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I will try my best to give you instructions for creating your own bag toppers. I only hope that my instructions are clear for you but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
You will need a graphics program to do these, I use arcsoft, and PSP7, but there are lots of them that you can work with.

STEP 1-Choosing graphic for front of bag topper

I have scaled down any graphics that I have used so that I can fit all the information required for these instructions. Generally, my toppers are made for 3" width plastic bags...but you can make them any size you want if you use these instructions.
Here are the graphics I am using for this bag topper:

I have written some instructions on each one of the examples...but I will try and explain further so that you can make your own toppers.
When choosing a graphic for your toppers, you want to take into consideration the final product that you are making. I like to work with large graphics, so that I can then scale them down to any size I want...I usually use graphics that are at least 400 pixels in width, that way I can use the finished topper for 2", 3", and 4" plastic bags.
You will want to keep your height in porportion to your width so that you don't create a topper that is 3" wide but 10" in length. As a rule, I use graphics that are 400 pixels in width and no more than 600 pixels in height.

STEP 2-Making the work area for the bag topper

This is the white area you will need to make for the bag topper:

You will need the measurments of your graphic so that you can make a workable space to place for your graphics and verse.
I double the length and add 2 pixels so that when your topper is complete, and you fold it in half, everything is spaced evenly.
If you are going to put text on top of your front graphic then add 100 or 125 pixels (depending on the size of the text you want to add)to you length. Sometimes, it is best to print it out, once you have your graphic and text on the front, to see if it folds in half correctly.

STEP 3-Placing your graphic for the front of the bagtopper
Here is the front of the bag topper:

STEP 4-Rotating the work area
Here is the bag topper that you will need to rotate:

STEP 5-Adding text to the work area
Here is the example for adding the text:

STEP 6-Adding the second graphic to the work area
Here is the example for adding the second graphic:

STEP 7-Adding your signature to the work area
Here is the example for adding your signature (if you want):

I like to add my signature to all of my toppers, but this isn't necessary.

STEP 8-The finished product:
Here is the example for the finished bag topper:

When you fold your topper in half, you should have everything centered just right, and you are ready to print, and staple to your plastic bag.

I hope these instructions have helped you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, and I will try and help the best that I can. I love making these toppers, and I hope you will too! Smiles.....Di

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