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Di's Delightful Creations
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Ice Hockey Coach Survival Kit
Eraser - to remind you that even coaches make mistakes
Cotton Ball - to cushion all the falls
Throat Lozenges - for when you loose your voice
Fireball - to warm you up on the ice
Marbles - to replace the ones you loose
Teeth -(those false play ones) to replace the ones you could loose
Gum - to help your team stick together
Star - to help you make every child shine
Snickers Bar - to remind you that laughter can overcome all
Puzzle Piece - to remind you that every child is an important part of the puzzle
Balloon - to remind you to teach the children to reach for the sky
Tums - for all the upset stomachs
Hugs & Kisses - to remind you that you are appreciated
Bubble Gum - to remind you not to burst any child's bubble

Back to school survival kit
Cotton Ball ~ to remind you that the classroom is full of kind words and warm comfortable feelings.
Chocolate Hug ~ to comfort you when you are feeling sad or alone.
Sticker ~ to remind you that the class sticks together and helps each other.
Starburst candy ~ to remind you that you are always a star in class...and everyone shines in his own way.
Tissue ~ to remind you to help dry someone's tears.
Toothpick ~ to remind you to "pick out" the good things in your classmates and yourself.
Ribbon ~ to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together.
Eraser ~ to remind you that everyone makes mistakes and this is okay.
Band Aid ~ to remind you that feelings get hurt easily

Love Survival Kit
Reminders of why I love you:
Sweet Escapes- for those times we spend alone
Candle- you are the light of my life
Peppermint Patty- for the cool sensations you give me
Stick of gum- for all the times you've stuck by me
Matches- we are a perfect match
Charmin Tissue- you are too irresistible NOT to squeeze
Mounds- for the mounds of love I feel for you....
Hugs and Kisses- your name

Minister's Survival Kit
Candle-Let your light so shine.
Lifesaver- because you are giving others a whole new life
Tootsie Roll- to help you roll with the punches
Rubberband-remember to bend your will to the Lords.
Band-Aid-for healing ailing souls.
Penny-so you'll never be broke.
Cotton Ball- a cushion of support from your family and friends.

Moving Survival Kit
Phone card - To stay in touch
Postcard or notecard, preaddressed - So they can write you from their new home
Small address book - to keep addresses of old friends and new..and for email addies
Hugs and kisses - To remind them that you care
Kleenex - For drying eyes when they miss all their old friends
Puzzle piece- Things just aren't the same without them
A picture of their old house - "Always remember where you came from"

Nurse's Survival Kit
Lifesaver - a reminder of the many times others will need your help.
Snicker's Bar - to remind you that laughter is the best medicine
Candle - to remind you that you can light up someone's day
Tissue - to dry tears, your own and someone else's.
Starburst - for that burst of energy at the end of the day
Button - to remind you that sometimes you need to button your lip
Bath Salts - to take you away at the end of the day
Marbles - to replace the ones you will lose
Playing Card - to help you be a better mind reader
Lollipop - to help you lick everyone's problems
Mint - to remind you your compassion is worth a mint to your patients

American Flag to remind you of the Good Ol' USA
Tissue for when you get homesick
Soap in case you ever hear the phrase "Dirty American"
Clock [set on home time] so you'll only call when we're awake
Legal-size Pad for the LONG letters home
Refillable pen & refills so there's no excuses not to write
Cassette Tape of Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA - sing along!
Name Tag for when you feel lost
Art Tablet for when you have to draw a picture to communicate
Foot Sole Inserts for all-day sightseeing walks
Band-aids for the sightseeing night blisters
Postcards to save on postage when writing home for MORE money
Blank Cassette Tape for when your hand gets tired from letter-writing
M&Ms to remind you not to melt over there
Computer disk to save all those daily emails to/from home
Dramamine for airsickness or jetlag (yuck)
Ruler for when you need inches, not crazy metric measurements
Candle to put in the window to guide angels to watch over you!!

Policeman Survival Kit
Lifesaver - to remind you tat that is what you are to many people
Key - because you are the key to our safe community
Safety Pin - to remind you of all the safety you provide
Halo - because you are a saint to a lot of people
Angel - So you will always have your guardian angel with you
Gum - use this to get out of "sticky" situations
Shiny penny - keep for good luck charm
A match - to light your fire when you feel burned out
Modeling clay - to remind you,you are a role model
Paper clip - to help hold things together
Rope - for when you are at the end of yours
Hersey kisses - to remind you, you are loved
Tums for all those fast foods that don't settle too well
Eraser - because you erase the bad stuff

Driver's Survival Kit
Rubberband-to remind you to be flexible
Sponge-to soak up the rain so you won’t have to drive in it
Safety Pin-to remind you to stay safe
Velcro-for when you need to get a grip
Wiggle eyes-for those extra eyes in the back of your head
Button-to remind you that sometimes you have to button your lip
Balloon-to remind you not to blow up at other drivers
Cotton Ball-to help cushion the rough roads
Gum-to help you ‘chews’ the best driving conditions
Lollipop-to help you ‘lick’ any problems that may occur

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