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Survival Kit Phrase List

Here is a list of phrases for Survival Kits that I am putting together. You can make your own kits by choosing phrases.
I hope this list helps you to have fun in creating your own Survival Kits!
This list is in the beginning stages, and will grow with time. If you have any pharases to add, please send them through the feeback below.

ALMOND JOY~to remind you of the JOY of the season.

Aspirin to take away the headache that was caused from the game!

Brag Book - so you will always have your grandchild near

Battery - so you can keep going and going and going and going

Band Aid for the blisters from holding the golf club so tight.
Bandaid - to heal your hurt feelings
A bandage~ to fix things that just will not work.
Bandaid - to help fix any hurt feelings
Band-Aid - for when you get hooked instead of the fish.

Bottle (Small empty) - "Instant Water" add water and shake

A bag~ to help you keep it all together.

Button - to remind you to sometimes button your lip
Button - to remind you that sometimes you have to button your lip

Book (Joke) - to help you pass the time.

Rubber Ball - to help you "bounce" back.

Balloon - Let the air out of all your worries

Crayon-So you can have a bright and colorful day
Crayon - to color your day bright and cheerful
Crayon - to correct that color job

Candle-to light up the darkness
Candle- Remember not to burn it at both ends
Candle - for when you are up late grading papers
A candle~ to remind you to shine brightly.
Candle - to help you find your ball when it starts to get dark and you are still looking.
Candle - to remind you, you will be the light of that child's eye
Candle - for when you are burning the midnight oil studying
Candle - to light up the dark times

A chocolate kiss~ to remind you that you are loved.

Confetti~ to remind you to have fun.
Confetti-to add some sparkle to your life

Cake sprinkles--to shower you with a rainbow of happiness

Clock - to remind you that time passes to quickly...enjoy every minute

Crackers~so you will always have "Food" for thought.

Cotton Balls - to cushion all the standing you do
cotton ball - to help soften the rough roads
Cotton Ball - to cushion the rough roads ahead

corn (2 Kernels of) - for when you crave a two piece chicken dinner

Choc Covered Raisins (Animal Poop) - so you know what not to step in

Chocolate Golf Balls - for the golfer that lost his

Change-to make a phone call in case you get lost

Dollar - for the tip you didn't receive

Eraser-a reminder that we all make mistakes, but we can wipe the slate clean.
Eraser - to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.
Eraser - to remind you that with your next golf game you start with a clean slate.
Eraser - to remind you that every Mom makes mistakes
Eraser - to remind you that each day you can start with a clean slate.
Eraser - to remind you that you can start all over with a clean slate.

Ear Plugs - when you just can't take anymore

Fabric Square - for all the times you will have to use your imagination for last minute costumes, outfits.

Fireball - for times when you are burnt out
Fireball - for when you're burnt out

A stick of gum~ to remind you to stick to that Holiday shopping.
Gum - to help your class "stick" together
Gum - to help you "stick" with that difficult hole
Gum - to remind you to "stick" with that difficult client
Gum - to remind everyone to stick together
Pack of Gum - to remind you that your friends will "stick" by you.
Carefree Gum - to remind you to have fun
Pack of Gum - so your class can "stick" together
Gum - to remind you to "stick" with it.

A gift certificate for burgers - in case you don't catch any fish.

Gummy worms - in case you run out of bait.

Hershey's Hugs & Kisses - because you deserve them~!
Hershey's Hugs and Kisses -- for when you've given all of yours away and you need some back.
Hugs and Kisses - for when you need a hug
Hugs & Kisses - to remind you I am always here and I love you
Hugs and Kisses - to remind you that I still love you even if you don't catch "the big one"
Hugs & Kisses - from me, whenever you need them.
Hug and a Kiss-to remind you that someone cares about you!!!

Happy Face (Sticker) - to remind you to keep smiling

Small handmirror - to remind you that you play a very important roll in the life of your grandchild!

Hand Lotion - to remind you that babies need lots of soft touches


Jewel - because you are as valuable as a precious stone
Jewel - now that you are a mother you are even more valuable.

A Joke Book for Golfers - to pass time for when it rains.


Lifesaver candy - you are a lifesaver to many of your students
Lifesavers - to remind you that grandparents can be lifesavers
Lifesavers - to save you from one of those days
Lifesaver candy - for when you feel you are drowning in litigation
Lifesavers - in case you fall into the water
Lifesaver - to remind you of the many times you have been a lifesaver
Lifesaver Candy - for when your ball gets hit into the water (or sand trap)
Lifesaver-to remind you of the many times others need your help and you need theirs
Lifesaver - for when you feel you are drowning in information

Labels to attach to the fish that say - "Objects are larger than they appear."

A lemon drop - to remind you that "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

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