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My Heart Knows
Though we don't often say it--
I know within our hearts
We love each other more each day
As each dawn, the sunrise starts
You mean so much to me, my dear
With each and every day
That often have to search to find
The words I'd like to say.
I know that you feel the same way too
Love twinkles in your eye
And radiates within your smile
Our love-- as time goes by
As years may come and years may go
My love grows deeper, still
I wish I could express, my dear
Exactly how I feel
Our love is sweeter as time goes by
It multiplies and grows
There is no measurement of how I feel
As it's my heart that knows.
By Shelley D. Sparks

My Love Poem
When our lips met for the first time
I wondered if love was truly blind.
Your voice soft and calm
I felt like putty in your palm.
Your eyes innocent and kind
Stole the world right from my mind.
Your touch so soft and sweet
I felt as if I was being swept off my feet.
And each time we kiss again
You take my breath away, just like then.
I know you and I were meant to be,
What was once "me" now is we.
©Paulette, 1999 ~TLC Creations

Cloud Pictures
Knights on white stallions
Chase the fiery dragon
Across the darkening sky
A fair lady watches
From the tower of her castle
A tear tumbles down from her eye
Written by Shelley D. Sparks

The Breath of Spring
The Breath of Spring rushed by me
Through the kitchen window pane
And with it came the giggles
Of the children down the lane.
My lace curtains breathed both in and out
And swirled the perfume from the rose
That climbs along our backyard fence–
The old-fashioned scent delights my nose
Then a sweet melody floated by
The notes hung very near
And parted my lacy curtains wide
And softly whispered in my ear
The through that open window
Much to my elation
I had to lay my kitchen tea-towel down
And accept an invitation
–Shelley D. Sparks
April 2000

The Mockingbird - A Neighborhood Production
The mockingbird sits upon our gate
And delivers his "routine"
To all the lucky passers-by
Who happen on the scene.
He's sort of like a Vaudeville act
Entertaining on a stage
Except, he performs on fences posts
Among the climbing rose and sage.
He doesn't do a thing all day
But practice other voices
Of finches, doves, and chickadees
And many other choices.
That old bird sure amuses me
When he sits out there and sings
My feather friend's a larcenist
Of all his chums-- with wings!
All day long he'll entertain
Until the day is done
And the curtain will rise again
When the dawn bring forth the sun.
–Shelley D. Sparks
 April 2000

This is the scrapbook poem that I sent in a while ago. It might work for the Gratitude journal. Poem
Life is a scrapbook, torn and old
In which our entire lives can unfold.
And when the twilight shadows fall
This is the sweetest memory of all;
To turn the pages of the years,
Remembering all the happiness, the tears
The faithful love, the perfect friend...
These things we treasure to the end.
©Paulette, 1997~~TLC Creations

A Prayer to For Bathtime
Wash away my worries,
Relax me and renew me . . .
may all my stress just float away
And peacefulness flow through me.
Soak me in serenity,
Soothe every ache and pain,
Let solitude restore me,
Send my troubles down the drain!
Written by Victoria

To Our Volunteer
You've been so very good to us.
You've been kind in every way.
You've made us treats and helped us out
On every special day.
Today we'd like to thank you
For all you've done this year,
And tell you that you're special
And oh so very dear.
Today we'd like to tell you
In our own little special way,
We appreciate the things you've done,
More than words can say.
Written by ©Paulette, 1998

A little gift from me to you.
To help you feel just like brand new.
Some glitter to help cheer you when you are down
Some perfume to chase away any frown.
Some lip gloss to remind you of the secrets we share.
Some lotion for "smooth" sailing with never a care.
But even without the contents herein,
Our friendship is strong because of your beauty within.
By ©Paulette

Leprechaun Dust (Bath Salts) Poem
Do you believe in magic, shamrocks, leprechauns too?
If your answer is yes, then this magic dust is just right for you.
The secret of this magic, will be revealed to you,
Warm water, a touch of magic dust and maybe a candle or two.
Just sprinkle this in water, turn the lights down low,
Lay back, relax, start to dream and let the magic flow.
©Paulette, 2000~ TLC Creations

A memory is a picture,
created by the heart,
to make a special moment
stay with us and never part.
And of all the memory/pictures
that happy times can create,
the best are those we put down on paper,
and save for a future date.
©1999, Paulette~~TLC Creations

Christmas Magic
It's in the snowflake skies of children's wishes.
It's in the wonderful smell of holiday dishes.
It's in the breathlessness of children's anticipation.
It's in the faith of friends and family participation.
It's in the wonder seen through children's eyes,
It's in the briskness of the winter skies.
It's in the excitement in children's voices,
It's in the happiness we feel when we've made the right choices.
It's in our hearts, and our souls and the glow on our faces,
It's the magic of Christmas, in so many places.
©Paulette, 1999~~TLC Creations  

C is for Christmas, my favorite time of year,
H is for a Holiday that brings us so much cheer.
R is for Reindeer, that pull Santa's sleigh,
I is for Icicles, dripping on a warm winters day.
S is for Santa who tries not to be seen,
T is for the Tree, so festive and green.
M is for Mistletoe, for kisses and a hug,
A is for the Angels who at our heart strings tug.
S is for Stockings, filled up with toys, for all the eager girls and boys.
©Paulette, 1999~~TLC Creations

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