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Di's Delightful Creations
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A Springtime Walk
Has there ever been a day so fine--
This Springtime day so fair?
I'll walk along the primrose lane
With sunbeams in my hair
I'll smile and greet-- those I meet
As I take my morning walk
Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend
Over the fence we'll talk
We'll chat about the loveliness
And " Oh such pretty weather!",
Of growing things and garden swings
And where to plant the heather
What a pleasure today has been
This Springtime day so fair
Come on and walk with me, my friend
With sunbeams in our hair.
-Shelley D. Sparks 3-27-2000

Dirty Socks
Dirty socks
You put TWO in
You pull ONE out!
What the heck is that about?
You spin the washer
Round and round
Still ONE sock
Cannot be found!
You open the dryer
And put ONE in
Push the button
And give it a spin.
Clean socks
You put ONE in
And pull TWO out!
What the HECK is that about?
Shelley D. Sparks 3-2000

Coca Cola
So good to slurp
But it always
Makes me burp
Its not the flavor
But the fizz
That puts the gas
Right where it is!
I love it when
The days are hotter
The fizz so good
My eyes will water
But I still love it
In my cup
I'll mind my manners
And then.....hiccup!
Shelley D. Sparks 3-2000

Hot Dog!
I went to the BAllPARK with OSCAR MEYER
And sat on my BUNS on the bleachers
A man walked by selling dogs, you see
That weren't the usual creatures
My tummy started to growl with RELISH
I ordered a footlong which I could embellish
With onions and mustard and lots of cheese
Hot DOG...delicious..and without any fleas!
--Shelley Sparks 3-2000

Young Writers
Young writers learning prose
Writing stories so all will know
The talents hidden deep within
That soon blossom as they begin.
Putting Pen to paper is the way
to start Writing words that come from the heart.
All our Young Writers are quite gifted
You will soon see, as your spirits are lifted.
With each written thought that you will read
Know our Young Writers have planted a seed.
Written by ©Birdiekity

Quilters pin poem
Here is a another little poem for the yo yo pin
Here is something for the quilter
that is designed to be a treasure.
Where ever you may wear this
I hope it brings you pleasure.
This little gift from me to you
Is just so you will know
  I think you are quite creative
And this is meant to tell you "sew".
Written by ©Birdiekity-2000

Just a little gift
that is like a little kiss
Given to brighten your day.
Just a reminder
That making a wish
Is only one step away.
Sometimes we all
need to know that
maybe some things will change
If we hold hope in our heart
And have a new start
By making a wish now and then.
Written by ©Birdiekity-2000

The Marigold
Oh my pretty little flower
With ruffled petals, gold
The essence of the summer's sun
Constant, warm and bold
With lacy, fern-like leaves
Of a dusty verdant hue
My little posey in the POT
Must you smell just like one too?
(To try to put it very nicely....
You don't smell very "spice-ly"!
Maybe if you were something else,
Like red or blue or pink?
Another color could you be
That maybe wouldn't stink??)
All summer you boom constantly
Until the weather becomes colder
You're just about the only flower
That has such a nasty odor!
Never-the-less you don't give up
As you bloom from day to day
You may not be a buttercup,
But you sure hold bugs at bay!
–Shelley D. Sparks June 21, 2000

Reunion Day Prayer
Thirty years have come and gone
Since my high school graduation
I've waited for this day to come
With some mixed anticipation
My once soft face is wrinkled now
I've gained much poundage too
I now know all the facts of life
That my GRANDMA knew
I know I can't turn back the years
My youth, long flown away
But all I ask for me, Dear Lord
Is a reunion "Good Hair" day!
--Shelley D. Sparks 6-23-2000

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