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Survival Kits
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Daycare Providers Survival Kit
Crayon - to remind you to color yours and the children's day bright and colorful
Candle - an extra one when you are burning yours at both ends
Rubberband - to remind you to be flexible
Bandaid - heal hurt feelings, yours and theirs
Eraser - to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased
Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
Lifesaver Candy - You may be the one to save the bright light in a child
Jewel - to remind you that you can be as valuable as a precious stone
Puzzle Piece - you are an important part of these children's lives
Paperclip - to hold it all together
Mounds Bar - to replace the "Mounds" of love you give your children
Shiny Penny - to remind you, that each will shine in their own special way
Ear Plugs - when you just can't take anymore
Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it
Battery - to help you keep going, and going, and going
Mint - to remind you that you are worth a "mint" to your children's parents
Wiggly eyes - so you will have an extra pair in the back of your head
Almond Joy Bar - to remind you what "Joy" these children can give back to you
Rope - for when you get to the end of yours
Nuts - to remind you it's OK to get a little "Nutty"
Tissues - to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs
Hugs and Kisses - because lots should always be shared
Paulette, TLC Creations 2000

Father's Day Kit
Kleenex-for all tears you have shed when we make a wrong choice.
Light Bulb-for all the "Bright Ideas" you have.
Rubber Band - because you have to have a flexible schedule to take care of all our activities.
Treat-For all the sweetness you have shared with me.
Toothbrush-Because I love that big smile you give to me
Ruler-Because you help me grow.
Paulette, TLC Creations

Thanksgiving Survival Kit
Aspirin ~~ Take two before you start anything.
Confetti ~~ To help you remember today is a fun day.
Paperclip ~~ To help you hold everything together.
Pair of gloves ~~ When you need two extra hands to help you.
Marbles ~~ To replace the ones you will loose making dinner.
Instructions on How to Cook a Turkey ~~ Just in case you forget.
Snickers Bar ~~ To remind you that laughter can fix anything.
Cotton Balls ~~ For when you can't hear yourself think anymore from all the guests.
Lifesavers ~~ In case you start drowning in all the preparations.
Lollipop ~~ To help you "lick" any problem.
Tootsie Roll ~~ To remind you to roll with the punches.
Burgers ~~ In case that turkey doesn't come out quite the way the directions says it should.
Tums ~~ To share with everyone who didn't know when to stop.
RubberBand ~~ To increase your waistband after dinner.
Hugs ~~ Just because you deserve them.
Tea Bag ~~ For the end of the day, to sit back, relax and remember to count your blessings.
Button ~~ To replace the one you will loose from eating too much.
Button ~~ To remind you it is better to button your lips with certain family members.
Paulette, TLCcreations...1999

Snowmobiler Survival Kit
MARBLES-for when you lose yours
CANDLE-to light up the darkness
COTTON BALL-to soften the rough moguls ahead
SPONGE-to soak up the wetness from the snow
POPSICLE STICK-in case you need a splint
PENNY-to give you exta 'cents' when you need it
BATTERY-so you can keep going, and going, and going
SAFETY PIN-to remind you to be safe can also add
COMPASS-to make sure you're goint the right way

Hunter's Survival Kit
Jerky, Trail mix, Chap stix, socks, bug repellant, map of the area to be hunted etc..... ADD..2 one dollar bills so that "THE MIGHTY HUNTER"can say he brought home TWO BUCKS... ADD..2 aspirin...incase he get's "BUCK FEVER"...... Add a frilly Garter...label it DEAR lure my BUCK back home. A small bottle labeled "DEAR REPELLENT'and "Not now Dear, I'm going HUNTING"

Survival Kit for the "Blues"
Candle-light up the darkest hour
Confetti-add sparkle to your life
Cottonball-cushion the bumpy road ahead
Cottonball-seek the support of family and friends
Eraser-we all make mistakes but we can wipe the slate clean and start again
Hug&Kiss Candy-remind you that people care about you
Lifesaver-remind you that you need others and others need you Marble-keep you rolling along
Paperclip-hold everything together when your life feels like it's falling apart
Penny-Save this and you will never be broke
Polished Rock-all things in life 'polish' off our rough edges so we can shine
Rainbow (prism)-after a storm, the sun appears and rainbows happen
Ribbon-tie a knot and hang on to
Rubberband-keep you bouncing back and flexible
Tissue-to dry yours or someone else's tears
Toothpick-pick out the good in yourself. or someone else

Scout Leaders Survival Kit
Mounds- for the mounds of information you learn
Crayon to color your day bright and cheerful
nuts to be a little nutty sometimes, and have a good laugh
puzzle piece without you, things wouldn't be complete
bandaid for healing hurt feelings, yours or someone elses
marbles to replace those we loose from time to time
rope to remind you that when you reach the end of yours, just tie a know and hang on!
Sponge to soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full to hold anymore
cup for when yours is overflowing
rubberband a reminder to stay flexible
asprin when all else fails, take 2 and find a quiet corner
string to tie things together when everything falls apart
eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and that's okay
Sweet and sour candy to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others
Hugs and Kisses to remind you that someone cares for you
penny so you'll never be broke
paper clip to help you hold it all together
candle to remind you to share your light with others

Mounds Candy Bar-for the mounds of information you teach
Crayon-to color your day
Peanuts-to remind you to get a little nutty now and then
Bandaid-for when things get a little rough
Bandaide-to remind you to heal hurt feelings, either yours or someone else's
Marbles-to replace the ones you might lose from time to time
Sponge-to soak up the overflow when your brain is too full
Puzzle Piece-to remind you that without you, things wouldn't be complete
Lifesaver-for when you've had one of THOSE days
Hugs & Kisses-to make everything worthwhile
Candy Hugs-to remind you everyone needs a hug or a compliment every day
Pearl-to remind you that your pearls of wisdom will touch many lives
Pipe Cleaner-to remind you that flexibility is important for a successful school year
Rubberband-to remind you to be flexible -- things might not always go the way you want, but it can be worked out
Rick Rack-to remind you that this year will be full of ups and downs, but eventually everything will smooth out
Matches-for those days when you feel you need to light a fire under your students
Wiggly Eye-for when you wish you REALLY did have eyes in the back of your head
Battery-to help you keep going, and going, and going......
Animal Crackers-for when your classroom seems like a zoo
Jingle Bell-to you can ring for help if you need it
Rubber Glove-for when you need a helping hand
Sweet Escape Candy Bar-for when you need to escape
Wrapped Present-to remind you that your students are gifts to you
Smiley Face Sticker-to remind you to wear a happy face -- here's one for when it seems difficult
Flower Seeds To remind you that you every day you are planting seeds for the future
Clothespin-to help you "hang in there"
Hole Reinforcers-to remind you to reinforce the efforts of your students and other teachers
Jewel-to remind you that you are a priceless part of our school
Toothpick-to remind yourself to pick the good qualities in your students and yourself
Eraser-to remind you that everyone makes mistakes. That's okay; we learn by our errors.
Mint-to remind you that you are worth a mint to us.
Stick of Gum-to remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything
100 Grand Candy Bar-to you will be paid what you are worth
Button-to remind you that some things are best left unsaid
Tissue-so you can dry the tears of wounded child
Rainbow-to remind you that after every storm there is a calm
Paper Clip-to help you hold it together when everything seems to fall apart
Sweet and Sour Tarts-to remind you to appreciate your students' differences
Cotton Ball-to cushion the rough roads ahead
Snowflake-when all else fails, pray for a snow day!

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