a great big show So grab your favorite teddy bear And give him a great big hug And remember to wish him Happy Teddy Bear Day! (kinda fizzled at the end, but I was running out of time and couldn't come up with anything else) The back says: To help you celebrate Teddy Bear Day Here are some Teddy Grahams To help you on your way. Yum Yum Written by Tammy

We have a poet named Birdie Whose poems are often quite purdy She's quick on the draw We are always in awe We hope she's always this wordy. Paulette, 2000

Of all the Holiday traditions The one I like the best Is kisses under the mistletoe-- It beats all the rest! So here in this little packet Are some kisses and mistletoe. Hang it up, and get ready Soon you'll be able to show Someone that you love them-- By giving them a kiss Yep, this Holiday Tradition Is just the very best! Birdiekity Sept-2000

I know a young ghost named Pete who is soft and squishy and sweet he won't cause you fright just delicious delight for Pete is a marshmallow treat~! Paulette, 2000

No Laundry Day by T Laundry needs to be done, but I can not do that today for today is "no laundry day" I told my family not to bring me dirty clothes for today Is "no laundry day" Im sorry that all of your clothes are dirty today but today is "No laundry day" You need some what? Im sorry you have to leave the washer alone and turn them inside out for it is "No Laundry day" Today is No laundry day the washer gets no water, you get no clean clothes. If you need clean clothes all I can say is today is "No laundry day" T September 2000

poems ^^^^ Snicker snicker Giggle giggle turn your smile into a wiggle! Eating snickers can be fun, wiggling smiles For everyone! İBirdiekity

Here is a little treat for you I searched far and wide For the perfect candy bar to tuck right inside. One that will  turn a little mouth quiver Into something else- Like a  tiny little snicker. Once you have eaten it all Your snicker will grow in size And soon you"ll have A smile that is a mile wide! İBirdiekity Nov - 2000

Baby's Photo Book A photo book for baby With pictures of family So all the familiar faces Baby can always see. To learn their names Can be a game That baby will enjoy, Or learning which person Is a girl or a boy! Perhaps the lesson today Is colors-who is wearing what. Before you know it baby will Be drinking from a cup! As baby grows you will see This will be a favorite book One baby wants to pick up And always take a look! İBirdiekity  Nov-2000

Take a cup of coffee To warm your winter's day. Add this chocolate spoon from me And troubles will melt away. I wish we could be together now Instead of miles apart. Instead let the sweet warmth of this gift Fill and warm your heart. Paulette, 1998 ~ TLC Creations

Scavenger Hunt Jar A Scavenger Hunt Jar just for you For moments when you have nothing to do. Don't open the jar, keep it intact- Twist it around, this way and that! Look for the objects one by one. Your entertainment has just begun! As thoughts begin  to drift far away-- Once again you relax and play! You won't be able to put it down. You'll have a smile instead of a frown! İBirdiekity  NOV -2000

Thanksgiving time is here We have a lot to be thankful for Friends and family like you Coming to our door. As you eat each sunflower seed Be remind of the delight We find in each and everyone That was here tonight! İBirdiekity  Oct-2000 If it is for people that won't be at your house Thanksgiving is a special time To share with our friends and families. To let you know we love you   A packet of sunflower seeds.   As you eat each little seed be reminded of   The thoughts and cheer and wishes,   But most especially -- the love!    İBirdiekity  Oct-2000 Birdiekity

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