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Di's Delightful Creations
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Page 7

Poem to go with Couch Potato Kit
Twas just after Christmas,
and you're glued to the TV,
But I'm hoping that you'll have a moment
to think about me.
So here are some treats
to keep on your shelf
Eat and enjoy them,
I packaged this gift all by myself.
©Paulette, 1998~~TLC Creations

Another poem for a couch potato
Life as a couch potato
Is harder than it looks!
Sitting and watching tv
Or reading lots of books.
A clicker in one hand
A soda in another.
Crackers, chips, and candy
Sharing with my brother.
Dozing when I'm tired.
Even if the game is on--
Don't you dare change channels!
How will I know who won?
Yep, Life as a Couch Potato
Is harder than it seems.
Not much activity
Exceptin' in my dreams!
©Birdiekity OCT-2000

Thanksgiving Rainbow
RED for the glow of the fireplace this day,
PINK for the children's rosy cheeks as they play.
ORANGE for the leaves ad they come dancing down,
GREEN for the decorations appearing all over town.
YELLOW for the feathers on the turkey the children drew,
WHITE for the hope of the prayers said by you.
Make up the bag topper and add jelly beans to the bag. Would make a great Thanksgiving party favor.
©Paulette, 1999~~TLC Creations

I'm a little ghost
Hanging on your door.
Just saying Booooo
Who could ask for more?
Don't be afraid.
Don't run and hide!
Open the door
And come inside!
Poem by: ©Birdiekitty, Oct 2000

Good Morning, Morning- Glory
"Good Morning, Morning- Glory"
As you climb upon my gate
You beckon me to slow down a bit
When I am running late!
And there in all your glory
With blue eyes toward the sun
You keep inviting me to stay
When I really need to run
You never worry about the clock
As you wink at me and smile
I'd rather stick around with you
And "sun" a little while
Not knowing of time and schedules
Would be absolutely fine
For simple beauty will last forever
In the garden of my mind
"Good Morning, Morning-Glory"
And you greet me as if to say
"Come on and slow down a bit
And enjoy each blessed day!"
–Shelley D. Sparks June 2000

My Garden Fairy
Very early in the morning
When the dew is on the lawn
I tip-toe over to the lilies
With the Mockingbird in song
I lift a leaf upon the lily
Knowing I will find her there
Waking, stretching, with the morning
With golden sunshine in her hair
She's so petite and very tiny
Her gown is from the trumpet vine
She's "Arielle"-- a garden fairy
And I'm so glad she lives in mine.
She's a friend to ev'ry garden flower
Protects them from the garden foe
She plays among the verdant bower
And helps to make my garden grow
I feed her sweet vanilla cupcakes
With lots of cream and berries
Some punch made from golden honey
The favorite drink of little fairies
My sweet fairy gayly dances
On the roses-- she does ballet
She pirouettes upon her toes-es
So gracefully-- the fairy way
At evening time she's called to rest
By the nightingale's lull-a-bye
She'll awaken by the lark's singing
And a golden sun up in the sky
As I lay my head upon my pillow
I thank the Good Lord up above
For sending me a garden fairy
To care for, talk to, and to love
–Shelley D. Sparks June 4th, 2000

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