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Di's Delightful Creations
& Crafts

Page 8

Chef Survival Kit
Cookbook with givers favorite recipes
Tums or Rolaids - For when things don't turn out as planned
Apron, Personalized? - for when things get a little messy
Pot holder or oven mitt - When things get too hot to handle
Wooden spoon - When somebody has a smart comment about the food
Baker's chocolate - You can't go wrong with chocolate
Measuring spoons - ?????
Dishcloth and dishtowel - You made the mess, you get to clean it up

candle- to remind you to share His light with others
rubber band- to remind us to be flexible to God's will for us
Life saver- to remind you of the many times others have needed your help and you theirs
eraser- God forgives our sins, we must do the same for ourselves and others
cotton ball- to keep our hearts soft to God and others
snickers candy bar- to remind you to laugh at yourself- laughter is good medicine
hug (the Hershey kiss kind) because we all need one from time to time
cross- to remind you of the sacrifice He made because He loves you

Christmas Survival Kit
Tylenol - to take away the headache of overdoing
Tea - To calm, relax, and soothe away the tension
Pepperments - to settle the tummy from overindulging
Slimfast - to kick off the diet you will need to start
Pocket date book - to track all of the must do's
Cassette tape or CD - soothing quiet music to listen to while wrapping gifts
Tape - to use to wrap the gifts because you forgot to buy any
A package of gift tags that you made
Quick easy yummy everyone will love cookie recipe
Bath oil or bubble bath to soothe the weary body

Convention Survival Kit
Pad of paper - for ideas
Lifesavers - one for each day
Highlighter - for the bright ideas
Permanent Marker - it was for signatures and writing on the glossy pages of the new catalog
Sunkist Gels [candy] - for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up
Post-it notes - just because you can't live without 'em!

Crochet Survival Kit
A LOLLIPOP-to help you lick your stitch problems
A RUBBERBAND-in case you run out of yarn and you just have to crochet
A PAPER CLIP-to use as a crochet hook in an emergency
A CARAMEL-so you won't starve when you can't take time away from crochet to eat
A PIN-to help you pinpoint pattern problems
A PIECE OF YARN-to help you tie up loose ends
A PENNY-so that you have enough "cents" to realize what a valuable asset you are to other Crocheters!

Cruise Survival Kit
Smarties, Lifesavers, Gummy Worms, Goldfish Crackers, and a popsicle stick
You ask, "What is it?"
It's SEASICK PILLS for your tummy's ills.
And LIFE SAVERS to keep you a float in case you fall off the boat.
If you want to fish, please don't wait the GUMMY WORM'S AND THE GOLDFISH are your bait.
Last but not least, one thing more -a PADDLE, to help you row to shore.

Dancer's Survival Kit
Sunscreen to protect you from burning
Solarcane to take away your burning
Chapstick to protect your beautiful lips
Band aids to comfort your boo boo's
Ben gay to comfort your tired muscles
Throat losenger to comfort your tired throat
Power bar to get you through practice
Deodorant to keep you smelling oh so pretty
Scrunches so we can see your beautiful face
Tape to keep it all together
Smiley sticker to remind you to smile smile smile
STAR to remind you that you are

Heart-to remind you that there's no one like a Daughter to fill ones heart with love.
Smiley Face- to remind you to always share your smile with others.
Ribbon- to let you know our Friendship is a special gift,tied with Ribbons of love.
Mint- You are "Worth A Mint' to so many People.
Angel- To watch over you each day.
Stars- To remind you to "Reach for the stars"
Rubberband- To give you the extra stretch and Fexibity to meet the demands of each day.
Kiss- to remind you that "THAT I LOVE YOU"
Flower- to let you know that If Daughters were flowers,I'd pick you.
Penny- to make sure you're never broke.

Military Personnel Survival Kit
Lifesavers - to remind you that that's what you are
Small Empty Bottle - "Instant Water" add water and shake, for when you are on maneuvers
Mounds Bar - to remind you of the mounds of love & support you have from friends & family
Pack of Gum - to help your unit stick together
Cotton Ball - to cushion the rough roads
Piece of String - for when you reach the end of your rope
Shiny Penny - to remind you that we each shine in our own way
Paperclip - to hold it all together
A hug- to let you know there's always someone on your side
Mint - because you are worth a mint
Candle - to light up the darkness
Tootsie Roll - to help you roll with the punches
Jolly Rancher - to remind you to laugh
Map with your street circled on it - so you will never be far from home.

Graduate Survival Kit
Glitter-to sparkle all night long
Battery-so you can keep going & going
Chapstick-to keep your lips kissable
Starburst-for a burst of energy
Nuts-to remind you to get a little nutty
Mirror, Perfume atomizer, Mouth freshener-to stay ready!
Fan-to cool down when you're too hot to handle
Hugs & Kisses-to remind you how special you are to me!!

Guardian Angel Survival Kit
Smiley Faces: Smiling is contagious.
Band-Aid: To fix hurt feelings.
Rubberband: To stretch you beyond your limits.
Glitter: To make life sparkle!
Sweet & Sour Candy: A reminder to appreciate the differences in others.
Eraser: A reminder that everyday can begin with a clean slate.
Gum: A reminder to think before you "chew" others out.
Toothpick: To pick out the good in everyone including yourself.
Button: To button your lips when you have nothing

Anniversay Survival Kit
Dove "Promises"- for your promise to love, cherish and honor each other.
Seeds - may your love grow stronger, happier and even more wonderful with each passing year.
Confetti - to celebrate your special day.
A Poem - to share the beauty of words.
Skittles- for the rainbow of excitement you share.
Good & Plenty - may you always remember the "good" times and may you have "plenty" of them.
Popcorn- We "popped in" to wish you a happy anniversary.
Sweetarts- because you are each other "sweethearts".
Crayon- to "color" your days bright and sunny.
Cotton Balls- to help soften the rough times.
Eraser- to remind you that every day you can start with a clean slate.
Peanuts - to remind you that things can get a little nutty.
Paper Clip- to help keep things together.
Starburst- to give you a "burst" of energy on the days you don't have any.
Peppermint Patty- for the "cool sensations" you give each other.
A Candle- for "lighting up" each other's life.
A Match- because you are a perfect "match".
Marbles - to replace the ones you lost through the years.
A pack of gum- you "chews" each other for life.
Memory game -May you always cherish all the wonderful memories you have together.
Dog bones - We are all "doggone" happy to help you celebrate this special anniversary.
World - we all think the "world" of you.
Silver Bell - to celebrate your "silver" anniversary.(for silver anniversay; use gold bells for golden anniversay)

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