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Survival Kit Phrase List

This list is in the beginning stages, and will grow with time. If you have any pharases to add, please send them through the feeback below.

A match~ to light a fire under you when you feel burned out.
matches -to light your your fire!

Marble-to keep you rolling along
Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose

Mounds Bar - for the mounds of confidence you give your students
Mounds Bar - for the mounds of wisdom you will pass on to your grandchild

Mounds Bar - for all the information you will need to retain

Mirror - to remind you that you are important too.

Mint - to remind you that you are worth a "mint" to your students
Mint - because you are worth a mint to your customers

Map with your street circled - so you can always find home

Magic Wand - to help you during the many times you are asked to be a magician

Notepad - to start writing your story about how the "big one" got away.


Penny-save this and you will never be broke again.
Penny - for your thoughts
Shiny Penny - to remind you, each will shine in their own special way
A penny - to give you the extra cents (sense) to know which battles are worth fighting, and which are better ignored.

Peppermint - to remind you that you are worth a mint

Pen and paper - to remind you to write down your thoughts and memories to share with them when they are older
Pen & Journal - ( or the Journal Jar) -- to write down your thoughts, and hopes and joys for your children

A pin~ to remind you to stay sharp.

Puzzle Piece - without you the class wouldn't be complete
Puzzle Piece - because you are an important piece in your child's journey through life

Paperclip - to hold it all together
Paperclip - to help you hold it all together
Paper clip-to hold everything together when it falls apart

Extra Pencil - in case you need to cheat a little.

Popsicle Stick - in case you get an owie

Quarter - may this be the only "eagle" you get

Rainbow-a reminder that after every storm comes a reinbow

Rubberband-to keep you bouncing back and flexible
Rubberband - to remind you to be flexible
Rubber Band - to remind to stay flexible when you swing.
Rubberband - to remind you that flexibility is the key
Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible, things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out.

A Smartie~ to help you on those days you don't feel so smart.

A Starburst~ to give you a burst of energy on days you don't have any.
Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it
Starburst - to give you that burst of energy at the end of the day
Starburst - for that extra burst of energy when you wear out but they don't.

Starburst - for energy

A Snickers~ to remind you to take time to laugh.
Snickers Bar - to remind you that you are having fun.
Snickers Bar - to remind you to keep your sense of humor.

Tube of Sun Screen - for shielding the sun from the face

Sand Paper - to smooth out the rough days

Sweet & Sour Tarts - to remind you to appreciate the differences in others.
Sweet & Sour Candy - to remind you that every child can be both at any given moment
Sweet & Sour Candy - to prevent any harsh words slipping out.
Sweet & Sour Candy - to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others

Sponge - in case it rains to soak it up
Sponge - to soak up all the knowledge
Sponge - to soak up the case you spring a leak.

Piece of String - when you get to the end of your rope, tie a know to this and hang on

Sucker - to remind you not to be a "sucker" be your own person

Skor Candy Bar - to remind you to score well on your tests

Skittles Candy - to remind you that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm.
Skittles - in case it rains, you can provide your own rainbow

Shampoo - to wash that man right out of your hair.

Safety Pin - to help remind you to be safe

Sweet and Sour lollipop - to remind you to lick the sour times and savor the sweet times

T's help prop your eyes open so you don't fall asleep
Toothpick - to pick out the good in all situations
Toothpicks - to hold your eyes open during class
Toothpick-to pick out the good in others, including yourself

Tums - for after the campfire food

Tootsie Roll - to help complaints "roll" off your back
A Tootsie Roll~ to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.
Tootsie roll - to help you roll with the punches

Tea Bag~so you can relax and enjoy for a moment.

Tissues - to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs.
Tissue - to dry those tears, the children's and yours.
Tissue - to wipe the sleep out of your eyes
Tissue - to dry your tears when the big one gets away.
Tissue-for drying your tears

Wooden Egg - for all those Birdies

Wipes - for cleaning up those little messes

2 Wiggle Eyes - those extra eyes for the back of your head.

get this gear!

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