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Swim Coach Survival Kit Sponge - to remind you that some days your students will think you are all wet Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose Puzzle Piece - to remind you that the puzzle is not complete if one piece is missing Gum - to help your team stick together Piece of string - use when you get to the end of yours Rubberband - to remind you to be flexible Clay - to remind you that you are forming young peoples lives Snickers Bar - to remind you that laughter can cure most anything Ear Plugs - for when you can't hear yourself think Toothpick - to help you pick out the good qualities in your swimmers. Band-Aid - to fix hurt feelings Peanuts - to remind you its ok to sometimes be a little nutty Sweet & Sour Candy - to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others Teacher Retirement Survival Kit Goggles- for all the exotic places you'll explore Whistle- for when you need to get everyone's attention Key necklace- thanks for being a "key" to learning (blank key decorated with jewels, strung on chain. Pointer- to point things out to someone (stuff a garden glove, glue down all the fingers to the palm except index finger. Glue glove to gold painted dowel, tie a ribbon around the base of the glove.) Bath salts- "To Take You Away" You deserve a break. Kleenex- for when you see someone who needs to wipe his nose. Clay- thanks for helping to mold many children for the better Crayons- so you don't forget how it feels to get new crayons Report card- for when you feel the need to give a grade Marbles- to replace the ones you've lost Red pen- when you feel like correcting someone's writing Chalk- to "chalk" it up to a job well done Golden lunch tray/ticket- for when you are missing hot lunch ( spray paint a lunch tray gold, glue a hot lunch ticket into one of the cubbies.) TEST TAKING SURVIVAL KIT 1 pack of Smarties Candies - to boost your test taking brain power 1 pencil -- to help you record the knowledge you have learned 1 sticker -- to help you stick with the task at hand 1 eraser -- to use when you check over your work 1 Hershey's Hug -- for all the hard work you put into the test 1 highlighter -- to highlight all your success 1 pencil grip -- to get a grip on the task at hand Vacation Survival Kit Tissue-for your tears when the motel is booked or for romantic sunsets Paper bag-to hold treasures and in case of hyperventilation when you see the prices of souvenirs Sponge-to soak up the sun, sand, snow, and memories Feather-to remember to gently float through the vacation rather than racing Ear plugs-to avoid the yelling or listening to the 7,000th singing of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" Quarter-someone always needs a quarter for something Bandaid-for boo boos, real or imagined Rubberband-for flexibility as sometimes when you are flexible, you have wonderful experiences you would have never considered A box of CrackerJack -vacations always come with good surprises. Remember to look for yours. A small plastic bag-to remind us to always bring back small things that will help the vacation live on for years Chuckles-never leave home without the ability to laugh at yourself and situations Chopsticks-to remind us that even within the US, there are many different cultures and customs A picture of a watch or clock without hands-forget the clock, you're on vacation! A disposable camera (or picture of one)-capture the fun and memories before they disappear A compass-you'll need this especially if you are with someone who can't stop for directions A picture or map of Kansas-as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home." Valentine/ Love Survival Kit Jolly Rancher - for all the times you make me laugh Sweet Escapes - for the special times we spend alone Hugs & Kisses - yours are simply the best 100,000 Bar - .you are worth more than a grand to me Skittles - for the rainbow of colors you show me life through Peppermint Patty - for the cool sensations you give me Cotton Ball - to help soften any rough times Popcorn - cause you keep popping into my thoughts Balloon - because you encourage me to reach for the sky Needle and Thread - that we are bound together Match - we are a perfect match Pom Pom - for the warm fuzzies you give me Silk Rose - which will last us Puzzle Piece - without you I'm not whole.

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