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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

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A Winters Dream
The flowing stream that comes to
me in dreams will refresh the
earth and all  living things.

The earth is a glow with winter
snow so pure and white as
God would show

Only He can flow the
stream and brighten our hearts
with the  Winters Dream
Written by Victoria

The Cardinal
A winter walk
Of greys and browns
A dreary frozen sky
You call to me...
"Don't you--see me?"
And then you caught my eye!
Upon a branch I hear you sing
Right up o'er my head.
With plumage fit for any king
Of deepest crimson red.
You brazen show off,
Look at you!
For all the world to see,
But upon this dreary winter's day,
Alas, tis only me!
Written by Shelley D. Sparks

Behold this January morn,
Is something to behold.
A crisp bright snap is in the air
It's nippy and it's cold
A Maxfield Parrish sky today--
A palate of of gold and teal
My silent prayer of gratitude
Will tell You how I feel
To wake up and appreciate
The beauty of the dawn
Because this January day
Will much too soon be gone
A gaze into the sky, once more
Brings gladness to my face
As a glittery gift of white drifts down
Of purest, crystal lace!
Thank you.
Written by Shelley D. Sparks

The Legend Of The Prairie Fairies
--Shelley D. Sparks
There is a land called Texas
Upon the great High Plains
In land of sage and cactus
Is where the Prairie Fairies reign
They love wide open spaces
Where above the eagle flies
And make their homes out on the land
Under glittered Texas skies
They ride the trails with cowboys
Wherever they may roam
Wearing homespun wings of calico
Golden sunflowers are their homes
And if you'll listen closely
You'll hear them in the wind
Saying "Hi Y'all and Howdy do?"
And "Y'all come back again!"
Written by Shelley D. Sparks

The Artist
–By Shelley D. Sparks
He takes a pure white canvas
And paints a wash of blue
Add soft shades of green
And paints a scene
In a gentle pastel hue.
His strokes create the petals
Of a golden daffodil
In a willow tree
For all to see
He paints a whippoorwill.
He then creates a garden
And its fragrance fills the air
It delights the eye
Of each passer-by
To see such blossoms, rare.
The artist paints a shining sun
To gently warm His Earth
And adds gentle showers
To delight the flowers
A new season is at birth!
The artist paints His final strokes
of flora, sky, and sod
One last inspection
His work "Perfection"
He signs His painting...God.
Written by Shelley

Each Day's A Holiday - A Crafter's Prayer
–By Shelley D. Sparks
Whenever I kneel down to pray
I thank the Lord above
For giving me so many days
To share with those I love
A year of beautiful times to say
How much that "I love you!"
With a special card, a little gift
To give from me to you.
Lord, I'm so thankful to be blessed
With such creativity
So I can find so many ways
To use my ingenuity
And make each day a special one
For all of those I care
For every day's a holiday--
A gift of love to share.
In busy times we can forget
To savor every day
To find a bit of specialness
As we go our busy ways
For there is nothing quite as sweet
Apart from life's demands
Than to create a tiny homemade gift
Made with care by loving hands.
May I remember always, Lord
All those in need of me
To say a prayer, or a kindly word
Or give some sympathy
To pass along the blessings bright
And know just what to say
And fill their days with such delight
For each day's a holiday.
Written by Shelley

March!..not as in soldiers
and not as in Hare
But March!
--the month that blows
All the stuff everywhere!
March! a lion
Can blow up your skirt
And sent your hat
Down into the dirt!
March!...days are longer
And at least its not snowing
But just like my nose
The wind keeps on BLOWING!
March!....a bad hair day
As bad as can get...
Only loved by the folks
Who make Final Net!
–Shelley D. Sparks

Twinklewink Star ...
A precious little Twinklewink,
to glow within your sight,
Assuring our star remains ever-near,
watching over us thru the night.
Your Grandpa's brown eyes were Twinklewinks,
that so joyously would impart,
His laughter and life and his joy
of family that he cherished within his heart.
Precious heavenly Twinklewinks
in the starlit skies above,
Reminding us of our Grandpa Star
still twinkling to us his love.
          ©DAB 7-20-00

Candy Cane Bath Salts
Relax and take a bath
After a hectic day
Let the scent peppermint
Begin to take you away.
A pleasant reminder
Of things like candy canes
Can help to end the day
Just as it began.

Baby Headband-Garter
A little bitty baby gift
A headband for your daughter
And when she gets married
It can be her bridal garter!

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