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Elves are silly!
Elves are fun!
Throwing snowballs
At everyone!
Pop one in your mouth,
Soon you'll be
Dancing all about
Like Elves being silly!
Elves having fun!
Eating little snowballs-
Every last one!
©Birdiekity Nov -2000

The North Pole is so busy
Especially this time of year.
All the elves working hard,
Even Santa's reindeer!
When it's time to take a break
They have a snow ball fight.
Then back indoors they go
Making toys all through the night!
I snuck outside the Workshop
And what do you think I found?
Those little elves left snowballs
Laying on ther ground!
I scooped them all right up
And put them in a bag for you.
A special Christams treat
For all the good things you do!
© Birdiekity Nov-2000

This pretty box of filigree
Holds something that you cannot see
It holds the love that I have for you
Today and for your whole life through.
Display it with a lot of pride
and show the gift that is inside
And when somebody asks what the gift could be
Just say that it is love from me!
By Gerda

During the holidays
we see lots of lights.
Everywhere we look
They are shining bright.
Some hand just one color,
And some hang many.
But soon the holidays will be over
And there will not be any.
So here is a special light
to carry all thru the year.
Even though it 's out of season
It will bring you holiday cheer.
By Sara

A Christmas Plight for The Pudgy
By Shelley D. Sparks
Thick steamed puddings...
Country hams...
Roast stuffed turkey...
Candied yams...
Mounds of biscuits...
Piles of fudge...
All causing me--
More tummy pudge!
English trifles, thick and creamy
Chocolate truffles, rich and dreamy
Bowls of nuts
And apples, shiney
(All going directly----on my hiney!)
Pumpkin pies and pecan pies
With lots of whipped cream too!
With all this delight before my eyes
What's a dieter to do?
(Whenever Christmas rolls around
I enjoy it most, pound for pound!!)
That's your advice?
Don't bother asking... please,
Just hand me some more donuts
(and I'll have a few of these!)
What's the answer to my plight?
What IS the solution? I must be genius...
And truly bright!!
-I'll make a New Year's Resolution!!
By Shelley Sparks

Candy Canes and other sweets
All bottled up for you.
Lots of yummy treats!
Now what are you gonna do?
You can't "drink" them out,
The opening is too small!
There's something about that spout
That isn't right at all!
How did those candies get in there?
You'd like to eat a few!
They were put in with a lot of care--
But how? -- You wish you knew!
It certainly is a puzzlement --
Even more on getting them out!
But once you do you'll have some treats
And then you can scream and shout--
Merry Christmas!
©Birdiekity - Dec 2000

Fish Seeds
It's known you like to fish a lot
With your line always in the water.
But sometimes they just aren't a bitin,
And you can't catch what ya ought'er!
What are you gonna tell them
As you're braggin of your fishing deeds?
When all you have in your hand
Is "Grow Your Own Fish Seeds!"
Birdiekity - Dec 2000

Grinch Gummies
Everyone knows about the Grinch in Whoville
And all the horrible things he did do.
Did anyone ever tell you though,
About what happened at the Whoville Zoo?
Well the Grinch turned all the animals
Into Gummy blobs--worms, bugs, and bears too!
He was trying to steal one more joy--
No one could see the animals at the zoo!
But when his heart changed
He knew what he had to do.
He packaged them up as a gummy treat
With love especially for you!
©Birdiekity Dec-2000

In Whoville just before Christmas
Everyone was feeling their best.
They had all of the gifts wrapped
And were ready for all of their guests.
Everyone was waiting around
Not knowing what to next to do!
When out of the corner popped up the voice
Of little Cindy Lou Who--
"Let's do something fun and exciting,
Let's go to the Whoville Zoo
We can carol and do some biking
And have a treat or two!"
Well the Grinch coudn't have any of this
So in a frenzie he flew.
He decided to get quite chummy
And went ahead to the Whoville Zoo.
He wanted to make them sad
Each little girl and boy.
He wanted to make sure that
the Whoville Zoo had no Christmas joy!
He turned all the bears into a gummy mess.
That should do it-he waited to see their surprise--
When what happened took him back
For right before his eyes,
They starting eating the gummy bears
And smiled from ear to ear.
They said the bears tasted sweet
And were the best treat of the year!
Here is where the Grinch learned a lesson
That it is what is in your heart.
For it was at the Whoville Zoo.
The Grinch had a brand new start!
©Birdiekity - Dec-2000

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