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DiG Inn Crafts

On these pages, you will find LOTS of SURVIVAL KITS! Most of these came from a email list, of which I was a member but the list no longer exists, others came from suggestions, and scads I have made up myself. If you have one to add to the list, please feel free to send them through the feedback below!

It is NOT my intention to take credit for any of the verses presented on these pages. When possible, I have given credit to authors. If you are an author of one of these verses, please contact me, and I will gladly add your name to the verse!
Unfortunately, there will be those that take these verses, and claim them as their own. I cannot be held responsible for that, and I sincerely apologize to the authors. I have even seen these verses sold on eBay, with the names of the authors removed...sad:(
I want you to enjoy this site...this is a fun craft, and I wanted to create a place to present these kits so that you can have fun creating gifts for your friends and family.

Package Ideas

Page 1
Teacher~~Holiday~~Backpacker~~Hairdresser~~Golfer~~Mail Carrier~~Getting Older

Page 2
Mother~~Grandparent~~Divorce~~Fisherman~~Student~~New Mom~~Birthday

Page 3
Teachers Aide~~Leaving Home~~Parents~~Pastors Wife~~Friendship~~Truck Driver~~Parent

Page 4
Antidepression~~Coach~~Waitress~~Mid-life Crisis~~Pregnancy~~Missionary~~Dieter~~Surgery

Page 5
Kindergarten~~Secretaries~~Accountant~~Secret Pal~~Cheerleader~~Student~Writer

Page 6
Get Well(little ones)~~Newly Wed~~Mom to be~~Las Vegas~~Parent of twins

Page 7
Day Care Providers~~Fathers Day~~Thanksgiving~~Snowmobile~~Hunter~~Blues~~Scout Leader~~New Teacher

Page 8
Chef~~Christian~~Christmas~~Convention~~Cruise~~Dancer~~Daughter~~Military Personnel~~Graduate~~Guardian Angel~~Anniversay

Page 9
Bike Rider~~Bus Driver~~Doctor's~~Everyday Life~~Father of the Bride~~Fireman's~~Mother of the Bride~~
High School~~Hurricane

Page 10
Ice Hocky~~Back to School~~Love~~Minister's~~Moving~~Nurse's~~Overseas~~Policeman's~~Driver's

Page 11
Quilter's~~Quit Smoking~~Retail Worker's~~Sister~~Skier~~Stamper's~~Stress~~Computer

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All ideas, projects, graphics, poems and recipes posted on this site are for the expressed private use of by the view/user. I will not be reponsible for any other user's violation of copyright laws by resell.