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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

Page 5

The sound of windchimes
Give one such delight.
Like little fairies flitting about,
Like soft kisses in the night.
The tinkling melody brings
A cooling summer breeze
Making us aware of every
Sensation there is to see.

Fairy GodGrandmother
There is no one as special
In the whole wide world
As a fairy Godgrandmother
For a baby boy or girl
Someone to love them
Guide them through right or wrong.
And especially someone to
Sing them a lullaby song.

You have a little puppy!
How exciting it must be for you!
Excuse me, what is that he has..
Could that be your shoe?
He really is a darling pup!
You just want to give him a hug!
Oh my gosh..I think the dear
Just piddled on your rug!
Here he comes, his tail a waggin
isn't he just so sweet!
oh oh I think that he has
  Mud all over his feet!
Yep you're very lucky to have
Found this special pet!
Yep for sure you are '
Yep- you are.. you bet!

Little Puppy Puddles
You do little puppy puddles
Always chewing on my shoe!
Getting into everything
What am I to do?
I'm just like a little baby
It takes time for me to learn
Look into my big brown eyes
And see the love you've earned
I love your sweet, tiny face
And the way you lick my hand
But if you wee wee on the floor
From the're banned!
Please be patient with me
God's not finished with me yet
But when He is....its guaranteed
I will be your best friend...yet!
Remember those days when you were young?
I thought I'd loose my mind
Now you are my loyal friend
Of the dearest-heartfelt kind!
–Shelley D. Sparks

Bridal Bath Salts
Rose pink is for pure spiritual love
Sage green for health and life.
The lavender means devotion
For a husband and a wife.
Rosemary for lasting friendship
And for rememberance too,
There couldn't be a nicer couple
Than the two of you!

Kool Aid Clay
This colorful Kool Aid Clay
Will add fun to any day.
  There is nothing as much fun
 Under a hot new summer sun
 As making something new--
      A cat, a dog, a bird, a zoo!

Kool Aid Clay Poem
Non summer version....
    This colorful Kool Aid Clay
  Will add fun to any day.
      There is nothing as much fun
   As a craft thats just begun.
   Making something new--
          A cat, a dog, a bird, a zoo!

Sister poem
Sister to sister
Friend to friend
I can't wait to
Talk to you again.
You are so special
In every way
Having you for a sister
Makes a delightful day!

A sunflower face
tipped up to the sun
Almost as if to pray.
Smiling upon you
In all it's grace
Wishing you a good day!
İBirdiekity Sept-2000

I thought I'd say
I love you with a grin.
With this cute little
Mum Pumpkin Pin.
When you wear it
Know thats how I say,
I love you MUM
Each and every day
! İBirdiekity Sept-2000

Candy Corn
Candy Corn is good to eat
An Orange and Yellow and White Treat.
I only eat it one time a year,
So I'm happy the fall holidays are finally here~!

Oh no you're being Chemo'd
And you arent feeling very grand.
Perhaps a little treat will help
And a friend to hold your hand?
When the treatments are done,
After all you have been through,
A little treat might help to
Make you feel good as new!
İBirdiekity Oct-2000

It's for TV, Cable, VCR and "The Wife"
Some guys like to fish
And go out in a boat!
Others like to surf--
Well, surf with their remote!
They often will spend hours clicking--
If they make the right selection
They will have a happy life!
İBirdiekity Oct-2000

Dinosaur Poem
Did you know that
Dinosaurs like to hide?
One crawled in this rock
And is still inside!
Wash your hands
Over and over again
Or throw it on the ground
And let the fun begin!
Written by Carin

3 Friendly Ghosts
3 Friendly Ghosts in a pumpkin patch,
giggling, laughing, trying to make a match.
Pumpkins here, pumpkins there,
pumpkins, pumpkins, EVERYWHERE!
Each found a pumpkin, to his own taste,
dressed it up fully, none went to waste.
The stars in the sky looked down below,
as the pretty little pumpkins began to GLOW.
3 friendly ghosts enjoying it all,
in a pumpkin patch during the fall.
Written by Sunny 2000

To my lovin teddy bear
So serious and tough.
I love's you teddy bear
'Cause you's just lots of fluff!
So lovin teddy bear
Here's a little treat
Cute little gummy bears
Good enough to eat!
İBirdiekity oct-2000

She was alone in the room on Xmas Eve
Putting up the spindly little tree.
The children were in bed dreaming
Of how Christmas morning would be.
She cleaned and scrubbed the room,
Not a speck of dust to be found.
She thought "the tree is so bare,
But at least Santa will be 'round"
She place a single gift, for each child,
Beneath the Christmas Tree.
She shuffled off to bed
Knowing that was all they would see.
The little spiders came out
In awe and wonderment.
They climbed here and there on the tree
Leaving cobwebs everywhere they went.
Our Heavenly Father looked down
upon the spiders and cobwebs on the tree.
He changed them all to silver and gold,
For the woman and children to see.
God loves all his creatures
Whether they be big or small.
He loves us each, and without a doubt
He loves you most of all!

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