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Survival Kit Package Ideas

Package Idea for Survival Kits
I use 3 or 4 inch (wide) plastic bags, and make a topper using one of many different computer graphic programs, usually PSP. I like to keep my survival kits small (I use 6 or 7 items that will fit into the plastic bags). I use a graphic, and the survival kit name (ex:Dieter's Survival Kit) on the front of the topper, and place the verse on the back. I use clear contact paper over the whole topper, which gives it a nice finish, and staple the topper to the top of the plastic bag. I will add a pix soon...
Submitted by Di

Package Idea for Survival Kits
I use Print Artist to create two labels. One with graphics and "Teacher's Survival Kit" on it....and one with all the ingredients on it. (Front and Back label) I laminate the labels too.
Then I use the two liter bottles to stuff everything into. Love to watch them try and figure out how you got everything in there.
Remove the soda label from a two liter bottle. Cut a slit vertically about 4" long. Cut two small slits perpendicular to that one to create a door. Then fill the bottle with all the ingredients. I also add shredded paper, and confetti.....etc.
I use double sided tape on the laminated labels. Or you can use a wide piece of packing tape to tape over the label. Put the label over the slit on the front and one on the back. Glue the bottle cap on also.
Submitted by Paulette

Package ideas for Survival Kits
You can do them alot of different ways.
1. Stuff the mentioned items in an empty 2 liter pop bottle, and make a new lable for it with the "survival kit" on it. (Label covers the slit you make to put the stuff inside) Add some ribbon at the top on the lid.
2. Use an empty clean new paint can (from home improvement centers). And make a label with the "survival kit" on it, and put the contents inside sticking out with tissue also sticking out...or put all the contents inside and close the lid on them..with another graphic on the lid or front.
3. Put everything in any kind of containter, that has a card or tag attached with the "survival kit" on it...

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