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Square Dancers poem
Square Dancing or
Dancing in a square
You will find can
Take you anywhere.
North,South,East, or West
Where ever you dance
You're the absolute best!
With every Hershey Kiss
Be reminded its you we miss.
Where ever you may roam
Always know you will
Be welcomed home!
Written by İBirdiekity

I'm a little ghost
Hanging on your door.
Just saying Booooo
Who could ask for more?
Don't be afraid.
Don't run and hide!
Open the door
And come inside!
Poem by: İBirdiekitty, Oct 2000

October Eve
Early one October Eve
(As the sun makes shorter days)
I went upon an evening walk
In the whispering Autumn haze
October nights are crisp and cool
Lit only by a silvery moon
A cricket 'neath a haystack chants
"There'll be a frost--come soon!'
The air's heavy with glistening dew
And lays a blanket on the lawn
It tip-toes in the pumpkin patch
Where it slumbers there 'til dawn
Our old scarecrow sways, and bends
In the cornstalks-- with the breeze
He wears a ragged pair of pants
With patches at his knees
The night owl whispers "who?-- who?--WHO!"
From a perch high in the old oak tree
"Shh...!" what's that scampering in the leaves?
Perhaps some goblins, I can't see?
Suddenly, I see shadows EVERYWHERE
Behind every shed and tree
I'm not sure...but I think I heard---
Some footsteps -----following me!
Smoke wisps ghost-like through the air
As in the October dark, I roam
Its time to end my evening walk...
...And RUN back safely home!
By Shelley D. Sparks (Aunt Sadie) October 2000

Dressing for my turkey
Here is a little something
For your Thanksgiving Day
"Dressing" for your turkey
As you sit down to pray.
Poor ole TOM is bare
Though warm as he can be.
He's not wearing any clothes
As you can plainly see!
İBirdiekity Oct-2000

Santa Turkey?
I thought it was Thanksgiving
And we'd have a little turkey
I can't seem to find him anywhere
Though I know he must be lurking.
I looked throughout the house
I stopped in the yard to pause,
For I thought for a minute
That I even saw Santa Claus!
But wait!, what is that over there.
Why that cleaver ole Tom!
He is wearing a Santa suit and
A red hat with a white pom pom!
İBirdiekity Oct-2000

Christmas Tree Seeds
Plant these little seeds
At the very first frost
If you wait any later
All will be lost.
They grow very quickly
Into little Christmas Trees
To decorate with ornaments
For your Christmas holidays.
İBirdiekity Aug-2000

Candy Cane Seeds
Plant these little seeds-
Sow all in a row.
Soon little candy canes
Will start to grow.
  Singing Christmas carols
In the still of the night
Will make them grow
And stand upright.
Tasty little Candy Canes
Now are ready to eat.
Home grown sweets
That are a great treat!
İBirdiekity - Aug 2000

Giving and unselfish
Respected by all
Always smiling and cheerful
Never complaining
Devoted Mother/Father
Patiently listen
Always ready with a story
Remembered today and forever in our hearts.
Everlasting strength
Nice to be around
Treating all fairly
Smiles that warm your soul
İPaulette, 1998

My Poem
As you begin your first day
there's much to do and say,
Hellos, goodbyes
wake up, sleep eyes
It's just another DAY!
Your Joey's here to get you
and take you on your way;
A kiss for him, then one for you,
you're set to face the day.
Your entrace through the front gates
begins your journey true,
At the gym, your schedule awaits
and the credits you'll accrue.
Remember this, your first day,
embrace the feelings to come;
Hold back tears? That's okay,
tears mean, "happiness" to some.
Laugh loud, smile wide,
share with friends about your summer;
Feel that joy from deep inside,
This day's special, not a bummer!
Now, take this book and then begin
to write of feelings deep within.
Share of your friends, your hopes, your dreams,
Write of the anything, even Pizza Supremes!
On this, your first day,
I wish for you...
Sunshine your way
and happiness too.
Written by Sunny

A little bag that has a treat
For little birdie's that sing so sweet
Sprinkle some on the ground
Pretty soon they'll come around.
You'll hear them singing as they eat
Thank you for this lovely treat!
İBirdiekity - Aug 2000

I went to the graveyard
The other night
I saw a little ghost
And gave him such a fright
He disappeared without a sound
Leaving a little something
On the ground.
Skeleton bones that you can eat
Nothing scary at all
Just a Halloween treat!

Here is a little goodie bag
Its a yummy Halloween Treat
Filled with fun little things
For you to have to eat!
Find Kisses from ghosts,
And baby pumpkins too,
There is even a Spider ring to wear,
A special gift for you!
İBirdiekity Aug -2000

In this jar you will find
Thoughts and wishes --
Inspiring words of every kind.
Take one out every day
to boost your hopes & spirits
or to bring tranquility.
İBirdiekity Aug-2000

Keepers of our Thoughts
I may look like a container
Of just pencils and pens
But what I really hold
Is hidden deep within.
For you see, everytime
You have a thought or two
You'll find yourself reaching for us
To keep the thought for you!
İBirdiekity Aug 2000

Study Buddy SMILES
Ahead of you, a new year at school.
New teachers and classmates, too.
May "Study Buddy SMILES" be cheery reminders
Of the wonderful student we see in "you"!
While you'll not always score 100%,
Just "SMILE" and do your best!
Work hard to daily give your 100%
On your studies, activities and tests.
"SMILES" to say, "We're so proud of you!"
For tough times we're here for you, too!
Know that we're "SMILING" and cheering you on,
In your schooling and the activities you do!
İDAB 2000-2001

Study Buddy SMILES"
Study Buddy Smiles
To guide you on the way
As you do your homework
Each and every day.
The study buddy smiles
Will help you learn more
Pretty soon you'll be smiling
As you both go out the door!
İBirdiekity - Aug 2000

Penguin Poop
While visiting in the Arctic
What do you you think I found?
As I was walking on the snow and ice
This was laying on the ground.
I bagged it up and saved it
Then someone told me the scoop
These colorful little tidbits
Are very rare Penquin Poop!
If you are using none colorful candies you could change the word "colorful"   to "black and white", or "unusual".
İBirdiekity Aug-2000

Grandmother, you are like a patchwork quilt,
so cozy and so warm.
Just listening to your stories,
reminds me of your wisdom and your charm.
I know I can always come to you,
When lost or feeling alone.
For you always comfort me,
and make me feel at home.
You are the silver lining,
of a cloudy day
and I know whom I can trust
when black clouds blow my way.
I store your hugs and kisses
In my heart each day.
So I'd like to share some back with you
To give you back love in my own special way.
İPaulette, 1999

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